Beyoncé & The Alter Ego Technique

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By Theresa Beenken, CEO, National Speakers Bureau

Nuggets on Productivity:

How would you like a headline about your next project to note that you had ‘awe-inspiring swagger’?!  Especially if you are actually shy or more of an introvert?

Beyoncé earned it at the launch of her North American tour here in Toronto with rave reviews including the Rolling Stone headline referenced above.

What helped her get there?

In addition to hard work, training, talent, and so much more, one technique she has used is *Creating an Alter Ego*.

She talked to Oprah about it many years ago and it was a technique that helped her create a persona she could own, to allow her to step into her greatness.

You may have heard of her Alter Ego – Sasha Fierce. She notes: “Sasha Fierce is the fun, more sensual, more aggressive, more outspoken side and more glamorous side that comes out when I’m working and when I’m on the stage.”


On Imposter Syndrome and Productivity

I learned more about this process reading Todd Herman’s book: The Alter Ego Effect. Turns out, Herman is a mental performance coach to many successful people and actually helped Kobe Bryant create his Black Mamba persona.

  • The concept also came up recently in talking to one of our newest speakers, Ann Gomez, who is passionate about helping people do their best work at all stages of their career. I was prompted to revisit their work when my sister took my niece to her first concert ever, and it was Beyoncé this year. What a lifelong memory and inspiration! 

    >> Can you think of a time when you may not have felt brave enough to step into who you are and how you wanted to represent yourself?

    >> Could you create an alter ego to help you so you can find your own way to “run the world?!” If imposter syndrome happens to you as it does for many of us, this could be a technique to help. It also helps with focus and being intentional about how you show up.


Here’s a few highlights from Todd Herman’s Alter Ego Effect Model:

Choose Your Extraordinary World:

“Whatever Field of Play or Moment of Impact you’re creating an Alter Ego for you want to imagine how your Alter Ego will act, behave, think, speak, feel, and perform on that Field of Play. Then, when it’s time for your “phone booth moment,” you’ll intuitively know how to perform. And the likelihood of kicking open the metal gate to the zone, flow state, or Extraordinary World will have just improved.”

You can use the Alter Ego to shield your Core Self and absorb any negative self talk or external criticism if you act any differently than people expect you to…including yourself.


(Skills, Knowledge, Behaviors, Actions, Reactions)

“What abilities, knowledge, behaviors, actions, or reactions do you want your Alter Ego to possess? This could be your ability to control a room with your presence, or the ability to articulate a point in a succinct and charismatic way.”


(Attitudes, Beliefs, Values, Perceptions, Expectations)

What does your Alter Ego believe or know about themselves? What do they believe about the Field of Play they’re engaged with?

BONUS: Activate your Alter Ego with a Token – something you can put on or step into (Like Beyoncé says about her stilettos, or Superman in the phone booth), or hold with you to give you strength.

P.S. Herman says it’s ok to also keep your Alter Ego private, just to you as your secret identity. Sometimes that gives you even more strength to step into your potential.

  • Clark Kent becomes Superman
  • Diana Prince becomes Wonder Woman
  • Kobe Bryant became Black Mamba
  • Beyoncé became Sasha Fierce
  • Can you think of any other famous Alter Egos? – You’ll notice them all around you, especially in the world of high performance celebrities and more lately on social media handles/personas.

    Who will your Alter Ego be? Give yourself permission to step into your greatness. 😀

    For more information on Ann Gomez or other speakers who can help your team with high performance, find us here: or connect with me on LinkedIn!

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-Theresa Beenken, CEO, National Speakers Bureau 


Featured: Hayley Citron (NSB), Productivity Expert & Author of Workday Warrior, Ann Gomez, and Theresa Beenken



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