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Toronto, ON, Canada

Brain Fitness Expert & Wellness Authority

Jill Hewlett, a recognized Brain Fitness Expert and Wellness Authority, combines neurology and physiology to turn her audience members into “neuroplasticians” – so they can be the sculptor of their brain, life and results! She will educate and empower your audience with easy and effective tools and strategies to optimize success at work, in the classroom and in daily life. By turning Educational Kinesiology principles into everyday strategies Jill will show you how to: increase energy levels, reduce stress, improve learning, elevate productivity, enhance memory, think more clearly, cultivate a more positive attitude, and improve performance, at every age. Results are immediate and noticeable. 

Keynote Speeches

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Brainology: Secrets Neuroscientists Never Told You!

The field of neuroscience has been making incredible breakthroughs and discoveries. This information has the capacity to greatly impact the growth and functioning of your brain and your life IF you have the right information and know what to do with it. The key success is already wired within you and Jill will help you activate it! In this presentation, she provides you with user-friendly neuroscience basics required to grow a fit brain for life and work. These insights will help increase your energy levels, shift your attitude and improve skills and abilities such as memory, organization, communication and focus. Jill equips audiences with simple, actionable techniques such as a ‘DESK RESET’ that can be done quickly at your work-station to put (and keep) you in a focused, energized and work-ready state. This powerful keynote will help you develop your brain to its fullest capacity physically, mentally, emotionally and functionally to thrive in all situations and areas of your life!


Change Your Brain: Change Your Results! Stress Resilience And Change Management

The only thing constant in life is change. Add to this the fact that daily life stressors are not going to vanish anytime soon…how can a person cope, let alone thrive? It’s possible; YOU CAN outsmart common workplace and daily life challenges and issues by creating your own Fit Brain! Jill provides practical insights on neuroscience and how it can complement and remedy our fast-paced lives and support us in managing change more effectively. Audiences will be better equipped to recognize signs of stress and initiate simple, quick and effective tools to shift into connection and balance to thrive in all situations. The simple, quick and effective tools Jill provides will help you overcome procrastination, fine-tune your leadership skills, boost your confidence and put yourself ‘in the zone’ of optimal performance.


Catch a Brain Wave: Creativity, Innovation & Collaboration

The ability to Change, Innovate and Create with ease and agility have been identified by the top employers as critical “must have” skills for organizations and individuals of the future. Your brain is the most powerful computer on the planet. Are you maximizing your neuro-powers so you can thrive in today’s world? In this presentation, Jill will show you how to use Brain Fitness to activate and grow your whole brain potential to get the results you want at work, in your relationships and in daily life. She shares techniques to help you access your executive functioning skills for problem-solving, win-win solutions, mental clarity and decision making. You’ll gain tools to quickly THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX and discover a whole new world of opportunity and success.


Think Smarter, Feel Happier: Mental Health, Wellness & Self Care

You can’t always control what happens to you or around you, but you can control what happens within you. Mental health issues are at an all-time high, your greatest ally in effectively managing these concerns, is creating a ‘Fit Brain!’ Jill’s presentation provides natural and effective ways to address mental health concerns. The brain fitness techniques she provides will help you curb addictive tendencies, develop stronger interpersonal skills, sleep better and reduce stress through increased resiliency. Jill shares powerful brain fitness tools like Brain Gym to wire your brain for physical, mental, emotional and functional health. These easy, fun and fast tools work for people of all ages and stages of life.


Switched On Learning! Focus, Comprehension & Memory

You can rewire and grow your brain strategically for greater results in the classroom, boardroom and daily life! Jill’s brain sculpting tools will develop new skills, alter behavior, change attitude and improve performance at every age and stage of life. In this presentation, she shows audiences how to tap into executive brain functions to improve areas such as memory, focus, confidence, communication, organization and balance. Results are immediate, progressive and measurable. Most importantly, you’ll have fun throughout the presentation!

