Is AI Right For Your Organization?

When a client of ours wanted a speaker who could share practical applications of Artificial Intelligence for business transformation, we turned to Sean Wise who teaches innovation for business. Here’s an example of his content to help you as you plan for HR, financial, and productivity advances in your organization.
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Does your organization need artificial intelligence?
Only if it deals with people, money, or time

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By Dr. Sean Wise

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undeniably become a transformative force in the business world. However, the question that frequently arises is, “Is AI right for your organization?” If your organization grapples with people management, financial concerns, and time constraints, then the answer is a resounding yes.

(1) AI for Human Resources

Let’s delve into the realm of Human Resources (HR), a department invariably dealing with people. AI has significantly revolutionized HR processes, particularly in recruitment, talent management, and employee engagement.

  • Recruitment – Automated recruitment systems can sift through thousands of resumes to identify potential candidates, reducing the need for manual selection and subsequently reducing human bias.
  • Workforce planning – Artificially intelligent systems offer predictive analytics, facilitating strategic decisions on workforce planning and succession. See Eightfold AI and XOR.
  • Employee engagement – In terms of employee engagement, AI chatbots can automate repetitive tasks such as responding to employee queries or providing information on HR policies, thereby improving productivity and enhancing the employee experience.


(2) AI for Financial Applications

Moving to the financial domain, AI applications have become indispensable in streamlining monetary concerns.

  • Market trends – Machine Learning algorithms in finance can analyze market trends, process financial news, and predict stock performance with remarkable accuracy. Examples include apps like Kavout and AlphaSense. This assists businesses in making data-driven investment decisions.
  • Risk management – Furthermore, AI can also mitigate financial risks. AI can detect and prevent fraudulent activities, protecting an organization’s financial health, with applications like Ayasdi and Feedzai.


(3) AI for Time Management

The third critical area where AI can be influential in most organizations is in time management. 

  • Project management & Strategic focus – Project management and scheduling apps, such as ClickUp and Toggl Plan, employ AI to optimize task allocation and project timelines, ensuring efficient use of time. Moreover, AI can automate mundane tasks, freeing up time for employees to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • AI Operations and Supply chain – On the operational front, AI is making a significant impact on supply chain management (SCM). AI-powered SCM systems like Coupa and Llamasoft can provide predictive insights about demand patterns, optimize inventory levels, and enhance logistics, contributing to a more efficient and effective supply chain. These systems can identify potential disruptions in the supply chain, providing ample time for organizations to devise contingency plans, thereby preventing costly delays.


Each of the aforementioned fields – HR, finance, and time management – has specific AI applications designed to address unique challenges.
For HR professionals, platforms like Harver and HireVue can help automate recruitment processes and facilitate candidate screening. For finance professionals, apps like Zest AI and Riskified provide insights into lending risk and fraud detection. SCM professionals can leverage platforms like BlueYonder and Anaplan to optimize inventory and manage demand and supply better.

If your organization is grappling with managing people, money, or time, AI can provide a solution.
The integration of AI is no longer a futuristic notion but a present reality that offers a competitive edge. The key is understanding where your organization needs support and implementing the right AI tools accordingly. As technology continues to evolve, the influence of AI on businesses will only increase, making it an imperative element for growth, efficiency, and innovation.

– Dr. Sean Wise


About The Author
Dr. Sean Wise | Professor of Entrepreneurship & Former Dragons’ Den Advisor

This essay was penned by Dr. Sean Wise, an award-winning educator and acclaimed speaker. Dr. Wise’s understanding of Artificial Intelligence and its profound impact on businesses of all kinds is evident in his insightful writing. For those seeking to expand their knowledge and adapt their businesses to harness the power of AI, Dr. Wise is an invaluable resource. He is exclusively represented by the National Speakers Bureau, and his engaging, educational presentations provide significant value for organizations striving to thrive in an AI-driven world. Secure the opportunity to learn from this industry expert and elevate your organization’s approach to AI.

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