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Meg Soper


Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Motivational Humorist

Meg Soper is a motivational humorist who inspires audiences to shift their perspective by sharing insights and ideas for self-improvement, healthy living and using humor to melt stress and strengthen relationships. Meg’s experience as a staff nurse in the Operating Room, and as a stand-up comic, gives her a front-line perspective on managing well in high stress environments. Her presentations are filled with humor and practical strategies that promote health, personal resilience, and a positive mindset. 

Keynote Speeches

Virtual Keynotes & Webinars
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The Secret Sauce: Thriving in Times of Change

Now more than ever, we need a reason to laugh!

Using experiences from her career as an O.R. nurse, Meg will demonstrate how we can use mindfulness techniques to help us build our resilience, shift our perspective and lead us to be more effective in our roles while building healthier and stronger relationships with the people we work with and those who we serve.

This presentation will entertain, inspire, and provide your team with tools they can use to bolster their resilience, self-awareness and inter-personal relationships.

Laughter Makes Us Stronger

A great deal has changed in recent months with the arrival of an unwelcome visitor named Covid 19. In addition to the health threat, virtually every aspect of daily life and routine has been turned on its head. As if our pre-pandemic challenges were not enough! And since we do not know when things are going to get back to ‘normal’, one thing is certain: Now more than ever, we need a reason to laugh!

Meg’s experience in stand-up comedy – and in the hospital operating room – shines through in this hilarious exploration of life in the time of Covid. She offers a humor filled look at the serious issue of stress in our lives, encouraging us to reframe, refocus and stay on course even when our well laid plans get tossed into upheaval.

Meg’s presentation will speak to everyone in the room – whether they are just starting out in their career, or are charged with leading the troops through times of major change – and will offer insights on how we can use humor to boost our resilience and maintain a positive mindset.

Work-Life Balance? You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

Meg offers a humorous perspective on the serious matter of dealing with stress and encouraging us to be mindful of how we allocate our mental and physical energy so we can bounce back from challenge and adversity, and find the confidence needed to handle whatever comes our way.

This presentation brings interactive humor to the subject of resilience, recognizing that finding life balance is a journey – not a destination. Managing all the demands and priorities on our time can prove to be overwhelming. It will inspire, entertain, and leave audience members with strategies to benefit our health and self-confidence, as well as strengthen relationships at work and at home.

Building Resilience | Get Connected and Stay Plugged In

Get ready for a highly engaging and interactive presentation! This presentation focuses on effective communication, conflict management, and dealing with different personalities based on the DISC model. Meg brings laughter and energy to the topic of conflict management and dealing with different personalities in the workplace. Meg will give everyone a better understanding of each other’s challenges and unique qualities, helping to enhance relationships both at work and at home. You will leave armed with practical strategies geared toward a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace environment.

Wait What? A Positive Workplace Culture? Let’s Do This!

It’s simple: we need to be effective communicators, whether on the front line or in a leadership role. Workplace and personal challenges call for effective communication or bust.

This presentation is a high energy, interactive presentation that explores the key elements of a positive work culture. Meg examines how emotions, perceptions, and preconceived ideas can impact our day-to-day interactions with others. In particular, she explores the impact of shifting demographics as millennials emerge as the dominant cohort in today’s workforce.

Meg has designed the presentation with the belief that a positive work environment is created when we mentor, support, and inspire the people on our team. It is the diversity that makes us better and stronger together.

