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Gregg Brown

Change Management Specialist

Gregg Brown is an award-winning expert in the fields of leadership and change, and the best selling author of Ready, Set, Change…AGAIN! Given the rapid pace of workplace change, Gregg is passionate about creating change-ready organizations and developing resilient leaders and teams.  He shares practical skills and knowledge to lead and adapt to change efficiently, maintain performance, and ultimately embrace the opportunity that change provides. A high-energy speaker, Gregg continually strives to change the way we think about change by helping his audiences break out of status quo change management thinking and discovering people-centric approaches that actually work.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Change Ready Leadership:   Strategies to Create Positive Change in Your Work, Life and Community
Most of us are required to lead change as part of our regular roles – regardless of our job title.  Our staff, clients, colleagues and vendors may think they are ‘change ready’ because of their expertise, yet no one is ready for change that might have a negative impact on them, or that might increase the amount of work they have on their plate!  What tools are available to help those of us navigate the speed of change as we try to get the people we influence engaged in our ideas? To evolve and be future ready for the changing environment, we need to build these capabilities as there’s no end to the multiple changes that happen at work.

In this interactive, thought-provoking session, participants will learn ways to break out of status quo change management thinking and discover people-centric approaches that actually work.  Participants will acquire the critical mindset and skills needed to accelerate multiple organizational changes that they can immediately put to use, understand the principles of brain science, and discover actionable strategies to help create positive change in their work, community, and life. 

Industry 4.0: Manage Rapid Technological Change
Is your organization ready for Industry 4.0? Technology, economy, and competing in a global marketplace amidst regulatory changes and requirements all create a challenging environment – one that needs us to not only be ‘change ready’ but to also be agile in anticipating the future to predict changes! Consumers expect information quickly, accurately and tend to not like change unless it’s going to really benefit them. During this interactive keynote, we will explore proven strategies to prepare our leaders, employees, and customers to adapt to the changes we know are going to happen but aren’t necessarily prepared for! Attendees will gain tools and techniques to navigate the rapid pace of technological change and prepare for Industry 4.0 –  the next industrial revolution.

Not Having a Breakdown Over Outbreaks: Mastering Change During Times of Uncertainty
Healthcare is under tremendous pressure to keep things together when real outbreaks or metaphorical ‘outbreaks’ – such as new technology implementations – hit at rampant speeds. Agile changes are required to keep ahead and manage these types of outbreaks. The impact of these changes can sidetrack you, your colleagues, stall your organization and even allow mistakes to happen. These days, people find it extremely challenging to keep up with change in their organizations given the relentless pressure to do more –  faster, better and with less! What most change models don’t address is how to improve our capability to handle change. Research has shown that resilience – the ability to handle multiple changes effectively – can be learned. All of us can develop our ability to be resilient and have fewer ‘breakdowns’ to whatever type of outbreak we may be experiencing. In this interactive, powerful, and thought-provoking keynote, you will learn how to acquire the critical mindsets and techniques needed to deal with multiple changes even in times of uncertainty!

Gregg provides a unique and customized approach to his presentations.  View more industry-specific presentations here.


CSTD Gold Award | Facilitation

Project Management Institute (PMI®) | Continuing Professional Education Provider of the Year Award

  • Gregg is a true pro! His attention to detail in the development of content, keynote promotional language and onsite logistical details is impeccable. He put great effort into connecting with the audience. His energy is infectious and his insight provided strong takeaways and a-ha moments for conference delegates

    - Event Manager | Global Exhibitions, Informa Canada
  • Things went VERY well with Gregg. He is a consummate professional. He paid a lot of attention to detail; was very keen on ensuring that we got what we contracted for. We were very satisfied with our whole experience; pre, during and post sessions. I would definitely recommend him.

    - Project Authority, Western Economic Diversification
  • Gregg hit the mark! He was engaging, energizing and challenged us to think beyond our comfort zone. Our team learnt how to think strategically and prepare for the multiple challenges that can impede our ability to handle change.

    - Financial Services Leader
  • Gregg was funny, engaging and interactive. A great speaker. He provided useful strategies for us to be more responsive and engaged in the changes we go through. Gregg made our event a tremendous success!

    - Senior Healthcare Leader
  • Gregg hit the mark. Our sales people are overwhelmed with constant change without even knowing it, affecting their ability to perform and produce positive results. Now they understand how to push through the negativity and can better adapt their sales approach to our customers! - Director of National Sales

Summary Profile

Gregg Brown believes we are all leaders regardless of our job titles, and we all have the ability to shift people’s mindset during change. Gregg goes beyond traditional theory and looks at ways to break out of standard leadership and change management thinking.

Gregg’s dynamic and interactive presentations are grounded in science, leavened with humour and strengthened by his flair for telling it like it is. Given that more is going to be asked of leaders and teams next year, Gregg’s presentations help people enhance their curiosity, be open to innovation, perform under pressure, and ultimately embrace the opportunity that change provides. Participants leave with actionable strategies for leading and responding to change efficiently.

With his extensive experience in diverse organizations, Gregg works with his clients to ensure the presentation is aligned and relevant to their organization and conference, whether it’s for leaders, individual contributors or a mix of levels and professions. 

Gregg has led numerous change initiatives in large, multi-generational organizations – as well as consulting with leaders and executives on behavior change and people change management.

He has been called a “fixer” by Newstalk 1010- I Heart Radio.

Gregg has motivated and delighted audiences in a wide array of industries including finance, insurance, HR, pharma, health care, retail and the public sector including municipal, provincial and federal governments. His impressive client list includes John Hancock, Sun Life Financial, Buildex Shows, Conference Board of Canada, MGM Resorts Foundation, Siemens, and Doctors of BC.

Gregg has been featured nationally and internationally in Entrepreneur, Global News, CTV’s The Social and HR.com and many other media organizations.

In addition to his pro-bono work for non-profit organizations, Gregg sat on the National Board of The Institute for Performance and Learning for 6 years.

He currently volunteers and supports young entrepreneurs in grades 6-12, some who run busy, diversified businesses!

Gregg holds a Master’s of Social Science Degree from the University of Leicester in the UK, with a focus on organizational psychology, leadership and performance and is an Associate Member of the American Psychological Association.

Gregg is the author of Ready, Set, Change AGAIN!

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