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Darrell Bricker

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

CEO of IPSOS Public Affairs & Expert on National/International Trends

Demographic trends speaker Darrell Bricker is an expert on public opinion, offering audiences an invaluable peek into the future. His presentations are custom-made for your group, combining deep knowledge, powerful insights and a dash of humour. As the CEO of the public opinion research firm IPSOS Public Affairs, he has his finger on the pulse of Canada. He co-authored Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline, a cautionary tale about looming worldwide demographic shifts and the impact they will have on our economy, social programs and government. In his presentations, he demonstrates how organizations will be dramatically affected by changes to the consumer and labour markets. 

Keynote Speeches

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Future Outlook | The NEXT Canada: Where to Live, What to Buy, and Who Will Lead

Canada is changing radically and rapidly, opening a gap, which will soon be a gulf, between the new demand and old supply of almost everything. Based on Darrell’s new 2020 book Next, this presentation focuses on the single factor that will have the biggest impact on the future of your sector: demographics.

When our demographics and needs change so does the demand. When demand changes organizations MUST also change quickly to meet the new supply. Those who don’t are destined to be left behind. Our population is aging at an unprecedented rate and at the same time as we are experiencing a sharp decline in fertility rates in Canada. These trends are changing the way we function in society today.

This presentation will help audiences understand what Canadians will want and need and how organizations and individuals can make the best decisions to succeed in a changing Canada.

Empty Planet | The Shock of Global Population Decline

Not so long ago, many thought-leaders were warning us about the dangers of our rapidly increasing global population. Now the new data is telling quite a different story.

In this presentation, based on his book of the same name, Darrell Bricker shares with audiences how the global population will soon decline, dramatically reshaping the social, political, and economic landscape. Drawing on extensive research and first-hand reporting, Darrell’s customized presentations reveal the dramatic consequences of this population decline and how this will impact your organization. His presentation will provide audiences with the necessary insights and tools to improve your HR team, your workforce, identify the right target markets, and improve product demand and more.

Banking & Finance | Follow The Numbers

Technological, economic and geopolitical changes have had a massive impact on the banking and finance sector in recent years. But what’s coming next? Darrell Bricker believes the single factor that will have the biggest impact on the future of the banking and finance sector is demographics.

In this customized presentation, Darrell shares with audiences the current data and answers the questions that matter most to their organizations. How will the banking and finance sector position itself to serve the growing and changing demand from aging customers? What is the financial industry going to do to help ‘Generation Anxious’? How fast will the rate of generational financial transfer occur and how big of an impact will it have? This presentation will put it all into perspective in a way that’s easy to understand and use in your business.

Key Takeaways:
• The demographic shift changing demands and changing supply.
• The banking & financial impacts of suburbanization, expanding solo living, growing multiculturalism, and a population that’s shifting geographically.
• How to position your organization to reach and cater to the needs of high-value demographic consumers.

HR | Building a Future-Ready Workforce Within an Empty Planet

Human Resources professionals are facing more pressures than ever before as the population ages. Where will your experienced workforce come from? What new skills will they need to advance your organization in the midst of constant change? Trends around automation, shifting skillsets, low immigration, and urbanization, have all contributed to a scarcity of specific talent.

Where will you find the diverse and skilled workforce you need in the future? In this presentation, Darrell Bricker uses data and insights from his research from Empty Planet, customized to HR organizations. Audiences will leave with the insights needed to build future-ready HR strategies to deal with the upcoming demographic shift.

Key Takeaways
• Insights on the current demographics of your future workforce, and where to find the talent you need to thrive.  
• Identify the wants, needs, and desires of your future workforce.
• The strategic adjustments needed to meet the realities of a pending Empty Planet.

Insurance | Shifting Policies For an Empty Planet

Throw out your actuarial tables. Darrell Bricker shares with insurance professionals the realities around our aging population as people are living healthier and longer lives.

There are other demographic issues to consider like how can organizations meet the unique needs of women and men? The future customer market will be the aging market. Bricker reveals how the current data points to the value of putting a strategic focus on older customers. In addition, Darrell will discuss a few big growth opportunities, from under-insured immigrants to extended healthcare and more.

Key Takeaways:
• The future customer market will be the aging market. He’ll explain the benefits of focusing on older customers.
• Tactics for how organizations can shift their policies to better match the demographic realities.
• Look at big growth opportunities in Insurance.

Darrell also offers industry-customized presentations on Human Resources, Insurance, Manufacturing, Product Development and more. View a full overview of his presentations here.