90 For Life: Healthy Longevity

Are you concerned about your health? Have you been told that you may be predisposed to health issues due to genetics? Are you simply ready to overcome nutrition confusion? Then it’s time to zero in on the non-negotiable Brain-Body Fuel you require to function at your best. Learn what it consists of, how to ensure you are getting it and how it will be the greatest investment into your health and longevity! In this presentation Jill shares tools to help you keep your memory intact, increase energy levels, improve focus and develop positive attitude. Her preventative measures will help protect yourself from premature aging and disease and reverse current health symptoms and issues.

Audience reviews:

  • I am writing on behalf of COFO (Council of Ontario Finance Officers), to sincerely thank you for sharing your expertise with us today through your keynote address. The presentation was very informative, and you are an interesting and engaging speaker. The session was well received and appreciated by our members. Thank you for being calm under pressure during technical difficulties you were experiencing! I look forward to incorporating your tips and tricks into my work and home life. Thank you again for this excellent keynote! - COFO (Council of Ontario Finance Officers)
  • Jill Hewlett's keynote at the CIPMM Annual National Workshop was interesting, entertaining, fun and dynamic. Jill got the audience engaged in her presentation. The keynote was delivered to an audience of approximately 800 people and everyone was participating and had fun interacting with each other. I talked to many delegates after the keynote who had very high praise for Jill Hewlett. - CIPMM National Workshop Co-Chair, Canadian Institute for Procurement and Materiel Management
  • Jill was outstanding! Everyone loved her. Her keynote was very informative and fitted into the program perfectly. She is also such a pleasure to work with. - Manager, Association & Event Management, Canadian Institute for Procurement and Materiel Management
  • Jill, it was a wonderful experience to meet you and attend your Brain Fitness keynote at the HRPA Annual Conference. Thank you so much for the time that you spent with me after to listen and discuss more about brain training.

    I attended the Summit because I was intrigued by the topics and curious to listen to the industry leaders' stories and tips to lead the HR world, being the ‘helm’. Also, I wanted to explore the Trade Show for tools and services to support upcoming projects at work.

    The speakers at the event were fantastic! I especially enjoyed your excellent Brain Fitness keynote which provided concise and interesting content, as well as interaction and involvement with the audience. (1/2) - Human Resources Manager, International Point of Care Inc.
  • Even though neuroscience is an extensive topic, you were able to present it in a simple, useful, and meaningful way. It helped us realize how easily we can optimize our brain efficiency and power in a fast-paced work environment, and you provided easy but powerful strategies to recommend to my workplace. Plus, the brain activities that you shared with us were not only fun, but they also gave us an opportunity to feel the difference when we used them.

    You are an amazing presenter who knows your material well and delivered it to the audience in an interesting and clear way. Your passion about this subject matter and impressive interpersonal skills made the session a memorable one. (2/2) - Human Resources Manager, International Point of Care Inc.
  • The event went very well, and Jill’s presentation was very well received. - Assistant VP, Council of Ontario Finance Officers
  • Your Brain Fitness keynote was amazing Jill! Getting a big crowd of 350 people to work together like that! After two long days of back-to-back informational sessions, the energy that flowed in the room during your session, by leading these simple yet powerful Brain Fitness techniques was phenomenal. Thank you so much for bringing this topic to the summit and for answering my question so thoroughly during the Q & A. - People Generalist, Tundra Technical Solutions
  • Jill is fantastic, very knowledgeable and personable speaker, as soon as she brought out her expanding sphere, I was hooked, and her message hit on so many levels of business and the essentials for Entrepreneurs. Her presentation was completely customized, not common in these types of events...Jill’s ability to shift, and deliver her information on a dime really can only be done if someone is at an unconsciously competent level. It was brilliant how she managed the group effortlessly. It could only be improved if she had more time, her topic was so right for this group, she is inspiring and the coaches that attended loved her.

    - Marketing Professional, Marketing Mechanic
  • The presentation was fun, dynamic and interesting. Jill Hewlett got participant buy-in early on in her presentation. Everyone was engaged and had fun participating. The post event survey results showed that 100% of the participants were likely/very likely to apply the content learned from the session in their jobs. This topic provided a larger than average draw to our chapter meeting.

