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With Canada’s federal government legalizing cannabis as of late 2018, many new questions popped up within national discussions. In the events industry, cannabis has shown to be one of the key trending topics for 2019. This emerging industry has faced challenges outgrowing the product’s taboo origins. Cannabis has many unique angles featured at memorable and engaging events for policymakers, investors, medical professionals, legal/law enforcement, business strategists, technological entrepreneurs, and more. 

Cannabis Keynote Speakers

Our speakers take on the myths and assumptions around cannabis while initiating conversations around the facts around its use as a medicinal choice and as a recreational substance.

The Business of Cannabis

From ideas around market share, to effectively targeting a brand new segment of consumers, our keynote speakers have the expert insights to get and stay in the black inside this budding green industry. 

Mass Marketing Cannabis with David Allison

With legalization came a surge to market of new brands. Many are now facing the challenge of standing out within this newly legal industry. How do you successfully build an audience around your cannabis related brand? David Allison uses his pioneering research on Valuegraphics – a big data tool to prove the most effective methods for motivating your audience –  to create a custom profile of target audiences for cannabis brands.

His ‘Mass Marketing Marijuana‘ keynote explores this new consumer market through a data-driven lens to show audiences where the low-hanging fruit hangs. David will explain how your prospects compare to those of the overall market.

Key Takeaways:
• The shared values, wants, needs and expectations of cannabis consumers.
• What messaging will motivate cannabis consumers to buy?
• Where the mass market is interested in making these purchases.

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Cannabis for Human Resources with Dr. Julielynn Wong

How can organizations create and implement policies and procedures for employees who use marijuana for medical purposes? What about recreational users – should smoking or ingesting cannabis be viewed in the same way as drinking a glass of wine? Ask Physician-Scientist, Innovator & Educator, Dr. Julielynn Wong.

In her ‘Cannabis in the Workplace‘ talk, Dr. Wong offers guidance to employers, workers, and others on creating a supportive, healthy and safe workplace in the setting of legalized cannabis.

Key Takeaways:
• Industry-specific recommendations on how to establish a workplace policy for cannabis.
• Actions the workplace can take regarding cannabis impairment.
• Accommodation practices for medical marijuana use and cannabis dependence.

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Cultivating the Cannabis Industry with Tony Chapman

Are the restrictions being placed on the new green industry by Health Canada and different levels of government hurting our chances of creating a thriving legal industry of cannabis retail? Tony Chapman says: yes.

In his ‘It’s a Bong Show‘ presentation, Tony shares what can be done to set Canada up for sustained success in this once in a lifetime opportunity. With an economy hungry for growth, Canada can’t risk squandering the first-mover advantage with cannabis. In this keynote, Tony outlines the business case for organizations to cultivate, invest in, file patents and create brands around the cannabis market

Key Takeaways:
• How unleashing free enterprise in a regulated cannabis market will directly benefit Canada’s economy.
• How organizations must address change in legislation to set themselves up for sustained success.

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Health & Wellness for Cannabis

Doctors have prescribed medical marijuana for roughly 20 years at this point. There is scientific evidence of the health benefits of marijuana but like any medicine, there is appropriate usage, side effects and health risks associated with over-consumption. Looking for a balanced voice to educate, advocate or have an open discussion about cannabis in healthcare? 

Cannabis: A Healthcare Perspective with André Picard

So far, the predictions about the immediate impact of cannabis have largely not proven true – usage is not up, tax dollars are not rolling in, and the black market is thriving, not dying. What does this mean for longer-term outlooks? One of the most discussed is the medical cannabis regime. It has been in place for two decades, but now that cannabis is widely available, what can we expect?

In his cannabis keynote presentation, André Picard explores what this new social experiment means for the health of Canadians, for the healthcare system, for employers, and for the tax system. His presentation helps audiences make sense of the regulatory challenges, shifting views about medicinal use, evolving research landscape, and the future of cannabis in the professional and personal lives of their community members.

Key Takeaways:
• How we can better educate both the public on purchasing the products & patients about the drug as a treatment for conditions.
• How cannabis use should be treated in professional environments & what obligations organizations have around employees who use cannabis medically.
• The key ways policymakers can optimize the current system.

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Ending The Stigma with Ian Campeau

As an active advocate for the benefits of cannabis use, Ian Campeau speaks to the intersection of wellness, indigenous culture, recreational and medical cannabis use in a unique, down to earth way. 

In his keynote ‘The Wellness Factor & Ending the Stigma‘ Ian explores the relationship between cannabis and wellness. When faced with stressful, sleepless days taking care of sick family members, and managing a demanding nightlife as one of Canada’s most renowned DJ’s, cannabis helped him deal with the feelings of depression & anxiety many of us face on a daily basis. This presentation shows audiences how cannabis meets various wellness needs, organizations can build healthier, happier communities

Key Takeaways:
• How to prepare for the coming rise of cannabis for wellness.
• Learn the difference between medical cannabis and cannabis for wellness.
• See how cannabis for wellness can help create a more empathetic and creative society.

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The World of Medical Cannabis with Dave Hepburn

Dave Hepburn is Canada’s foremost medical cannabis educator of physicians and the scientific and lay communities. He has a tenured career of cannabis activism and is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC), International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM), the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids (CCIC) and Physicians for Medical Cannabis (PMC).

In his keynote ‘Yes We Can…nabis,’ Dave takes audiences through the remarkable story of how and why in the intriguing world of medical cannabis. He provides a medically-backed opinion to help guide audiences on the uses and benefits of medical marijuana – what it prevents, what it is best used for, how it can be used and how to obtain access to it.

Key Takeaways:
• The importance of medical marijuana and its relevance in today’s world
•  The science of cannabinoids as medicine
• How to address and combat common “cannaphobia” with education


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