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On the heels of his bestselling book The Death of Demographics: Valuegraphic marketing for a values driven world, David Allison’s research shows that connectedness values including ‘belonging’ are universally the top shared values worldwide.  He’s since partnered with Google’s Experience Institute to help bring a greater sense of inclusion + belonging to attendees at conferences and events. We wanted to amplify this messaging so we invited David to kick off our 50th Anniversary Engage series with a virtual session.  Here’s a sampling of his insights and in video format below especially for Event Profs.
-Theresa Beenken, CEO


Demographics describe.
Psychographics record.
Valuegraphics influence.

Throughout his career, David Allison understood that people were behaving in ways that demographics couldn’t define. From his vantage point, the next step was obvious: we needed a better way to understand people and what drives them to act.

In his most recent work, David and The Valuegraphics Project have partnered with Google to launch the Belonging Index, a tool structured to help professionals in varying industries integrate belonging insights into their practices.

There are 912 kinds of Belonging in the Valuegraphics Database, and the Belonging Index can identify which ones mean the most to the people you are building event strategies for, the clients you attract, or the teams you hire.



Key highlights from this session include:

  • If you’re still segmenting primarily on demographic factors, discover how aligning on values drive actions and decisions that lead to belonging

  • A values-driven approach can earn you R.O.V (Return on Values):

    Companies have measured 12% higher willingness to pay, 20% more trust, and 40% greater engagement from audiences who feel their values are reflected

  • Be inspired to change how you look at people, and leave with data-tested tools to ensure you succeed in the new values economy


Want to learn how to use belonging insights for your events?

Take a look at what belonging means in your industry and help crowdsource implementation, designed with Google Experience Institute (Xi).
The Valuegraphics Belonging Index

About David Allison

David Allison is a human behaviour expert well-known for his research and disruption on demographics. He is the behavioral science pioneer behind Valuegraphics: the world’s first database that can predict and influence behavior for anything on earth. Valuegraphics makes it possible, for the first time in history, to identify the shared values of any group of people, helping organizations create exponentially better customer engagement and point the way to a less divided world. 

David inspires audiences to align their organization’s purpose to their values, allowing a more powerful marketing tool to be unleashed. 



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