New Speakers & Updates | February 2023

Our latest line-up of new speakers!

Here’s a look at our newest speakers and topics that are guaranteed to inform, inspire, and engage any audience.

From pushing the boundaries of technology to motivational strategies, these speakers are thought leaders with a wealth of expertise and stories to share within the realm of personal development, finance, technology, and more.


New Speakers

Chris Gardner | Entrepreneur & Author of Critically Acclaimed “The Pursuit of Happyness”

Chris Gardner is an entrepreneur, international best-selling author and an award-winning film producer. His autobiography, “The Pursuit of Happyness” became a New York Times #1 best seller and was the inspiration for the critically acclaimed film starring Will Smith. After a series of circumstances left him homeless in San Francisco in the 1980s, Chris remained committed to his dreams and caring for his son as he climbed the financial industry ladder from the very bottom. Through sharing his personal journey, he inspires audiences on personal responsibility, overcoming adversity, self-belief, and achieving your full-potential. | [view profile]


Chris Barton | Founder and Creator of Shazam, Entrepreneur, Inventor & Tech Investor

Chris Barton wanted a way to identify songs he was hearing everywhere around him. There wasn’t one – so he invented an app called Shazam. Chris seeks to delight people by using technology to make seemingly impossible ideas come to life. Shazam, which now has over two billion downloads, is just one of them. In addition to creating Shazam, which Apple acquired for $400 million, Chris holds 12 patents and played key roles in the early days of Google and Dropbox. Chris’s newest venture, Guard, aims to use AI to detect drowning in swimming pools. In his speeches, Chris’s story and storytelling completely captivate audiences. He inspires people to make big things happen in their organizations – to create magic in defiance of the obstacles. | [view profile]


Ron Insana | CNBC Senior Analyst and Commentator, Trailblazing Financial Journalist, Bestselling Author, & Financial Professional

As the world seeks to recover from the pandemic, Ron Insana has been connecting the dots to give his audience a clearer idea of what the economic future might look like. A pioneering financial journalist, Ron has covered the most important economic stories of our lifetime over his nearly four decades on television. In his presentations, Ron looks at how Wall Street, Main Street, and Washington are intersecting; he then translates the market signals and political maneuvers into actionable information that everyone can understand and use to protect what they have and navigate the chaos.| [view profile]



Speaker Updates

Linda Nazareth | Economist & Futurist on Trends and the Workplace

Linda has authored several books including her latest work, Working It Out: Getting Ready for the Redefined World of Work, a timely and insightful analysis where Linda Nazareth uses her extensive experience as an economist analyzing the labour market to explore the issues that are transforming the way in which we work in a post-pandemic world. With the goal of helping her audience stay ahead of these changes, Linda offers practical strategies to help individuals and organizations adapt to the rapidly evolving changes to office environments, workers’ values, and the future of work. | [view profile]


Nikolas Badminton | Futurist Speaker and Consultant, Chief Futurist at

Nikolas Badminton provides expertise in new technologies and promotes exponential thinking with a critical, honest, and optimistic view that empowers you to plan for today, tomorrow, and for the future. His new book, Facing Our Futures: How foresight, futures design and strategy creates prosperity and growth, equips his audience with the necessary skillset and outlook they need to prepare for any challenges the future may hold and became an instant #1 Amazon Best Seller in Business Planning and Development and the #1 Hot New Release in Business Planning and Forecasting. | [view profile]


Construction Safety Week Header

Construction Safety Week 2023 | May 1 – 5 2023

We have the honour of working with some expert speakers on the importance on building a stronger and safer industry. These speakers cover a range of topics for any audience, including: Workplace Safety Culture, Wellness in the Workplace, Enhancing Mental Health, Risk Management, Workplace Consent Culture, and more. Our experienced roster of health and safety advocates are available to help you provide the tools and support for your team to thrive. | [View some of our speakers here.]



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