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On the heels of the recent Ontario Election and the election of Doug Ford as Premier, it’s time to shift our focus to policy changes championed by the new government. Will the promises made on the campaign trail be implemented? Do you know how they will impact your organization? If your team is looking for strategic insights to help your organization navigate the impact of a new Ontario government, we’ve got some of the top political engagement speakers available for your next event:

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Dave Meslin - Political Speaker

Dave Meslin | Political Engagement Specialist

Dave likes to shake things up and get people involved. This self-described “community choreographer” is all about activism, participation & pursuing genuine democracy. Using a creative, multi-partisan and fiercely optimistic approach, Dave focuses his political presentations on overcoming apathy and creating a culture of participation within your community or organization. His TedxToronto talk about overcoming apathy has over 1.4 million views and his CBC segment on disproportionate representation in the 2015 elections went viral with over 2.5 million on Facebook alone:

Top Election Stories:

• Dave knows how to get people to pay attention and get involved.  He helped stage the May 28th silent protest of Ontario’s broadcasters in advance of the leaders’ debate. The event sparked lots of media attention as the large group of protesters lobbied for the inclusion of a fourth party leader to the pre-election debates: Green Party head Mike Schreiner, who made history landing the first provincial seat for the party in Ontario.

Lego My Vote! Dave’s infamous Lego representations of legislative seat distortions takes a look at the Ontario Election results – June 8th at 4:00PM EST on Facebook Live.


Building a Culture of Engagement
Dave’s most requested presentation shows audiences how to reduce apathy and boost engagement. It’s ideal for schools, workplaces and associations where a large group is working towards a common goal. Using examples drawn from politics & community development, Dave shows audiences how to tap into the collective creativity, passion and knowledge of their constituents.

Dave also offers two talks focused on political processes: ‘A Crash-Course in the Mechanics of Electoral Reform’ & ‘Canada at 150: Time for a democratic makeover?’ View more on his profile.

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Darrell Bricker - Political Speaker

Darrell Bricker | CEO of IPSOS Public Affairs & Public Opinion Speaker

A true ‘numbers guy,’ Darrell Bricker will tell you what Canadians are thinking about the election results, and practically everything else. He has been connecting the dots between data and its implications for over 25 years. The former director of research for the Prime Minister has the unique ability to translate large amounts of amassed data into understandable bites of information and trends that you can use to plan for the future.

Top Election Stories:

• Darrell on Global News describes the 2018 Ontario Election results as the “revenge of the commuters” after a majority of rural voters turned to the Conservatives

• Ipsos Poll shows a growing proportion of Ontarians (58%, +9 since election began) want a majority government.


The Big Shift
Darrell’s presentation will prepare your company for the new political landscape by providing statistical insights on how to best manage the implications and their effects on your daily business. Using the latest demographic and public opinion information collected by Ipsos, he tells a fascinating, fact-based story about the Ontario of today, but also about the Ontario of tomorrow. Bricker’s latest book, The Big Shift, predicted a conservative shift in Canada – read an excerpt here.

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Steven Paikin | Host of TVO’s The Agenda 

Steve has moderated leaders’ debates for three federal and two provincial elections and written books on former premiers and their personal and political lives, so you could say – he knows his way around Canadian politics. His relationship with politicians as both an interviewer and a biographer have given him unique insights into the people who run our country.

Top Election Stories:

• The Agenda Panel discusses what is on offer to voters by Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives

• Steve asks ‘Where has the centre gone in Ontario politics?’

What Ontario voters should ask themselves in the last days of the election campaign


Whether he’s in front of a camera or a live audience, Steve shares his perspective and intelligent analysis of current events in a straightforward, humorous way that sticks with audiences. If you want in-depth, hard-hitting takeaways on national or provincial politics, Steve has been a trusted choice for journalistic opinion for over 25 years. To prepare your organization for what’s next – he will translate politician’s words into simple facts; what they are planning to do, what they probably won’t be able to accomplish and how this affects your business day-to-day.

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Chantal Herbert - Political Speaker

Chantal Herbert | National Affairs Columnist for the Toronto Star

Chantal, an Officer of the Order of Canada, is a highly respected national affairs writer with the Toronto Star. A regular on the “At Issue” segment on CBC’s The National, she speaks compellingly about the issues making news across the country and examines how political developments are impacting Canadians from coast to coast. Chantal’s discussion of current events and their political implications has been referred to as intelligent, insightful and thought-provoking. If you are looking for award-winning insights into what this next chapter in Canadian politics will look like for your organization – Chantal will deliver sharp commentary on policy and politics with her frank delivery.

Top Election Stories:

• Chantal on the CBC At Issue Panel discussing the drama of the election campaign

• In the Toronto Star, Chantal looks at why Canada’s women premiers seem to only get one term in office


Politics from Coast to Coast
Chantal looks at what’s making news across the country and examines how political developments are impacting Ontarians & the country from coast to coast. With the province on the cusp of a major shift, both in electoral demographics and leadership in the workplace; it is already starting to have profound effects on the public conversation.

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Andrew Coyne - Political Speaker

Andrew Coyne | Political Commentator

A regular contributor to CBC & National Post, Andrew is a provocative, challenging and witty commentator on the state of Canadian politics. He does not hold back when sharing his insights about our nation, economy, politics and the social issues affecting all Canadians. He has written previously for Maclean’s and The Globe and Mail, contributing as well to a number of other publications in Canada and abroad, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, National Review, and The Walrus. 

Top Election Stories:

• Andrew on the CBC At Issue Panel discussing the drama of the election campaign

• In National Post, he argues, whichever party wins, the province will continue to sink into a mire of debt and over-regulation


Andrew’s presentations are timely and topical – passionately addressing themes that directly affect the future of your company and its interests. He draws from his journalistic experiences over the last two decades to inform his razor-sharp wit when looking forward to what citizens and organizations can expect from the new government. Andrew’s informed and pointed commentary is sure to have your audience talking long after the presentation has concluded. He aims to ignite discussion and enable audience members to clearly articulate their own opinions about politics and current events in Canada – what he believes media’s role is in creating better politics for all Canadians.

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