Chris Emery and Larry Finnson face the Dragons!

January 3, 2012

Chris & larryOMG …Everybody Loves a Comeback!
Chris Emery and Larry Finnson
are taking their candy-making expertise to a whole new level this season with the launch of their highly anticipated new candy, OMGs. Their latest gourmet candy confection will be the subject of talk and scrutiny over the coming weeks leading up to the duo`s highly anticipated slot on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. Tune in on Feburaury 8, 2012 to hear Chris and Larry’s pitch.

The popular creators of Clodhoppers candy, the pair took Chris’ grandma’s recip Chris Emery and Larry Finnsone and developed it into a multi-million dollar business. Their youthful and energetic style and never-say-die attitude led Clodhoppers to a point where it was ranked amongst the top candy brands in Canada according to A.C. Nielsen’s data. Chris & Larry have been recognized for their sales and marketing techniques in media and publications such as CBC’s Venture, CNN’s Mavericks of the Morning and in Fortune’s Small Business magazine.

Today, Chris and Larry share their comeback story, lessons they have learned, and what the difference is the second time around.

Tune in on February 8, 2012 to see them face the Dragons!