Engage Speaker Talks

What is Engage Speaker Talks?

Engage is NSB’s annual speaker series. It’s an opportunity for Event Professionals to LEARN, CONNECT and BE INSPIRED by some of the top speakers in North America.

The talks occur in the fall and take place in various cities across Canada. The half-day morning event has had audiences learning from the experiences of an Astronaut, Former Prime Minister, Military General, Business ‘Dragons’, Rocket Scientist and more.

Our 2018 Talks

When: Friday, October 12, 2018

Where: The Westin Ottawa

Featured speakers include:  

Dave Williams //
Record-breaking Astronaut and Aquanaut & Leadership Expert

One of the world’s most acclaimed creative minds, Coupland’s work spans visual art, design, screenplays, and literature. Using examples from some of his previous, award-winning endeavors, Coupland will explore his unique approach for gathering inspiration, nurturing ideas, and developing artistic consistency, focus, and execution.

Rumeet Billan //
Emotional Resilience Advisor

Rumeet is a learning architect who designs experiences that build resilience and help you understand your psychological capital.  She’s also a lead contributor to the Fall 2018 release of the Tall Poppy Syndrome study, which examines how a staggering 87.3 percent of respondents felt their achievements have been undermined by others in the workplace.


When: Thursday, November 1, 2018

Where: Scotiabank Theatre

Featured Speakers include:

Douglas Coupland //
Artist, Author & Innovator

André Picard //
Award-Winning National Health Writer

David Allison //
Consumer Behavior Expert & Valuegraphics Data Pioneer

Farrah Khan //
Consent Culture Educator and Activist

Ryan McMahon //
Digital Media Maker & Community Activator

Jill Hewlett //
Brain Fitness Expert & Wellness Authority


The Reviews:

“I want to thank you again for inviting me today. The speakers you selected were each brilliant in their fields; we took lessons away from everyone. And we were entertained! Pay yourselves on the back for a job well done”
Canadian Public Relations Society
“All of the speakers were so talented and inspiring; I walked away with new information and learned so much about Canada’s great icons! It was a pleasure meeting the NSB team, you were very welcoming and I can see that you love what you do!”
Canadian Health Information Management Association

I was moved, inspired, entertained and I left feeling a little bit smarter and very proud to be Canadian. You have wonderful speakers and a terrific team. Great event! Thanks for inviting me.”

Bank of Montreal

The History

Our first Engage event was held in Toronto in 2010, we then added a Vancouver event to give meeting planners in 2 major cities from coast-to-coast an opportunity to experience some of NSB’s headliner speakers for consideration for their upcoming events. In 2016, Calgary audiences joined our event. 

Featured Speakers


• Harvard Grad, Indigenous leader & Education Expert Gabrielle Scrimshaw 
• Change Management Specialist & Resiliency Expert Gregg Brown

Featured Speakers


Citizen Scientist & Astronaut Candidate Dr. Shawna Pandya; Gold Medal Olympian & Executive Coach Adam Kreek.


Media Trailblazer Denise Donlon; Social & Political Commentator David Frum; Health & Human Performance Expert Dr. Greg Wells; Innovator & Educator Dr. Julielynn Wong;  DJ &  Co-Founder of A Tribe Called Red Ian Campeau; Wellness Expert on CTV’s The Social Nova Browning Rutherford; Expert on Business Brain Science Dr. Brynn Winegard

Featured Speakers


Olympian & Amazing Race host Jon Montgomery, Canadian Business Innovator of the Year Jennifer Moss, Pop Culture Critic Jesse Wente, ‘The Social’ advisor Nova Browning Rutherford, Leadership expert Bobby Umar, Host/MC: Orlando Bowen


Current events commentator Rex Murphy, Workplace Trends bestseller Eric Termuende, Multiple entrepreneur Peter van Stolk, Anthropologist Carin Bondar, Host/MC: Bobby Umar


Kidnap survivor & bestselling author Amanda Lindhout, Workplace Trends bestseller Eric Termuende

Featured Speakers

Toronto – Business, Politics, Indigenous affairs, Technology trends with: 

Wab Kinew, Matthew Corrin, Natalie Panek, Bob Rae, Ramona Pringle, Host/MC: Deborah Kimmett

Vancouver – Olympic Gold, Business, Education, ‘Dragon’ and Inspiration with:

Adam Kreek, Matthew Corrin, Ken Coates, Michael Hyatt, Lesra Martin, Host/MC:Dawn Chubai

Featured Speakers


Jennifer Jones, Kelsey Ramsden, Dave Meslin, Ann Dowsett Johnston, Mark Henick, Rona Maynard, Paula Todd, Tim Magwood, Host/MC: Jessi Cruickshank


Amanda Lindhout, Tod Maffin, Kelsey Ramsden, Doug Keeley, John DeHart

Featured Speakers


Bruce Poon Tip, Randy Cass, Amanda Lindhout, Patrick Moore, Host/MC: Doug Keeley


Ian Hanonmansing, Jesse Hirsh, Gabrielle Scrimshaw, Bruce Poon Tip, Roman Danylo, Roslyn Kunin, Host/MC: Zain Meghji 

Featured Speakers


Lt. Gen Romeo Dallaire (Ret), Dave Williams, Sunjay Nath, Jowi TaylorHost/MC: Dini Petty,