NSB Engage Toronto Speaker Profile | Douglas Coupland

The Engage Speaker Talks (#NSBest) event series is giving event professionals across Canada a chance to connect, learn, and gain inspiration from some of our exciting and newest speakers. We kicked off our series in Calgary before heading east to Ottawa. Both events featured experts that educated, entertained, and encouraged our event planner colleagues before our upcoming finale:

Engage Toronto || November 1, 2018
Scotiabank Theatre, 259 Richmond St. West, Toronto, ON

The Engage Toronto showcase brings a star-studded line up of experts and icons to the Scotiabank Theatre in the heart of downtown Toronto. Our six speakers will be delivering their most in-demand keynotes on topics that matter most to our Toronto based organizations. 

Below, we’ve got an in-depth look at #NSBest Toronto speaker Douglas Coupland.

Acclaimed Artist, Bestselling Author & Innovator

As one of the world’s most acclaimed creative minds, Coupland’s work spans visual art, design, screenplays, and literature. He defined a new generation in his bestselling novel, Generation X, and ever since, has been reflecting the day-to-day aspects of life back at us in mesmerizing ways that explore deeper cultural meanings. Coupland inspires audiences to become more in-tune with their creative voice by equipping them with a framework to help boost their creative output.

Brilliant Information Overload Pop Head by Douglas Coupland (2010)

Coupland’s Engage Toronto Presentation || Unleashing Creativity
Have you ever felt stuck with a lack of ideas? At a loss for how to focus and nurture the best ones? Working on a team but can’t come to a consensus on what idea you should go forward with? At Engage Toronto, Douglas Coupland will be delivering a brand new presentation to help you explore your creative potential. 

While in art school, Coupland had a profound realization – he wasn’t being taught how to use the full capacity of his brain. Inspired by this revelation, he began exploring new ways to arrange sensory input to boost his creative output. At Engage, Coupland will provide you with a new creative lens to view the world. Using examples from some of his previous, award-winning endeavors, he will share fascinating insights into his creative process to help you become more aligned with your creative voice.


 Delegates attending this presentation will learn:

  • How to implement a framework that boosts creative output
  • Strategies to develop a greater degree of consistency in your work
  • Skills to improve your idea generation skills through new inspiration gathering techniques


What Audiences Say About Coupland & His Work

“He’s one of the most impactful people around. We just jumped at the opportunity [to work with him.]” 
– Director, Google Cultural Institute, Paris

“One of the most original commentators on mass culture of the late 20th and the 21st century”
– The Canadian Encyclopedia


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