    - President, Learnware Design Inc., CSTD Peel/Halton Chapter Board Member
  • An energizing and insightful Brain Fitness presentation! This morning I did 2 bouts of the brain exercises you taught us and I noticed how refreshed I felt...You are a caring and passionate speaker - not only about your topic, but towards your participants as well. I would absolutely recommend this to others. - Human Resources Manager, The Commonwell
  • Her energy and enthusiasm were contagious. Jill is very genuine and passionate about her topic – Brain Fitness. She really connected with the audience and I believe everyone took away some tips and tricks to help them achieve a Fit Brain.

    - Events Manager, Aurora Chamber of Commerce
  • I learned a lot and appreciated the practical applications of making new neuro-connections. Jill Hewlett has amazing presentation skills - no reading off the screen and connected directly with the audience. Now I’m keeping my brain healthy and energized by using some of the Brain Fitness exercises that I took away from the presentation, at work and at home when I need them! Dealing with stress & trauma, calming the nervous system, and getting out of flight/fight/freeze, are important skills for first responders.

    - Health & Wellness Coordinator, Hamilton Police Service
  • Jill was very engaging, interesting, and concise. I liked the flow of her Keynote and that it was experiential...I felt everyone at the presentation was more communicative, more present and focused. It was a really nice gathering, reinforcing the value of the social community at work. I would definitely enjoy doing these types of sessions regularly through my company. It was useful and very motivating!

    - Director of Finance, GS1 Canada
  • Jill is so engaging, dynamic and full of energy. She motivated our staff to think and to participate. Brain Fitness, from a physical perspective, is not something we normally see or think of in our training sessions or meetings. Jill’s presentation created awareness of different ways to train your brain to function more effectively. It was a shift in perspective, different than the perceived value of crosswords and other logic puzzles and games. Our staff really enjoyed the physical aspect (brain-body connectivity) of Brain Fitness and found the session to be enlightening yet still lots of fun. I could tell by the number and types of questions that were being asked, the participants were very curious.

    - Senior Manager, Tax, Symcor Inc.
  • Jill is an absolutely fabulous speaker. My attention was captured from the minute she started talking and held throughout the entire half day session. I wished it was longer and didn’t want it to be over! The passion she shared about health and Brain Fitness was so contagious. Without a doubt I would recommend this learning experience to others.

    - Resources Assistant, The West Nipissing General Hospital
  • The session was practical. Everyone got up and practiced the movements to see how they work and what it feels like. The presentation also reinforced the value of some daily activities that I already do to keep me energized and alert and added more options to my tool box. As a presenter, Jill was friendly, down-to-earth and believes in what she’s saying. I would have liked a longer session to experience even more!

    - Corporate Director of Human Resources, Crescent Hotels & Resorts
  • Jill is a great speaker and knows her material well. She is dynamic, engaging, warm and friendly. The audience was entranced by her. I thought she was wonderful! ...Anyone can do these activities, in just minutes. They are easily accessible, to improve many areas of one’s life. I was reminded of how powerful it is to make these types of connections that pertain to the body, brain and learning.

    - Director, School of Immigrant and Transitional Education, George Brown College

Speaker Biography

Jill Hewlett’s work is based on a joy and passion for assisting others in understanding themselves, connecting with their potential and making healthy changes so they can have a Fit Brain and a Fit Life!

Licensed in the field of Educational Kinesiology and a Brain Gym® consultant of two decades, Jill has the skillful capacity to draw out the natural leadership in individuals and organizations to support them in reducing stress and achieving greater levels of efficiency, resiliency, productivity and success.

Impactful and refreshingly unique, Jill’s approach provides audiences with practical tools that can be implemented immediately and easily in real life situations at work and in daily life. Using simple, fun and effective wellness and Brain Fitness strategies, Jill assists others in achieving their potential by developing healthy brain habits.

Jill believes that everyone, at every age can proactively build a Fit Brain and a Fit Life.