How to Hit Your 2018 Goals | Advice from Experts & Keynote Speakers

This is the time of year when planning & rolling out strategies are key to future success. Whether you’re setting 2018 goals for your organization or personal life, the next 12 months are ripe for opportunity.

But how you go about this goal-setting is crucial to being able to attain them in the year ahead.

What framework & considerations should you have in mind?

We’ve compiled advice from some of our top goal-setting speakers on how to plan for the year ahead:

Keynote Speaker Mark Thompson on 2018 Goals

On Disruption, Objectives & Key Results (OKR)

An expert on executive leadership, business strategy, and innovation, Mark Thompson has worked side by side with three of the world’s most legendary disruptive innovators: Steve Jobs, Charles Schwab and Sir Richard Branson. 

If your 2018 growth plan is focused on disrupting your industry, Mark says leaders need to rally their troops around five OKR’s — Objectives & Key Results — that make growth plans stick at high-performance organizations:

1. Talent Strategy 
As you hire new people, be on the lookout for a deeper bench of experienced talent. These potential hires should love to learn rather than hold court (or as Mark says “auto-didactic executives”). They have the confidence and hunger to lead and improve at the same time.
2. Strategic Capacity 
What strategy, resources and skills are necessary for your teams to lead the business transformation that you’ve outlined in your annual plan? Actively prepare your team to win instead of hoping your people can take the leap of faith into uncharted territory.
3. Alignment 
Think about what team behaviours you want to be repeated, then create a structure for that and shine a light on them.
4. Authority 
Break down any barriers and give people the real authority to serve the customer; giving them responsibility for tasks that matter will increase accountability (see below).
5. Accountability
Decide who decides. Ownership and accountability determine the “willingness to be held responsible for an outcome” even though we can’t control perfection. “It’s about being in total alignment with your beliefs and doing what matters.”

View more examples from business leaders on these 5 OKR’s on Mark’s LinkedIn article here.

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Keynote Speaker Robert Herjavec on 2018 Goals

On Productivity, Efficiency & Focus

One of the world’s most recognizable business leaders, Robert Herjavec, star of ABC’s Shark Tank, knows what it takes to take to reach the top. His advice on reach your 2018 goals is all about productivity, efficiency and focus:

1. Focus on your Calendar
Use calendars to manage and prioritize your time. Calendars can also incorporate briefs so that you are always prepared.
2. Set Clear Goals
Give timelines for when you want sections/parts of a task completed by. Don’t make these goals too easy – this will encourage you to push yourself to reach the next level.
3. Work in Accountability
While accountability starts from within oneself, taking the next step to get other people involved assures that goals aren’t missed. Dates, outcomes, expectations and roles are key elements to be defined in order to maximize accountability.

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Keynote Speaker Colleen Francis on 2018 Goals

On Managing Sales Goals Microscopically

A successful sales leader for over 20 years, Colleen Francis understands the challenges  & opportunities of selling in today’s market.

Her advice for 2018 goals – specifically sales performers – is to manage goals microscopically. Instead of analyzing your goals at the start of the year, take 30 minutes at the end of every week to review what went right and wrong, then reset your goals for the week ahead. If you’re behind, this can be adjusting your strategy to make up for any shortfalls. If you’re ahead, think about how this success can be maintained going forward? Be sure to check in on your business quarterly to ensure your strategy sets you up to meet those 2018 business goals. 

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Keynote Speaker Jack Canfield on 2018 Goals

On Win Lists & Mindset

As the founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, success coach Jack Canfield has taught millions of individuals formulas for success. He now certifies trainers to teach his content and methodology throughout the world.

His advice for 2018 goal-setting is to start by taking 30 minutes to create a “Win List” for 2017. List the goals you set and achieved, along with any other wins you think of – both large and small. This exercise will reduce mental friction by shifting your mind into a state of gratitude and joy, accelerating your momentum into the new year.

Now that you’re in an optimal mindset to start planning your 2018 goals, make sure they are specific & measurable. You should also think about your long-term goals, 5 or 10 years out, and what steps you need to take in the year ahead to set yourself up for future success. The six areas Jack encourages individuals to focus on are:

1. Your Financial Life
2. Your Career
3. Your Relationships
4. Fun and Recreation
5. Fitness and Health
6. Personal (Things you want to do, simply because you want to do them)

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We hope this advice helps you & your organization in setting & reaching your 2018 goals.

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