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Oakville, Ontario, Canada

World Explorer, Team Building & Leadership Expert

Scott Kress is a noted Mount Everest motivational speaker, author, team building expert and leadership consultant, helping organizations turn their teams and leaders into passionate achievers. He has a Masters Degree in Leadership and has taught at some of the world’s leading EMBA and MBA programs. Scott will share his insights from Mount Everest, Antarctica and more. His stories are engaging and the content relevant and applicable.

Keynote Speeches

Virtual Keynotes & Webinars
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Learning In Thin Air

In this engaging presentation Scott will share the insights he has gained while climbing and leading high-altitude expeditions for over 25 years. Not only will this presentation contain gripping stories from the mountains, but Scott will share the lessons from failure and the strategies for success and how these can be applied to your personal, team and leadership development.

What is it that separates success from failure? What allows some leaders and teams to achieve greatness where others stumble? Today’s business environment is more complex than ever and presents a series of mountains, which must all be scaled. While there is always a leader breaking the trail to the top, they cannot do it alone. Sustained success comes from the synergy of great leadership, teamwork, and personal focus.

This presentation will introduce models and concepts in the areas of leadership, vision, change management, communication, circles of influence, personal accountability, personal drive, team development and goal setting. These concepts are intertwined into Scott’s riveting Everest experience. Each presentation is custom designed to meet your team’s needs so the focus can be on various team and leadership challenges depending on what is most relevant to your organization.

Scott Kress is a noted speaker, author, team building expert, former MBA Professor and leadership consultant, helping organizations turn their teams and leaders into passionate achievers.

The results?

  • Motivate and inspire your teams to set and achieve stretch goals
  • Meet challenges with new enthusiasm
  • Engage leaders to build high performance teams
  • Understand how to flourish within change and ambiguity
  • Encourage ownership and accountability for results
  • Create big picture thinking and generate interdepartmental collaboration
Achieve the Outrageous

Are you striving to achieve something truly outrageous?

Learn from someone who has been there and done that.

Achieve the Outrageous is aimed at helping the individual within the team perform at their peak. Any company, leadership team, departmental team or individual seeking to achieve a big goal will benefit from this presentation. Scott will share his insights into goal setting, overcoming adversity, perseverance, and so much more.

In the pursuit of bigger and bigger goals, Scott and three partners skied unsupported from the coast of Antarctica 960km to the South Pole; one of the most difficult journeys on earth. Along with this achievement comes Scott’s keynote, “Achieve the Outrageous”. In this presentation, Scott will share the story of his punishing 44-day expedition across some of the most hostile ground on the planet and punctuate it with learning and application.

Scott’s presentation is high energy, passionate, engaging, and most importantly, relevant to the challenges individuals face in reaching outrageous goals. Scott Kress is a masterful storyteller, an author, a leadership and team building expert, a former Executive MBA and EMBA Professor and a life-long adventurer. He is the 51st Canadian to summit Mount Everest, and the 18th Canadian to climb the highest peak on each of the 7 continents.

The results?

  • Inspire individuals and teams
  • Set and achieve outrageous goals
  • Learn the secrets to achieving big goals
  • Meet challenges with new enthusiasm
  • Encourage ownership and accountability
  • Take performance to the next level

Platform Plus Presentations

Unique formats and ways to connect with audiences.
Keynote Workshop
Custom designed for your group, Summit will effectively blend either of Scott's motivational keynotes into a training workshop. This half- or full-day workshop integrates Scott Kress’ extremely popular “Learning In Thin Air” or "Achieve the Outrageous" keynote with a mix of activities, models, tools and strategies that will meet your learning and development goals. The riveting true stories makes this workshop highly engaging, and the content makes it valuable to your team and your organization. Using stunning visuals and engaging stories, Scott shares his personal insights into leadership, teamwork, and personal achievement. At specific points in the story, the group is asked to reflect upon their own challenges and goals as they relate to trust, change, communication, conflict and other aspects of team development. Each workshop is custom designed to focus on your goals and objectives. Tool cards, worksheets, and action planning guides help participants capture their insights and act upon them. The highly interactive format makes this session as engaging as it is relevant. Participants are not just listening to a story, they are actively participating and applying the presentation content to their real world goals and challenges.

