NSB Engage Toronto Speaker Profile | Jill Hewlett

Our Engage Speaker Talks (#NSBest) event series has been giving event professionals across Canada a chance to connect, learn, and gain inspiration from some of the most requested keynoting experts. The 2018 series launched in Calgary before stopping in Ottawa with both events featuring speakers that exposed event professional attendees to fascinating insights and anecdotes from within and around the industry.

Engage Toronto || November 1st, 2018
Scotiabank Theatre Toronto
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

The big finale, our Engage Toronto showcase features icons, visionaries, and experts to the Scotiabank Theatre in the heart of downtown Toronto. The morning will be a platform for six speakers to deliver their highly-requested keynotes on the topics that resonate deeply with Toronto based organizations. 

Below, we’ve got an in-depth look at #NSBest Toronto speaker Jill Hewlett.

Engage Toronto Profile 

Brain Fitness Expert & Wellness Authority

Jill Hewlett, a recognized Brain Fitness Expert and Wellness Authority, delivers fun, energetic, and engaging presentations on brain-body connectivity. Her genuine and dynamic keynoting style combines principles of neurology, physiology and educational kinesiology to give her audiences strategies and exercises live an exceptional life by optimizing their physical and mental awareness & wellbeing. Her passionate enthusiasm & delivery motivate audiences of all sizes and lifestyles to think and participate along with her, turning them into “neuroplasticians”- sculptors of their own brain health!

Learn more about Jill at Engage Toronto

Jill’s Engage Toronto Presentation || Change Your Brain, Change Your Results; Stress Resilience and Change Management

The only thing constant in life is change. Jill will be leading an experiential learning keynote with practical insights on neuroscience to support and optimize the reaction to a high stress and fast-paced lifestyle all event professionals can relate to. YOU CAN outsmart common workplace and daily life challenges and issues by creating your own Fit Brain! Licensed in the field of Educational Kinesiology, Jill has the skillful capacity to draw out the natural leadership in individuals and organizations to support them in reducing stress and achieving greater levels of efficiency, resiliency, productivity, and success. She provides audiences with practical tools that can be implemented immediately and easily in real life situations at work and in daily life to manage change more effectively.


 Delegates attending this presentation will learn:

• How to recognize signs of stress and initiate simple, quick and subtle tools to shift back into a balanced mental & physical state for more effective decision making.
• Brain-body connection exercises to progress from coping to thriving in the face of daily life stressors.
• Fun and effective wellness and Brain Fitness strategies help you overcome procrastination, fine-tune your leadership skills, boost your confidence and optimize performance.

Audience Rave Reviews About Jill Hewlett

“An absolutely fabulous speaker. My attention was captured from the minute she started talking and held throughout the entire half-day session. I wished it was longer and didn’t want it to be over! The passion she shared about health and Brain Fitness was so contagious.” 
– Resources Assistant, The West Nipissing General Hospital

“Jill is so engaging, dynamic and full of energy. She motivated our staff to think and to participate…Jill’s presentation created awareness of different ways to train your brain to function more effectively. Our staff really enjoyed the physical aspect (brain-body connectivity) of Brain Fitness and found the session to be enlightening yet still lots of fun. “
– Senior Manager, Tax, Symcor Inc.


 It’s possible; YOU CAN outsmart common workplace challenges by creating your own Fit Brain!  Don’t miss this interactive & educational presentation for event professionals. RSVP Below: