NSB Engage Toronto Speaker Profile | David Allison

The Engage Speaker Talks (#NSBest) event series is giving event professionals across Canada a chance to connect, learn, and gain inspiration from some of our newest & exciting speakers. We kicked off our series in Calgary before heading east to Ottawa. Both of these events featured experts that educated, entertained and encouraged our event planner colleagues before our upcoming finale:

Toronto || November 1, 2018  
Scotiabank Theatre, 259 Richmond St. West, Toronto, ON

The Engage Toronto showcase brings a star-studded line up of experts and icons to the Scotiabank Theatre in the heart of downtown Toronto. Our six speakers will be delivering their most in-demand keynotes on topics that matter most to our Toronto based organizations. 

Below we’ve got an in-depth look at #NSBest Toronto speaker, David Allison.

David Allison //
Consumer Behavior Expert & Valuegraphics Data Pioneer

After a career spent developing concepts to engage stakeholders for several hundred organizations, David Allison recognized there was a need for a more scientific method to determine what really influences a target audience. “Nobody acts their age anymore, and labels like gender, income, and marital status don’t help us understand how people will respond in any situation.” Guided by the basic principles of sociology, psychology and consumer behavior, David came to the simple revelation – what we value determines what we do.

The result of examining over 75,000 surveys about shared values, wants, needs and expectations – Valuegraphics, is the new science of shared values, using big data to detect what your audience really wants, and the messages that will motivate them most. David has taken his message, “Age is out, values are in” into customized presentations all over North America. His revolutionary reframing of audience targeting combined with his magnetic humour and emotive delivery turn audiences into lifelong fans. For every speech or workshop, David will use his proprietary database to create a Custom Valuegraphics Profile for a target audience your organization or industry would like to influence more effectively.

David’s Engage Toronto Presentation || How To Activate ANY Audience In A Post-Demographic World
At Engage Toronto, David will be explaining what the Valuegraphics Database reveals about event professionals target audiences. He will be sharing concrete steps to implement this powerful information, including how to motivate your audience. Valuegraphics is the first big data tool that gives organizations and industries the data they need to motivate a target audience using core human values, an approach the statistics have shown is as much as eight times more effective than using outdated demographic stereotypes

 Delegates attending this presentation will learn:

  • Why traditional demographic categorizations based on age are no longer the most effective method of audience targetting.
  • How to be more influential at activating your target audiences.
  • Concrete steps to implement this powerful information based a customized event professional profile
  • Remove the guesswork involved in traditional messaging.

Hear David’s outline of the presentation:

This presentation is based on David’s Brand New Book:

  In this new book, David Allison, explains how you can increase efficiency, create strategies that are eight times more effective, decrease internal politics around decisions, and be better equipped for disruption. He explains what Valuegraphics can do and offers the data samples and tools you need to get started using Valuegraphics immediately. He also shares how to make powerful values-based decisions throughout your organization and how to take your insights further. [Learn More]



What Audiences Say About David

“Our internal shared values and those of our customers must be a priority, and David’s research makes values a useful tool for meeting business objectives. He’s a great speaker too! The whole room was excited and interested in thinking big new thoughts!” 
–President & CEO, Intracorp North America

“His thought-provoking talk got me thinking about what my own core values and motivations are and opened my mind about a new way to view other people, rather than depending on the traditional and limited age-based demographic categorizations that are not ideal predictors of future behaviour. Delivered in his usual dynamic, enthusiastic and powerful speaking style, David captivated the room with his brilliant insights.”
-Executive Director, Urban Development Institute


Learn what motivates your audience & become up to 8x more influential at influencing their decisions. Don’t miss this customized presentation for event professionals. RSVP Below: