An 8-Step Guide to Change Leadership with Gregg Brown

Change Management Speaker Gregg Brown

Change Management speaker Gregg Brown believes we are all leaders who have the ability to shift people’s mindset during times of change, regardless of our job titles. He is passionate about creating great speaking experiences that provide audiences with practical tools to make their work lives better.  In this guest blog, Gregg shares advice on going beyond change management & utilizing tools for change leadership.

There’s one clear fact that any successful organization must accept: change happens. Although the concept of change might be exciting, the actual execution of your change strategy can be challenging.

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It wasn’t very long ago that when people heard the word “change”, thoughts of downsizing, mergers & acquisitions, or layoffs immediately came to mind, creating an environment of fear and stress in the workplace.

Now, change can also mean new IT systems, process changes, upgraded software, or task changes, yet employees still get turned off just by the suggestion of change. This creates a sense of uncertainty.

Oft-cited studies have shown that 60 – 70% of change initiatives don’t succeed as expected. This frequently relates to the need for effective people engagement and accountability. It’s during change planning and change implementation – when staff are at their most uncertain, this challenge arises:

Q: How do I simultaneously get my team to adapt to the change, while at the same time keeping their performance up?

Leading and responding to change takes time and energy – and that’s just one change! All of us are already dealing with multiple changes at work, home, and in society.


Tips for Leadership During Change Management

We need to apply that ancient credo, “Change is the only constant in life”, to the workplace, because organizational change is continuous and always will be, and will speed up. As a result, for an organization to be change ready for the future, change leadership must be a core competency for everyone in an organization – regardless of someone’s job title.


8 steps to better change leadership in your organization



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