Three Ways to Boost Your Happiness with Jennifer Moss

We all know the widespread benefits of being happy – more energy, improved financial wellbeing, and better sleep to name a few. But when it comes to happiness in the workplace, that value is sometimes overlooked. As leaders, we want to make sure that the “feel good” work we are doing is quantified and measured, and that there is a good rationale for happiness initiatives.

Workplace Happiness Speaker Jennifer Moss is helping organizations identify and optimize that happiness value. By showing increases in things like productivity and engagement rates, we can see that people are really enjoying their time at work. Her research and data-backed insights encourage organizations to invest greater time and resources in people’s wellbeing.

International Day of Happiness takes place annually on March 20th. One of the most exciting parts of the day is the release of new insights from the Global Happiness Council, a UN-backed organization of which Jennifer is a leading member. She contributes to the Council’s annual UN Happiness Report which helps countries and organizations create strategies and policies that will impact and improve people’s wellbeing in those industries.

To celebrate #InternationalDayOfHappiness and to boost happiness within the events industry, we asked for actionable insights from one of the world’s top Happiness Speakers. Jennifer gave us three easy ways to improve your happiness today:



Is your audience looking for tools to increase at-work satisfaction? Jennifer Moss and her ground-breaking work on the power of happiness is transforming organizations all over the globe.