NSB’s New Keynote Speakers | Spring 2019

Organizations of all sizes are searching for guidance to help you prepare for your next big move with industry insights on business, leadership, workplace culture, and the future of work. We’ve added four new keynote speakers to help you take your organization to the next level.

The latest experts to join our team of future-proofers include: an empowerment speaker who built a multi-million dollar enterprise with her own hands, an engagement speaker who makes audiences rethink what is possible, a motivational speaker who lives the possibility of an actualized life, and a workplace conflict speaker who isn’t afraid to tackle the elephant in the room to make space for a healthy workplace culture of respect.

keynote speaker Mandy Rennehan

Is your organization prepared for a future of work where a massive global skilled trade shortage threatens the availability and affordability of a workforce with diverse competencies?

As the founder and CEO of Freshco Inc., a multi-million-dollar empire in the reconstruction sector, skilled trades speaker Mandy Rennehan knows exactly what it takes to build success. She empowers audiences to live authentically by discovering their unique skill set while thinking critically about the created perceptions around white and blue collar work. Mandy’s refreshing presentations help organizations create a recruitment and training strategy that will appeal to a wide range of diverse workers, ensuring well rounded and effective teams, regardless of the sector or dress code.

Top 3 Audiences:

• Workers Unions
• Trade Sector: Construction, Industrial, Motive Power, and Service
• Human Resources

Most Requested Presentation: 

Redefining the Collar, Blue™
North America has a massive skilled trade shortage that affects everyone. Our current reality is that university graduates can’t find jobs while well-paid, skilled trade jobs are sitting empty. In this candid conversation, Mandy will provide the steps organizations can take to reverse the skilled trade shortage.

Key Takeaways: 
• The economic and social consequences of the skilled trades shortage crisis.
• How to address our ideological biases.
• Techniques to create an attractive work environment for potential employees.


Team Engagement Speaker Dan Trommater

Today’s leaders are overwhelmed with everything on their plate. A key challenge is creating a workplace culture where diverse groups of people are impassioned about what they do. Team engagement speaker Dan Trommater helps audiences improve communication and promote collaboration at all levels. He uses world class magic and humour to create unique workshops and keynotes that engage teams to boost their performance.

Top 3 Audiences:

• Human Resources
• Business Leadership
• Creative Teams

Most Requested Presentation: 

Master the Magic of Leadership An Exploration of Influence, Connection, and Empowerment
Being a leader is a lot like being a magician. Today’s leaders need the skills to connect to diverse groups of people, inspire you to work together for a common goal, and help you believe that anything is possible. In this engaging program, Dan shows how leaders can build strong relationships and lead more effectively by applying the tactics and philosophies of professional magicians.  He’s earned stellar reviews for this unique program. 

Key Takeaways: 
• How to inspire be more influential.
• Learning to approach problems from new angles.

Personal Development Speaker Sonia Zarbatany

The numbers are staggering, “97% of global consumers cite customer service as important in their brand choice and loyalty“.  Are you searching for a way to increase your customer’s experience with your brand? Personal Development speaker Sonia Zarbatany uses her successful career with multi-million dollar companies, like Vince Camuto and Guess Jeans, to teach organizations the ins and outs of the business world. 

Top 3 Audiences:

• Business Leaders
• Entrepreneurs
• Marketers

Most Requested Presentation:

Maximizing Customer Experience 
Learn a few tips and tricks that will optimize your customer experience. Sonia will help you understand your brand power so you can maximize customer perception on all aspects of your business. After all, without a customer, what business do you have?

Key Takeaways: 
• A road map to identifying your target audience.
• Frameworks for a modern business strategy that focuses on your customers.

Workplace Culture Speaker Paul Pelletier

Workplace conflict has been repeatedly linked to a negative impact on employee engagement, productivity, and workplace culture. It results in increased absenteeism and employee turnover. Paul uses his extensive background in corporate law to guide organizations in establishing a more respectful workplace. His presentations blend personal experience and extensive research to inspire change.

Top 3 Audiences:

• Human Resources
• Corporate Leadership
• Sales Teams

Most Requested Presentation: 

Taking your Workplace from Stressed to Blessed
No matter how we reinforce expectations for workplace respect, every workplace encounters those who behave badly. If handled poorly, bad behaviour can be debilitating for an organization. If handled effectively, relationships and workplace culture will be enriched. Paul shows audiences the proactive measures that everyone can take to effectively end workplace disrespect.

Key Takeaways: 
• How to distinguish disrespectful workplace behavior from normal workplace interactions.
• Strategic framework for respectful workplace behavior policies.
• Techniques for approaching disrespectful workplace behavior more strategically.

Our new keynote speakers help audiences improve their strategic planning skills with their action-oriented insights.

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