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Michael Clarkson

A Speaker for Our Times of Change, Stress and Mental Health

Michael puts a new spin on stress – we can use it as well as lose it. An award-winning author of seven psychology books, he is engaging, dynamic, affable and affordable – with keynotes chocked full of humour and content.

Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada


Coping with Change (Change is inevitable; growth is optional)
Michael tells us – in a funny and yet informative way – that we need to deal with an uncertain environment, sometimes by actually making fear work for us. Whether the change is organizational or personal, we can find opportunity and learn from it. And we can lead people through it.

Intelligent Stress and How to Use It
Believe it or not, stress should be the greatest resource we have today, says Michael Clarkson. With strategies, we can dump needless fears and focus on the real ones in order to make worry intelligent and even productive at work and at home. Michael, a leading authority on fear and a recovering worry-wart himself, says that through strategies, we can actually harness stress as an ally in day-to-day life and even exploit it as an achievement tool – as a small percentage of high achievers do.

Mental Health Issues and Work-Life Balance

How to Cope and Communicate With A Parent Battling Dementia

How Your Organization can Use the Media
Using his award-winning experience, Michael shows us how to tap into local, provincial and national media to benefit your organization. A daily newspaper reporter for 37 years, lastly with the Toronto Star, Clarkson recounts his fascinating investigations of police, government and health issues and interviews with recluse J. D. Salinger, The Queen of England and Ted Turner.


Inducted to Canadian Basketball Alumni Association Hall of Fame | Builders Category

U.S. National Health Reporting, Finalist | Bad Medicine

National Newspaper Awards, Winner Sports Writing | Effects of AIDS in Male Figure Skating

National Newspaper Awards, Winner, Sports Writing | The Hap and Paul Emms Story

Centre for Investigative Journalism, Winner A Study of a Sex Scandal

Pulitzer Prize Nomination - Newspapers | A Rendezvous with J. D. Salinger

  • Your exemplary professionalism and the fact you adapted your presentations to suit our business requirements demonstrates appreciation for your target audience. The observations received via our internal evaluation form were exceptionally positive and are a testament to your outstanding speaking abilities

    - Union of Taxation Employees’ Ad Hoc Mental Health Regional Conferences Committee
  • An incredibly engaging speaker.....his use of humour, extensive knowledge and personal anecdotes, make listening to him easy, entertaining and thought provoking.

    - Educational Assistants Association of Waterloo
  • (Clarkson) is a wonderful speaker with inspiration and very good content.

    - Ontario Hospital Association
  • Michael Clarkson's perspectives on fear and the use of emotions intrigue us. It's important to make people aware of their terrific drives to succeed and how they can overcome obstacles, but it's also important to show that these things can be detrimental.

    - The late Dr. Benjamin Spock
  • As with your presentation at Montréal, your presentation at Toronto was dynamic, informative, revealing and greatly appreciated by all participants and observers. Observations received via our internal evaluation were more than positive and are a testament to your exceptional speaking abilities.

    - Union of Taxation Employees

Summary Profile

“Change is inevitable, growth optional. Stress is also inevitable – but we can learn to use it to our advantage.”

Michael Clarkson has been intensely studying stress and fear for 25 years and has been acclaimed by Ted Turner, Dr. Benjamin Spock and “flow expert” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Considered a leading authority on stress and fear management, Clarkson has produced his own formula for coping with stress – Hyper Flow, which taps into fight or flight for increased production at work.

He has authored seven books, including Quick Fixes for Everyday Fears, and has produced important projects on recluses writer J. D. Salinger and pianist Glenn Gould. Clarkson ended a long journalism career, lastly with the Toronto Star, in which he twice won the National Newspaper Award and was twice nominated for a Michener Award for public service. Hollywood has bought a treatment of his feature film on work-life balance, which focuses on his life in a backyard fort. Clarkson also speaks on mental health issues, including worry and depression. Clarkson is now putting priority on his professional speaking and his recent reviews show he is a budding star.