Pharmaceutical | The Demographics Beyond the Pills

The single factor that will have the biggest impact on the future of the pharmaceutical industry is demographics. Collectively, we know very little about how our population is changing. But what about what we think we already know?

Organizations often focus on younger audiences; the next wave of potential customers and consumers. But are they wrong to focus on this group? Perhaps very wrong? Darrell Bricker has some powerful insights about our current demographics.

It’s an important factor for organizations to get right. When the nature of people changes, so too does the nature of demand. When demand changes organizations need to change supply. Those who or are slow to adapt or don’t recognize the demographic shifts are likely to fall behind.

In this customized presentation, Darrell Bricker shows audiences how demographics are changing the demand for specific pharmaceutical products. With fascinating insights on aging populations and changes in fertility rates, Darrell will equip audiences with data needed to think differently about the future of Canadians and how the demographic changes will likely impact the Pharmaceutical industry.

Key Takeaways:
• How pharmaceutical organizations can position themselves to serve the changing needs of customers.
• How demographic shifts will provide new opportunities for organizations.
• The people-based considerations to make when allocating resources to research & demand.

Customized Presentations

Darrell also offers additional presentations on Manufacturing, Product Development and more. View these presentations here.

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Audience reviews:

  • Darrell’s presentation was excellent. He fully engaged our leadership group and through his insights and unique data, inspired us on our efforts to be more aware of how our market is quickly changing. He provided the provocative fuel we needed to start our strategic retreat. - Dean & Professor, University of Guelph - Ontario Agricultural College
  • Darrell hit the mark with our doctors. Given the size of the group and the informality of his address to the group, the session was interactive and informative – exactly what I was looking for. The Q&A could have gone on for the better part of the afternoon. Darrell is a very interesting individual and engaged the group in evolved thinking about our business…

    - Allergan
  • People loved his presentation and I have experienced a lot of lingering discussions on what he had to say in the last few days...provided a fresh perspective on a lot of topics we see covered in ag – population growth, demographics shifts, where the money is, etc.

    - Communications Project Manager, Canola Council of Canada
  • I liked his calm, professional presentation style - his low key sense of humour and clear command of the subject matter.

    - Human Resource Development Canada
  • Thank you for your informative and thought provoking presentation on Managing Public Affairs. Upon review of our conference evaluations forms, your presentation came out as being a very popular one!

    - Canadian Manufacturers of Chemical Specialties Association
  • Darrell Bricker was an excellent speaker - very accommodating and easy to work with; our producers really appreciated what he had to say and enjoyed his presentation.

    - Dairy Farmers of Ontario
  • The event went really well. I’ve had one person say it was the best he’s been to that we’ve put on. Darrell was great, I got a lot of positive comments last night.

    - Innovators Alliance
  • We often find that pollsters put our delegates to sleep, but Bricker was just the opposite. He is engaging & relaxed. He isn’t the usual number cruncher. His presentation really changed some preconceived notions that our delegates had – which is exactly what we wanted

    - CropLife Canada

Speaker Biography

Darrell is more than a numbers guy. An engaging and relaxed business speaker, he analyzes complex data and shares his powerful insights to forecast upcoming demographic trends. Using data from one of the world’s leading market research and public opinion firms, he tailors his presentations to your unique audience needs and interests.

With more than 20 years of experience in the public opinion sector, he has gathered and analyzed the views and data of Canadians from coast to coast. As the CEO of IPSOS Public Affairs, Darrell provides strategic advice to clients within the public, corporate and not-for-profit sectors. Previously, Darrell worked within the Prime Minister’s Office as the director of public opinion research.

He is an active member of both the American Association for Public Opinion Research and the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association.  Darrell is also the founding President of the Canadian Association for Public Opinion Research. Darrell has co-authored several bestselling books on public opinion.

He has been a regular commentator on public affairs for Reuters News, Global TV, CTV Canada AM, CTV National News, CTV NewsNet and CBC NewsWorld, and has also written for the Institute for Research on Public Policy, the Fraser Institute, and The Globe and Mail.

Darrell is a passionate supporter of Canada’s military. In addition to being the Honorary Colonel for the Queen’s York Rangers, he is a member of Canada Company, an organization that raises funds to support the families of Canada’s soldiers. Darrell is also on the campaign cabinet for Fort York, Toronto’s oldest military facility. In recognition of his support for Canada’s military, he was awarded a commendation by the head of the army.