Audience reviews:

  • In terms of pure entertainment the presentation was well worth the money we paid. Scott’s stories kept us riveted. It was not only what he was saying but it also had a slight physical effect with many of those in attendance. We really did “feel” what Scott was talking to us about…listening, hearing AND seeing it…his presentation completely touched on a few senses! ... The way Scott Kress delivers his presentation is really first class. He does remind me of the “guy next door” - your friend next door - that has a blockbuster not so next door story for you!

    - National Director, Sales & Strategic Relationships, First National Financial
  • He worked in some of the business specific language he and I discussed ahead of time which made it relevant for the audience. He was entertaining, but most of all gave many key points on leadership, managing stress and goal setting...verbally, people unilaterally said there was something in it for them, and each one had the idea of it being different to each person – many great messages.

    - Senior Manager, Commercial Relations & Contracts, Johnson & Johnson
  • Scott is an excellent speaker and because his adventures are riveting. But beyond that he was able to consistently tie back the lessons he learned on the mountains to relevant business concepts relating to personal growth, leadership and team building. I would highly recommend Scott as a speaker in almost any business environment.

    - Executive Director, AceTech Ontario
  • Scott grabbed our attention from the start and kept it. He is a captivating speaker, and his stories and photos were breathtaking. Especially great was the way he wove in various lessons, models and strategies that were easily applicable to everyone in the audience.

    - Town of Caledon
  • Scott was absolutely wonderful. His presentation was timed just right, and he covered some of the most important factors for successful teamwork, as well as factors that have caused failure. The audience was very engaged and asked many questions.

    - Toronto District School Board
  • We were looking on ending a long meeting day with a reenergizing presentation, Scott delivered. With very short notice Scott put together an inspiring presentation that supported our learning and meeting objectives perfectly. He customized his presentation to mesh extremely well with our own message within the Toyota Canada Certified Vendor Program. Feedback from all who attended was exceptional. Overall a good investment.

    - National Manager Accessory Development and Marketing, Toyota Canada
  • Scott was great. He really delivered and made a positive impact on our employees. He was so personable and hung out after his keynote to have discussion with the group. We had quite a few of our employees reach out and chat with him after. Scott did a terrific job relating the content of his keynote back to teamwork and leadership and his interaction with the group while presenting was amazing. I am still hearing how great he was as I chat with some of our employees. I call it a 100% success and we will definitely being looking forward to working with you and Scott again in the future. - Attendee
  • On behalf of our team we cannot THANK YOU, enough, for yesterday’s session. The entire team was on the edge of their seats and found the time spent with you completely relevant to our world. Your presentation and delivery was inspirational. - Attendee
  • Engaged and entertained. Scott's presentation held my attention even after a long day of sessions and a hearty meal. - Attendee
  • Scott's journey and its relatability during the different phases of growth in our company was apparent. Scott was equally candid in describing his struggles as he did his triumphs which gave a grounded perspective of how we can navigate our own journey in the coming years. - Attendee

Speaker Biography

Scott Kress has been engaging audiences for years. In each presentation he seeks to entertain, to inspire and to educate. Scotts is an author and leadership consultant, helping organizations turn their teams and leaders into passionate achievers. What sets Scott apart from other leadership and team performance speakers is his ability to scale mountains.

Scott is the 51st Canadian to summit Mount Everest and most recently while standing atop Mount Vinson in Antarctica he became the 18th Canadian to climb the seven summits; the highest point on all seven continents. As a team and leadership consultant and trainer what sets Scott apart from other adventure based speakers is his ability to directly connect his story and learning with your organizational, team, and leadership challenges.  Scott teaches Leadership and High Performance team courses at some of the leading MBA and EMBA programs in Canada and the UK.

So when Scott engages his audiences with audacious tales of an ascent of Mount Everest climb where arrests and deportations were frequent, and seamlessly ties that into reaching ones professional and personal goals, you can’t help but listen. And you can’t help but learn as Scott demonstrates that the tools he uses to find success in the mountains are the same tools that each member of the audience can start to use in their workplace.

Scott’s presentations are high-energy, engaging and passionate but most importantly they are relevant to the challenges faced by organizations and their teams today.