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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Trust Strategist and Body Language Expert

Pamela Barnum is a former undercover police officer and federal prosecutor turned nonverbal communication expert and trust strategist. When you take decades of experience, including her unique background of working deep undercover in the drug enforcement section, followed by a rewarding legal career, you get real-world strategies that help audiences crack the code on trust using proven field-tested techniques. Building on her experience in the criminal justice system, Pamela studied corporate negotiations in graduate school and now shares her experience, research, and expertise with candor, energy, and humor blending actionable strategies with memorable stories. 

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CRACK THE CODE: 3D Communication Strategies to Win

More than fifty percent of our communication is nonverbal; we miss more than half of the conversation when we fail to pay attention. Learn the secret second language reserved for communication experts and law enforcement to communicate confidence, elevate influence, and improve negotiation outcomes.

Display calm confidence in every situation. Learn when to move toward, not away from, conflict and when silence is the most effective negotiating tactic.

Decode nonverbal cues with certainty. Understand what is being said, regardless of the words used.

Detect deception with greater accuracy using science-backed techniques. Confidently assess verbal and nonverbal misrepresentation indicators, bluffing, and lies in real-time.

TACTICAL INFLUENCE: The Superpower for Leaders

Tactical Influence is vital to gaining trust, aligning efforts to pursue goals, inspiring positive change, and significantly increasing revenue. Using proven LIFE skills to enhance essential
outcomes, learn how to:

  • Leverage talent with intentional communication cues for increased collaboration and quicker
  • Inspire intrigue. Uncover how to increase productivity, creativity, and happiness with the power
    of curiosity and when best to utilize it.
  • Fearlessly communicate confidence and maintain a strong executive presence in times of
    uncertainty. Use fear and doubt to supercharge insight and eliminate imposter syndrome.
  • Empower with empathy. High-empathy-based environments have performance levels three
    times higher than low-empathy environments. Discover the often-overlooked strategy that builds
    a stronger, more productive, and more engaged culture.
CREATE A CULTURE OF TRUST: Prepare for an Uncertain Future

Trust is in crisis, and earning trust has never been more imperative than it is now. Trust solves risk problems, improves culture, and increases innovation to prepare for an uncertain future; without trust, there is no transaction.

Create a culture of TRUST with:

  • Transparent communication. Use cues to establish stability and security in times of uncertainty
    without overcommunicating or micromanaging.
  • Respect for self and others. Uncertainty and fear lead to an Us vs. Them culture, resulting in
    reduced productivity, decreased profits, and reputational damage. Demonstrate self-respect
    and appreciation for others with more than words.
  • Undercover tactics anyone can use to increase rapport and decrease conflict anywhere,
  • Sincere and authentic nonverbal cues. Go beyond body language and active listening
    techniques and discover how to consistently communicate trust with more than words.
  • Take ownership while exercising tact and diplomacy in challenging situations. Learn how to
    deliver bad news and provide critical feedback in a way that strengthens your reputation and
    repairs relationships

Platform Plus Presentations

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Workshop | Strategic Negotiations: Innovative Approaches to Enhance Trust
Research reveals that nonverbal communication accounts for most communication in our personal and professional lives. Yet we spend almost no time learning how to display, decode, and detect messaging outside of the spoken word. Studies confirm that the higher the level of trust, the more successful the negotiated outcome. Nonverbal communication is a significant data source used to make decisions around trust and confidence. Professionals interested in negotiating that moves beyond individualistic motivational mantras or formulaic "getting to yes" strategies, will receive actionable tools that lead to successful outcomes. Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to test each technique in a low-stakes environment to enhance performance during complex negotiations.

Audience reviews:

  • Fantastic presentation! We want you back to do another program for us! - Vice President, Education & Support Services, Oklahoma Hospital Association
  • Pamela, we are getting rave reviews after your presentation! Thank you again for sharing your experiences. Also, I have had speakers for years and not one of them was as classy as you were. The results of the survey from your speech are in and you scored - Excellent! You might have broken the record for speakers! - President & CEO UGN, Inc.
  • POWERFUL action steps that can be put into play immediately! You really nailed it Pamela. You were exactly what we wanted as our keynote speaker and you were a hit with every participant. I really appreciate the energy, enthusiasm, excellent content and delivery that you brought to the event. You are truly unique, accomplished, humble, and funny! Thank you! - Director of Operations, Independent Insurance Agents of Mississippi
  • Dynamic. Engaging. Expert. All words used to describe Pamela Barnum by our conference attendees. She took the time to understand our audience, their cultural sensitivities and the information that was most important to them. She molded her presentation with that in mind. Pamela demonstrated total expert knowledge of the topics discussed and interacted with our virtual audiences in meaningful ways earning her the consistent position as highest-ranked speaker at our events. Personally, Pamela was a pleasure to work with - accommodating, professional, prompt, and always with a bright smile. Adding Pamela Barnum to your conference keynote lineup will take your event to the next level! - Director of Events, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  • Pamela Barnum provided a keynote presentation for our FUBCON event at the Chelsea Theater in Las Vegas, and she was nothing short of amazing! Her energy, stage presentation and strong intellect were front & center from the moment she stepped on stage. She mesmerized the audience with her insights, data points and imagery that resonated with each and every viewer. She has the uncanny ability to keep the audience on the edge of their seats while simultaneously laughing and going, "AHA" that makes so much sense! I'd definitely recommend Pamela Barnum to anyone looking to give their audience something to not only think about, but to apply in their everyday lives. - Head of Community & Industry Relations, Follow Up Boss Inc.
  • Pamela delivers trust strategies in a way that engages, entertains, and inspires the audience to take immediate action. Each participant who attends will learn how to build real and sustainable trust using body language techniques that can be used in any situation. - CEO, Luminary Events
  • Pamela Barnum was incredibly fun, exceeded our already high expectations! The audience was fully engaged and LOVED her! The feedback on her body language presentation was incredible and any organization would be blown away by the knowledge, education and expertise she brings to the event. - Event Planner, The Shin Dig
  • Pamela is an energetic and engaging speaker who gives the audience real-world business strategies they can implement immediately. - Founder, Savvy Women Leadership Academy

Speaker Biography

Imagine what it would be like to live as a different person with a different name, identity, and background. For months, you live with a false identity, and your success depends on building trust and detecting deception with some of the most dangerous people imaginable. That’s precisely what Pamela Barnum did for years working undercover in the Drug Enforcement Section. She learned real-world techniques for building trust and interpreting body language.

When Pamela graduated from law school, she left policing and accepted a position as a federal prosecuting attorney. She spent countless hours in the courtroom, perfecting her proficiency as a trust strategist and body language expert.

Following a successful 20-year career in the criminal justice system, Pamela studied corporate negotiations in graduate school. Now, she shares her expertise with others, teaching them how to improve their communication skills to increase trust inside corporations, associations, and law enforcement agencies. She learned quickly how to separate fact from fiction and truth from falsehood.

As a nonverbal communication expert and trust strategist, Pamela delivers techniques once thought of as a “secret second language” participants can begin using immediately.

Take decades of experience in deep undercover work in narcotics and a successful legal career, and you get real-world strategies that help attendees crack the code on trust, improve professional relationships and increase effectiveness using proven field-tested techniques.

Pamela shares her experience, research, and expertise with humor, candor, and energy, blending actionable strategies with memorable stories.

She is also a featured expert and contributor in print media, radio and television news programs in Canada and the United States. In addition, she has appeared in person before live and virtual audiences ranging from 50 – 12,000.