Reframing Leadership: The End of Heroes

Leadership is facing a crisis. The leaders of today experience high rates of depression & burnout. Today’s sharp, hierarchical power structures don’t do a great job empowering future leaders to grow & develop their skillsets. Even more troubling, these power structures tend to prioritize certain leadership traits which focus on a ‘type’ while overlooking diversity of experience.

This shows our traditional view of leadership is flawed. Our society emphasizes the hero narrative – one where faith is placed in a single person to solve organizational problems. The pressures being put upon them in a hero-obsessed culture are enormous.

Engagement speaker Dave Meslin provides organizations with a new way forward. He tears down this hierarchical approach and replaces it with a rounded power structure. A structure where leadership skills are fostered within more employees across an organization. Where leadership takes on many shapes and sizes. Where engagement & participation rates soar. 

New Presentation // Reframing Leadership: The End of Heroes 


The Key Takeaways for Audiences:

• How to round your power structure to boost teamwork, productivity, engagement, enrolment & more.

• Small, simple acts to transform a room & make it more participatory.

• Innovative organizational structures to make life easier for those on leadership pedestals.

• How to encourage more people within an organization to take on leadership roles.

If your organization is looking for new ways to optimize your approach to leadership & engagement, Dave Meslin‘s new presentation needs to be on your event wishlist!


Wonderful, engaging and thought-provoking speaker. We enjoyed him as a speaker – and as a human being. He was so easy going and easy to work with.
-Alberta School Board Association