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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Award-Winning Thought Leader on Building Future Ready Cultures, Change and the Future of Work

Gregg Brown is a globally recognized change and future of work expert and best-selling author empowering organizations to thrive in the future of work. He has spoken on hundreds of stages and engaged thousands of individuals in some of the world’s leading organizations:  Fortune 500 companies, such as Johnson & Johnson, TD Bank, and Suncor through to governments, associations, and humanitarian organizations worldwide, including the UN, Habitat for Humanity and the CDC. Gregg’s new book, Spark Action: How to Lead Change That Matters is recommended as one of the top thought-leader books to read in 2024 by Thinkers360 and is an Amazon #1 Bestseller. His ideas are in Forbes, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and Entrepreneur, and numerous HR publications. What sets Gregg apart is his ability to connect with audiences on a deep level combining his expertise with a unique blend of academic rigour, practical business insights, and high energy in his presentations.

Keynote Speeches

Virtual Keynotes & Webinars
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The Future of Work: A Roadmap for Change-Ready Leaders to Succeed in a World Reeling from Disruption

In the future, when you look back on this unpredictable time, you will know that crises are where people find their greatness. Why? Because they push us in ways we haven’t been pushed.

You will also know that you and your teams are more change-ready than you think they are. These truths are at the heart of Gregg’s message, which has been inspiring organizations around the world to thrive in transformative change.

Yet, work is evolving so rapidly how do we keep up and help our organizations shift to the new vision that is being asked of them?

To keep our organizations agile and innovative in the future of work, leaders must spark action in their teams and have a roadmap to be future ready.

In this dynamic experience, the audience will:

  • Discover the top 3 drivers of the future of work
  • Uncover how to predict their impact on your organization
  • Maximize agility to tackle upcoming changes
  • Align and inspire teams for growth
  • Instill the critical discovery mindset needed to accelerate multiple organizational changes
  • Help teams shift to the new vision that is being asked of them
  • Break out of status quo change management thinking and discover people-centric approaches that actually work.
One Person At a Time: Leading in the Future of Work

We have come out of a global crisis, unlike anything we have experienced in our lifetime.

The pandemic has shown us that in the midst of negative impacts we can look for the opportunities that are available to serve our organization and the planet.

We are not the people were three years ago. We are being called upon to shift our mindset, expand the vision of who we are and what we, and our organizations can do.

This is the edge of change where we have to sharpen our capacity to lead. It starts with each one of us – regardless of our job title.

During this keynote, we will answer the questions:

  • What are the practical strategies to inspire others and lead during these times?
  • How to break out of status quo change management thinking to discover people-centric approaches that actually work?
  • What are the leadership resources and qualities I need to develop to have the impact the future is requiring of me?
  • How do I influence our teams to create the future of work to be even better than we are now?
Be Future-Ready: Ignite Transformative Change

Navigating disruptive change, getting people engaged in our ideas and inspiring them to thrive all at the same time can be overwhelming!

We may think we are ‘future ready’ because of our expertise and experience. Yet, no one is ready for change that might have a negative impact on them or increase the amount of work they have on their plates – and that is the future of work!

With Gregg’s experience in leading change with diverse populations, he will leave the audience with new insights, relatable stories and solid takeaways all told with a healthy dose of humour.

In this engaging experience, participants will:

  • Discover three ways to accomplish more and be innovative when under pressure.
  • Embrace the principles of brain science and use them to your advantage
  • Discover a simple technique to ignite transformative change
  • Unleash a powerful process to move into a discovery mindset
  • Identify strategies to reduce overwhelm and support peak performance.

Audience reviews:

  • Gregg was a rockstar and a hit! He did a phenomenal job. It was the last day of the conference and Gregg re-energized the team. They were engaged and so inspired. Our President was impressed as there was so much great context that resonated with our group. - VP, Novo Nordisk
  • Thank you for opening our conference with such a positive, energetic talk! I have had so many people comment on how great the whole day was and a great day starts with a great morning keynote!! - Executive Director, Grande Prairie & District Chamber Of Commerce
  • Gregg Brown is not only an exceptional keynote speaker, he is also an exceptional individual. Gregg was an absolute delight to work with from the planning stages to the delivery of our keynote address. His ability to create a personalized, meaningful and inspirational presentation is second to none. His flexibility and professionalism was highlighted in his ability to pivot from the live stage to the virtual platform. It takes an incredible amount of skill to engage an audience in a virtual environment, but Gregg did it with ease and wit. He truly captured the attention of the audience from start to finish. Looking forward to working with Gregg again!! - Senior Manager of National Conferences and Events, Habitat for Humanity Canada
  • Gregg is a true pro! His attention to detail in the development of content, keynote promotional language and onsite logistical details is impeccable. He put great effort into connecting with the audience. His energy is infectious and his insight provided strong takeaways and a-ha moments for conference delegates

    - Event Manager of Global Exhibitions, Informa Canada
  • Things went VERY well with Gregg. He is a consummate professional. He paid a lot of attention to detail; was very keen on ensuring that we got what we contracted for. We were very satisfied with our whole experience; pre, during and post sessions. I would definitely recommend him.

    - Project Authority, Western Economic Diversification
  • Gregg hit the mark! He was engaging, energizing and challenged us to think beyond our comfort zone. Our team learnt how to think strategically and prepare for the multiple challenges that can impede our ability to handle change.

    - Financial Services Leader
  • Gregg was funny, engaging and interactive. A great speaker. He provided useful strategies for us to be more responsive and engaged in the changes we go through. Gregg made our event a tremendous success!

    - Senior Healthcare Leader
  • Gregg hit the mark. Our sales people are overwhelmed with constant change without even knowing it, affecting their ability to perform and produce positive results. Now they understand how to push through the negativity and can better adapt their sales approach to our customers! - Director of National Sales
  • You knocked it out of the park with your presentation and your interaction with our attendees and committee...thank you! - Communications & Public Relations, Grande Prairie & District Chamber Of Commerce

Speaker Biography

Gregg Brown is an internationally recognized change expert, best selling author and keynote speaker who combines storytelling, audience engagement and research-based insights to empower teams to be future ready and thrive in the future of work. 

His core message is simple, yet powerful. You are more future-ready than you think you are. AND you can do more than you think you can.  Gregg works with you to determine how to position and frame this message for your audience so they leave with practical strategies they can immediately use.

Gregg’s ideas are featured in prominent publications such as Forbes, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and Entrepreneur, on Global TV and CTV’s The Social.

Gregg’s high energy keynotes have engaged thousands of individuals on hundreds of stages in some of the world’s leading organizations that tackle some of the biggest issues on the planet ranging from energy, health, to education and housing. 

These audiences include Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, TD Bank, KMPG through to governments, associations and humanitarian organizations worldwide, including the UN, Habitat for Humanity and the CDC – equipping them with the courage and practical tools to dive fearlessly into the never-ending waves of change. 

Gregg’s new book, Spark Action: How to Lead Change That Matters is recommended as one of the top thought-leader books to read in 2024 by Thinkers360 and is an Amazon #1 Bestseller.

With a Master’s of Social Science degree from the University of Leicester in the UK, his Project Management Professional Designation (PMP) and as an associate member of the American Psychological Association, Gregg brings a unique blend of a practical insights and engaging storytelling to his presentations that create actionable takeaways audiences can immediately use.