New Expert Speakers Available for Events: On Brain Health, Leadership, Cybersecurity and More

As one of North America’s leading speakers bureaus, we are always looking for new, unique voices who expertly communicate the latest thought-leadership on topics that matter most to event programmers. We are excited to introduce the newest speakers available to educate, entertain & connect with your next audience. These top keynote speakers are available for panel discussions, customized demonstrations & keynote presentations.

 Jill Hewlett
Brain Science Speaker Jill Hewlett

Brain Fitness Expert & Wellness Authority

Jill Hewlett, a well-recognized wellness authority and brain fitness expert, empowers her audience members to become “neuroplasticians”.  Combining neurology and physiology, Jill shares tools and strategies to educate and empower listeners to live an optimized, successful life – at work and at play. 

Top-3 Audiences:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Workplace & HR Sessions
  • Education

Most Requested Presentations:

Brainology: Secrets Neuroscientists Never Told You! The key to success is already wired within your brain and Jill will help you activate it! In this presentation, she provides user-friendly neuroscience basics required to cultivate a fit brain for life. Using these insights will help audiences increase energy levels, shift attitudes and improve skills and abilities such as memory, organization, communication and focus.

Change Your Brain; Change Your Results! Stress Resilience and Change ManagementYOU CAN outsmart common workplace and daily life challenges and issues by creating your own Fit Brain! Using the principles from this interactive and personal presentation, you will be better equipped to recognize signs of stress and initiate simple, quick and effective tools to shift into a calmer, more grounded balance that will help you thrive in all situations. 

Switched On Learning! Focus, Comprehension & Memory | In this presentation Jill shows audiences how to tap into executive brain functions to improve areas such as memory, focus, confidence, communication, organization and balance. Results are immediate, progressive and measurable. Most importantly, you’ll have fun throughout the presentation!

Request Keynote Speaker Jill Hewlett

Major-General David Fraser (Ret.)
Leadership Speaker David Fraser

Commander of the Largest Battle in NATO History

Major General (ret’d) David Fraser is one of the most decorated generals in Canadian Armed Forces history and has also served as an executive and mentor at Ivey Business School. He led Operation Medusa, the largest battle in NATO’s history. He shares actionable insights based upon his experience leading in both the battlefield and the boardroom.  

Top-3 Audiences:

  • Leaders
  • Business Strategy & Planning Sessions
  • Team Building Initiatives

Most Requested Presentations:

Operation Medusa | In this captivating keynote, Fraser shares the real on-the-ground story of one of NATO’s bloodiest, most decisive and misunderstood operations: The battle of Panjwayi, the defining moment of “Operation Medusa.” He shares insights on what it was like to lead an operation that was credited with nothing less than saving Afghanistan from falling under Taliban rule.

Team and Teamwork |  In this presentation, Fraser shares his experience in successful operations on and off the battlefield to show how effective teamwork is powered by trust and confidence. In charge of the mission comprised of various international military forces, Fraser was able to implement a range of teambuilding techniques to get the best out of each unit and the entire force as a whole. 

Leadership – From The Battlefield To The BoardroomIn Afghanistan, during some of the worst fighting NATO has ever seen, Fraser’s team looked to him for answers. Whether he had the answer or not, he needed to lead by example and keep the team focused and together. For Corporations, Fraser discusses keys to effective leadership. Fraser will help prepare organizations to lead in the face of changing technology, market conditions and demands from customers.

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Tima KurdiRefugee Speaker Tima Kurdi

Syrian Refugee Advocate Promoting Everyday Social Activism

The photo of her 3-year-old nephew Alan Kurdi’s body on a beach on the shores of Turkey brought international attention to the refugee crisis in Syria, and thrust Tima Kurdi into the spotlight in the middle of her loss. Instead of giving into grief, Tima now advocates for everyday people to raise their voices in hope of creating a better future where a young life is not lost so needlessly. Her book on the story is a current multi-week bestseller here in Canada.

Top-3 Audiences:

  • Students / Youth
  • Social Change Advocates
  • Corporate Responsibility Teams

Most Requested Presentation:

Empowering Our Voices: A Better World Tomorrow by Our Words and ActionsWhile trying to find a way to get her family in Syria out of danger, Tima received the news that her sister-in-law, Rehanna and two nephews, Alan and Galeb had drowned while trying to cross by sea into Greece. The image of Tima’s 3-year-old nephew, lifeless on the beach caught the media’s attention and became a turning point in the refugee crisis – people were finally paying attention that innocent people were suffering. Tima now uses this personal tragedy as a catalyst to plant the seed of hope within the heart of everyone listening and her impassioned plea for action is unforgettable.

Request Keynote Speaker Tima Kurdi

Vicki Saunders
Business Speaker Vicki Saunders

Founder of SheEO & the #radicalgenerosity Initiative

Vicki Saunders is the founder of SheEO; an initiative to dramatically transform how we support, celebrate and finance female entrepreneurs building new models, new mindsets and new solutions for a better world. 

Top-3 Audiences:

  • Women in Leadership
  • Business Strategy & Planning Sessions
  • Entrepreneurs

Most Requested Presentations:

The Radical Generosity Advantage | What would you do to take your business to the next level if you were one step removed from whomever and whatever you need? In this revolutionary presentation, Vicki will share the vision and the impact to date of radically rethinking what we need to get our innovation to the next level; #radicalgenerosity

Everything is Broken, What a Great Time to Be Alive | To create a better world we need innovation, fresh thinking and new ways of getting things done. In this highly energizing presentation, Vicki takes us on a journey through what’s broken in order to open up our individual and collective mindset to see the possibilities for a whole new path forward through innovation.

Navigating the Way Forward – A Dialogue | In this completely customized and fresh take on a “talk”, Vicki rethinks the keynote and offers a dialogue that is co-created, personalized and timely. Pick your favourite interviewer – a senior executive, a precocious thinker, one of your internal innovators – and let the questions fly. This dialogue style ends up being highly relevant, insightful and meaningful to the people in the room because they help to form the discussion.

Request Keynote Speaker Vicki Saunders

Kevin Mitnik 
Cybersecurity Speaker Kevin Mitnick

The World’s Most Famous Hacker & Cybersecurity Expert

Kevin Mitnick is the world’s most famous hacker, bestselling author, and a top cybersecurity keynote speaker. Once one of the FBI’s Most-Wanted, he hacked into 40 major corporations just for the challenge. Kevin is now a trusted security consultant to the Fortune 500 and governments worldwide.

Top-3 Audiences:

  • Technology & IT Departments
  • Leaders
  • Digital Marketers

Most Requested Presentations:

How Hackers Attack and How To Fight Back: | With Live Hacking Demonstrations of the current threats to you and your organization, you’ll learn how to detect digital interference and take steps to protect yourself and your organization. 

Ghost in The Wires: Go on the Run with the Most Wanted Hacker in the World | Would you like to see a real ghost? Come on the run with Kevin as he takes you on his hilarious and mind-boggling adventure based upon his New York Times bestselling autobiography, Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker.

Custom Presentation: A Scripted Conversation with Live Hacking | Kevin will create a custom experience with real live hacking that will inform, entertain and educate your attendees. This presentation will provide you with the advanced ability to make your talking points come alive on stage. In this very popular scripted Q&A format, you’ll coordinate pre-arranged questions with Kevin. At the event, he’ll have amazing hacking demonstrations to illustrate the key answers and event messaging.

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