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Solange Tuyishime

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

War survivor who became Business Innovation Champion of the Year, Miss Canada International & CEO of Elevate International

An agent of change, and as President & CEO of Elevate International, speaker Solange Tuyishime has dedicated her career to advancing women’s leadership internationally, advocating for the most vulnerable children, and ensuring a human centred focus on innovation, accountability, and inclusion.  Through surviving war and genocide as a child, Solange gained the wisdom to understand the importance of women’s leadership and economic power in all areas of society. 

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Love & Belonging - Mental Health

Mental health is at the core of our priorities.

If we’ve learned anything from the intense, world-stopping, moving circumstances the world has faced over the past three decades, it’s that the world needs more love, empathy, and compassion for one another.

Remember when we couldn’t use the world love in a professional environment? Yet, as a human being, love and belonging are at the center of what allows us to thrive, grow, and lead.

From self love, leading with love, to infusing love in the communities we build, Solange shares her moving experiences and key leadership steps that shape how we lead in an enriching way that will transform leadership and the wellbeing of those around you.

Resilience: From Wounds to Wisdom

While life never ceases to throw us challenges and difficulties, sorrows, and sometimes circumstances that could easily destroy us, we somehow find a way to survive.

From wounds to wisdom, to keeping our dreams alive during our darkest moments, we don’t need to just survive, we rise above.

Through storytelling, Solange shares her moments of devastation, experiences of empowerment, and guidance on strength, courage and wisdom.

Elevating Leadership: Infusing Purpose, Passion & Pride

Mindful leadership and purpose-driven organizations are not only more successful, but they are also making this world a better place. This builds stronger leaders in workplaces and communities, ultimately evoking a ripple effect that empowers and develops generations’ leaders.

As a global leader, entrepreneur, international speaker, and philanthropist, Solange has demonstrated her passion to create positive change.

She is driven by her mission to help companies and organizations elevate their leaders by infusing purpose, passion and pride through heart centered leadership philosophies and practices.

Advancing Gender Diversity in Leadership

Redefining leadership — paving the way — and building new dreams to shape a new world.

In this session, Solange focuses on our roles as women in our society and the importance of women’s leadership in the world today.

“… My story is one of many young girls in this world who so desperately needed to see more women leading in our society… So I plead you to lead confidently and unapologetically! It is hard for us to imagine what leadership looks like if we haven’t seen women who look like us, lead like us and care for the world like we do. So, take a seat at the table to lead authentically, make the world better and pave the way for many of us who look up to you and those who will come years after us.”

Solange is invited around the world to inspire and empower women to take on leadership positions in all sectors of our society.


Speaker Biography

Solange Tuyishime was born and raised in East Africa, surviving war and genocide in her early childhood years. As she moved between refugee camps, she became determined that the story of her life would not be one of tragedy, and she would become an agent for meaningful change.

Welcomed in Canada as a teen, Solange started to bring her vision to life.  Today she leads Elevate International, where she’s earned the honour in Ottawa as 2022’s Business Innovation Champion of the Year and a ’40 under 40′ award recipient. 

On a mission to make the world better, as an international speaker, Solange inspires leaders to achieve a humanity first, gender equity approach at all leadership tables. This work is parallel and complementary to her leadership role as the President & CEO of Elevate International, where she has dedicated her life to elevating women and girls through the advancement of women’s leadership and economic empowerment. 

Solange finally understood three key things that she now shares in talks as a keynote speaker:
(1) The only thing that would help is to not allow any circumstance to define us,
(2) Knowing we have the power to be elevated from every struggle, and
(3) No matter how impossible your dreams may seem, if you work hard, stay focused, and remain persistent, what once seemed impossible will be possible.

Today, Solange serves as the President and CEO of Elevate International, an organization dedicated to advancing women’s leadership and economic empowerment. She is a UNICEF Canada Ambassador, supporting the most disadvantaged children and adolescents in the world’s toughest places to reach, and protecting the rights of every child, everywhere, across more than 190 countries and territories. 

In her role as a UNICEF Canada Ambassador, Solange has served as a spokesperson for National UNICEF Day in Canada and has been actively advocating for children’s rights to a quality education and access to clean water, including serving as guest speaker at several of UNICEF’s Canada Water for Life Galas. Solange has visited UNICEF’s Early Childhood programs in Jamaica and has also traveled to see UNICEF-funded education programs in Haiti. She advocates for the most vulnerable children; more specifically, in removing barriers to support, inspire, empower, and elevate women and girls globally.

Arriving in Canada at the age of 13, Solange started as a volunteer at the Multicultural Association of Fredericton, as well as the YMCA. She later graduated with a Bachelors in Journalism and honors in French, and a Masters in Public Administration. Solange was crowned Miss Canada and won many international titles. She’s also the Founder of Naylah’s Legacy, a non-profit organization in memory of her daughter to help pre-mature babies and their mother

“…The world is facing enormous challenges, and we need to build a legacy of a strong and safe future for women and children, and all equity serving communities. One of the most effective ways to respond to the challenges we are facing today is by uniting and strengthening today’s leadership. The most impactful way to do this is by ensuring diversity, inclusion, and innovation are at the forefront of how we are leading and serving our society, then ensuring that we are collectively elevating the next generation.”
-Solange Tuyishime