How to Create Buzz for Your Brand on a Budget | Marketing Speaker Dani Gagnon

As a millennial in the boomer-saturated field of marketing, I have a different take on social media, marketing, and all things branding. I feel a gravitational pull towards “giving no f***’s” when it comes to the naysayers while trying to be as genuinely myself, as humanly possible. I bring that same feel and edge to the organizations I work with: I strive to help them sound genuine in the online realm without compromising on the human elements.

What is human? I see our species as one with faults, uniqueness, differences and an ability to challenge and provoke thought. How to bring this to business? It is a challenge, but it isn’t impossible.

You might be reading this and say to yourself: “Wait a second – did I just read the word faults? Am I supposed to believe that showing my company’s vulnerable faulty side will be beneficial to my digital marketing plan?”

You read it right!

Many sectors can benefit from vulnerability. If your organization was a person, who would they be? What kinds of interests would they have? What would make them happy, sad… mad?

We know that successful marketing campaigns often speak to a target market’s emotions. But why not bring this concept to an entire social media long-term plan?

Think about what a social media calendar for your organization could look like if you include:

• Content built for your followers, not for yourself (let’s be giving, not selfish!)

• 2-3 posts a week (As a person, we wouldn’t be posting daily: why should a business behave any differently?)

• Genuine messaging and tone that exists around topics and themes the PEOPLE really care about, and that asks people’s opinions.

• Responses to comments (good and bad!) that are caring and genuinely interested, not worried about “bad press”

• Content that is relevant to what is happening in the world and on the internet.


If we all followed these guidelines, imagine what a great world on social media we could have in 2019. I challenge you to do this – and to get a tattoo. They may not help with your organizations branding, but when it comes to personal branding, they are perfect.

[This blog was adapted from a feature in CSAE’s ‘Executive’ Magazine – Winter 2019]