Expert Advice for Managing Stress and Anxiety

In this time of social distancing and self-isolation, we’ll be craving community and tools to help us manage anxiety, deal with stress, and ambiguity. Your team may be looking to your organization for direction and help.  We want to provide some resources below and expert advice from our speakers you can share:

Quick Tips for How to Manage Stress & Anxiety (we’ve learned from our speakers):

  • Set limits on your social/news consumption
  • Find comfort in nature – Go for a walk or a bike ride
  • Reach out – Call a friend or family member (try FaceTime or Skype)
  • Read fiction – it can reduce stress by up to 68% 
  • Practice meditation or/and yoga 
  • Eat healthily and try to get 8 hours of sleep

Self-Care & Stress-Management Advice from Our Expert Speakers

We’ve got a few tips and suggestions from our NSB mental health experts for how to manage stress and focus on self-care during this uncertain time:

Keynote Speaker Nova Nicole


Nova Nicole, Shopify Leadership Development Facilitator & Wellness Expert 

Nova is a mental health speaker with an emphasis on social and emotional intelligence in organizations.

• Investing in Self-Care | Nova shares some tips for making time for yourself each day. Watch her short talk here.

• Use Daily Mindfulness for Stress |  Through the practice of daily mindfulness, you can learn to improve your resilience, critical thinking, and conflict resolution.

• Meditation Apps. | Try meditation and mindfulness apps. like Calm or Headspace.

• Keeping Calm During Chaos | Nova’s a regular contributor on well-being on CTV’s The Social. Watch her full interview here where she discusses tips for keeping calm after world tragedies. 

Follow Nova on Instagram and Twitter for mindfulness tips and advice for managing stress in your daily life.


Keynote Health Speaker Jennifer Moss

Jennifer Moss, Happiness Speaker & Employee Well-being Expert

Jennifer inspires audiences with science-backed insights to improve workplace culture and employee well-being. Her evidence-based talks focus on strategies to build resilient, happy and successful organizations and teams. 

• Three Ways to Boost Happiness | Practice gratitude, be emphatic, and develop optimism in your daily life. Watch Jennifer’s short happiness video here.

• Smile & Be Grateful | Listen to Jennifer’s TedX talk about the importance of smiling and being positive.

• How to Thrive During High-Stress Situations | Read Jennifer’ Moss’s CBC article on what makes resilient communities.

• Avoid Loneliness & Burnout | Working remotely can be challenging. Find out how to avoid unhappiness from burnout and isolation in Jennifer’s trending Harvard Business Review article.

Follow Jennifer on Twitter for all the latest updates on well-being and happiness research and advice.


More Mental Health Experts: Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout

Meet our mental health experts who specialize in emotional resilience, stress management, and anxiety. In addition to offering expert advice, our speakers are best-selling authors, thought-leaders, and involved in cutting edge research. 

Dr. Rumeet Billan, Leadership & Emotional Resilience Advisor

Billan is the National Ambassador for Not Myself Today, an initiative of the Canadian Mental Health Association that aims to transform workplace cultures.

Dr. David Posen, Authority on Stress Management

Posen is the author of numerous bestselling books, including The Little Book of Stress Relief which offers 52 practical suggestions for how to manage daily stress.

Frank Warren, Creator, The PostSecret Project

Find out how The PostSecret Project promotes mental health worldwide.


You can find some practical suggestions from the following health organizations below:




We’ll have more resources for our community in the coming days. Many of these mental health experts are available for remote presentations.

Contact us here for more information regarding online presentations from our health and wellness experts.