Trumpocracy | David Frum’s Look at the Corruption of the American Republic

David Frum Author of Trumpocracy

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With the highly-anticipated release of his new book ‘Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic,’ David Frum sheds light on power within the US Political system. Trumpocracy is not a look at the personality of President Trump, but a study on the presidency’s enablers and supporters: in Congress, in the Republican party, in the media, and among ordinary voters. It is a look at what Trump is doing to American democracy and to America’s standing in the world.


Read a sample of the book here or click the image below:


As a Senior Editor at The Atlantic & former White House speechwriter, David Frum is one of the most influential political analysts of our time. In his keynote presentations, David helps crystallize what the current political climate will mean for your business or organization – for the good, the bad and the future.

David was recently featured at our Engage Speaker Talks Event, where he spoke about the Trump Administration and the risks Canadian organizations need to be aware of in looking ahead for long-term organizational strategies.


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David’s new book has created quite the buzz in the media. Here are some the discussions that have taken place:

Watch David discuss Trumpocracy & the factors that put Donald Trump in power on MSNBC’s Morning Joe


David also sat down for a Trumpocracy interview on NPR’s On Point

Maclean’s discussed the Trump Effect in Canada

What the critics are saying about Trumpocracy:

“Trumpocracy is an essential book for our times – and not only for Americans. An incisive examination of creeping authoritarianism and an impassioned call to arms, it will resonate with readers in all the places – from Warsaw to Ankara and New Delhi to Manila – where democracy is in peril.”
The National
“Frum charts the erosion of democratic principles over the course of Donald Trump’s campaign and first year in office, enumerating both the president’s own improprieties and the misdeeds of his various advisers and hangers-on. Frum’s incisive prose and optimism set this apart.”
Publishers Weekly
“A breathless but also breathtaking complilation of the mendacity and mistakes of the first year of the Trump ascendancy, a J’accuse for the second decade of the 21st century”
-The Globe and Mail


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