Platform Plus Presentations

Unique formats and ways to connect with audiences.
Event Host
Set the tone of any event with positive energy and an interactive spirit! Meg is an experienced, funny host for any and all types of events – she’ll keep the room engaged and the energy high with her relatable stories and humor only a stand-up comedian could deliver. Her unique ability to connect with people allows her to bring an added dimension to the role of event host. With Meg around, your audience will leave the event feeling enlightened and energized.
Workshop | Team Building
Is your team working at its full potential? Let’s face it – high functioning teams are more important than ever as we deal with all the challenges of Covid 19. So, if you are not be able to gather in person, try out the next best thing: Meg’s hilarious and high energy interactive workshop on personality styles and teamwork. This workshop demonstrates that going it alone is not an option in today’s workplace environment, even when you can’t get to the office and have to work alone! In this session, Meg serves up inspirational ideas on teamwork and collaboration that will increase the awareness, effectiveness and the morale of your organization’s teams. Participants will gain a better understanding of each other’s challenges and unique qualities, helping to enhance relationships both at work and at home.
Workshop | Conflict Management
Conflict is a natural part of life. So, when a conflict situation arises, do you veer out of the way, or do you say: “Bring it On” and charge head first at the problem? This workshop is designed to create awareness of the different conflict-handling styles and help us identify our own conflict handling preferences. The goal is to help us get better at resolving differences, leading to improving relationships with others, whether at work or at home. Participants will leave this workshop equipped with practical techniques and strategies to help them manage and resolve conflict effectively, creating a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace environment.

Audience reviews:

  • Meg recently spoke to our university—remotely—on the topic of resilience and teamwork. Meg’s approach to this critical topic was knowledgeable, humorous, and sensible. Her presentation packed a lot of information in a short time. Meg made sure that the participants were fully engaged, despite the limitations presented by remote technology to a large group. We received a lot of positive feedback. One of Meg’s traits that impressed me the most was her preparation. She took the presentation seriously, taking time before the presentation to understand the audience and to make sure that technology worked flawlessly well in advance of the presentation. Meg, her approach, and her message are great! - Director Student Legal & Mediation Services, Sam Houston State University
  • She engaged the audience even before the event, getting to know individuals and hearing their opinions, concerns, and successes, and incorporated that feedback into her presentation. Her delivery was awesome- she had the team in stitches- and I had many people tell me it was the best session of its kind they’ve ever experienced. I’m really glad we chose Meg for our event.

    - Thomson Reuters
  • We LOVED Meg Soper! She was funny, inspirational and very in-tuned with the audience. She got the audience involved and was ‘right on’ with some of her comments. She gave the audience some things to think about, laugh about, and made them feel appreciated, which is so important in our line of work. She was such a success and helped finish off the conference on a light and positive note.

    - Conference Chair, Hamilton Wentworth District School Board Principal’s Association
  • Thank you for the fantastic job you did for our teachers. The feedback has been extremely positive and they are still talking about your presentation.

    - Halton Catholic District School Board
  • Your keynote presentation was absolutely hilarious. The content resonated with the group on many levels and it was obvious that the attendees loved you. We are still laughing and probably will be for some time!

    - APC Canada Conference Director
  • You were a huge hit and it was such a pleasure meeting you! Everyone is raving about the morning

    - Sales Strategy Manager Oral Care, Johnson & Johnson Inc.

Speaker Biography

Meg Soper has a unique perspective, combining her experience as a Registered Nurse with her skill in Stand-Up Comedy, she offers a unique blend of humor and inspirational ideas to connect with her audience, break barriers, and help people ‘Shift Perspective’ to better deal with the challenges they face every day.

Meg invests the time to know her audience and the challenges they face. She has touched the lives of thousands by combining her remarkable sense of humour with a curiosity about people. Her ability to connect has made her one of the country’s leading motivational speakers.

Meg’s diverse content has been shaped by her career as a staff nurse and as an operating room nurse in regional and major urban teaching hospitals. As a health care professional, Meg recognizes the vital role that humor can play in creating a healthier workplace environment, in helping us deal better with stress, and in communicating more effectively. That’s why her unique brand of motivational comedy is referred to as “Humor with a Heart”. 

A highly sought-after speaker at conventions and corporate functions throughout North America, Meg has shared the stage with many celebrities, including Ray Romano and Ellen Degeneres. She has also appeared on CBC, CTV, the Women’s Television Network and on Prime TV.