COVID-19: Health Resources & Expert Insight for Canadians

To all of us within the meeting & events industry, the news of COVID-19 declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization) is unprecedented and it leaves many of us with some important questions: for yourself, for your organization and for your event communities. 

As an organization representing some of the leading voices in their respected fields, we know the importance of having trusted, reputable sources. We wanted to make it easy for you to get information from those sources, so we’ve developed this list. It will help you in seeking accurate and timely information about COVID-19 from health experts:

Health Agencies

World Health OrganizationWHO (World Health Organization)

Since initial detection in China, we’ve seen the virus spread around the world. In the events industry, our communities often convene from all over the world, so it’s important we stay on top of cross-border information.  Working with 194 Member States, it directs and coordinates international health within the United Nations system. In addition to a coronavirus page with all the latest updates, the WHO had these key resources:

Workplace | Q&A: COVID-19 in the workplace

•  TravelThe latest travel advice

Protection & Prevention | Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus

Health Canada 

This federal department is the primary source of information on our public health system. The majority of clients who work with NSB are based in Canada; this information hub should be the go-to-resource for happens within our borders. Health Canada’s primary Coronavirus page offers a breakdown by province of the latest case data to help you assess what’s happening in your region of interest, in addition to these handy resources:

Symptoms & TreatmentCoronavirus disease (COVID-19): Diagnosing, treatment and what to do if you become ill.

Being Prepared | For individuals, workplaces, communities and more.

Travel Advice | Health risks, safety, and information for returning travellers


Healthcare Experts

It can be tricky to differentiate fact from fiction these days when everyone has an opinion and a Twitter account. Luckily, journalists recognize the important role they play in disseminating fact-based information. We are happy to share that both The Globe and Mail and Toronto Star have taken down their paywalls for stories related to the COVID-19 allowing all Canadians to access these vital news stories.

We gathered a selection of resources and articles from the leading healthcare experts we (and our clients) turn to for insights:


Healthcare Speaker Andre PicardAndré Picard | Health Columnist at The Globe and Mail

As one of Canada’s most followed health and public policy commentators, André is a go-to-resource for anybody seeking up-to-date and accurate information from the health and public policy experts themselves.

Here are some of his most informative pieces on the COVID-19 pandemic:

Your Questions Answered/Most Up-To-Date Globe & Mail Articles | Health articles by André Picard

Slowing Down the SpreadShut it down: It’s time for Canada to get serious about social distancing

OutlookWhat will the ‘new normal’ look like if coronavirus sticks around?

Follow André Picard on Twitter for his latest insights, articles, and news stories.


Healthcare Speaker Carly Weeks


Carly Weeks | National Health Reporter & Columnist, The Globe and Mail

Weeks specializes in finding the ‘hidden’ stories that bring the truth to the forefront. She has established a reputation as a fearless journalist with a passion for health and health-care related topics that matter most to Canadians.

Check out some of her most recent articles from The Globe and Mail:

Healthcare Workers | Ontario shifts policy on precautions for health workers in coronavirus outbreak

Testing for Infection | Doctors say coronavirus test criteria is inconsistent, could lead to dangerous gaps

Illness Severity | How deadly is the coronavirus? It may take months to find out

Conferences & Events | Coronavirus patient attended large Toronto mining conference, prompting warning to attendees

Follow Carly Weeks on Twitter for her latest insights into COVID-19.


Keynote Speaker Brian Goldman


Dr. Brian Goldman | Emergency Room Physician at Mount Sinai Hospital & podcast host

Something that makes Dr. Goldman widely listened to is his willingness to present a perspective of healthcare providers without shying away from the topics that some medical practitioners will only discuss behind closed doors. As the host of CBC’s White Coat, Black Art, and the brand new healthcare podcast called The Dose he provides audiences the best science from top experts in plain language. Here’s some of that science on COVID-19:

ProtectionThe Dose Podcast: How do we protect ourselves from COVID-19?

Impact on Large City PopulationsMetro Morning: What does a pandemic mean for our city?

Guidelines | COVID-19: Answers for Canadians on travel, quarantines and what to do if you have symptoms

Follow Dr. Goldman on Twitter for his latest podcasts, opinion pieces, and news stories.



We’ll have more resources for our fellow members of the event community in the coming days. Many of these health experts are available for remote presentations, and in a time where organizations have many questions around the best way forward for them, an expert discussion via webinar can help offer clarity. Contact us here for more information regarding online presentations from healthcare experts