NSB Ink | 25 Reasons to Love Incentiveworks

    1. Creativity: Being at the show gives me more event ideas than you would via online research and scrolling through Pinterest.
    2. Diversity: A mix of people from all over the world attend this show.
    3. Partners: It was so great to connect with our current partners, share some laughs and hugs!
    4. Activations: Seeing fresh new ideas for activations. One of the highlights at the show this year was the life-size pool table. Not only did we smile when we saw this massive activation, but we had to give it a try! (Sorry for almost taking out another booth with our toe kick to the ball).
    5. Supplier Events: IW allows suppliers to produce events around the show. At NSB, we held a Wellness Workshop with Nova Browning Rutherford.
    6. Education Sessions: The range of session topics to choose from. Our favorite was “The Power of Play”, one of the things we learned is when you are happier you are more productive. We also learned that it only takes 2 minutes for someone to detect what mood you are in, an interesting piece of info for working the trade show floor! IncentiveWorks-Tradeshow-Floor
    7. Networking events: This year we collectively attended the PCMA Canada East party at MTCC, the Wynford party at Steam Whistle Brewery and the IncentiveWorks 90’s inspired closing party at The Addisons Residence. There is a huge variety of venues in the different parts of Toronto. We tried an amazing Mai Thai mocktail, wore a flower lei, reconnected with event professionals, ate the best poutine of my life, watched an intense game of life-size Jenga, sang “Semi-Charmed Kind of Life” with a stranger (who is now a friend!) and met some of the most creative and passionate planners who love what they do! 
    8. Fun/Play: We had so much fun! The show wasn’t simply to connect with other tradeshow delegates, but also our team at National Speakers Bureau & Global Speakers Agency. It was great to get out of the office in a new environment together and experience all that the show had to offer!
    9. Registration/Check-in: We were so impressed by the speedy check-in and professionalism of the staffing company.
    10. Layout: It was super easy to find my booth and easy to locate my partners.NSB-Incentiveworks-Booth-Laugh
    11. Mobile APP Help Desk: We love how trade shows and events are embracing mobile apps to help eliminate paper and keep it simple. The help desk staff were very helpful when asking about the event technology.
    12. Event Notifications: We liked being reminded via my mobile device about what’s coming up next.
    13. Venue: The Metro Toronto Convention Centre was only 15 min walk from our office, so we enjoyed getting a little bit of exercise when running back and forth between events.
    14. Our booth: We loved our corner booth and the décor that came with it.
    15. Pre-event: This show as super organized and made it easy for us to register our NSB/GSA team.
    16. Floor Plan: We like how it was colour coded, making it easy for us to find who and what we were looking for.
    17. Connecting: We met a lot of great suppliers and event professionals, even if we didn’t exchange cards, we still enjoyed all of our conversations. We will see you on LinkedIN!
    18. Team Building: We worked with my team to create one of the coolest Wellness events in the city. #inspiring
    19. Brand Awareness: We educated people on what a speakers bureau is and how speaker programming is one of the most important components of an event.
    20. Awards: We loved how IW recognizes event professionals for their great contributions to this fine industry we work in.
    21. Timing: The timing of the show made it easy to both work at our office and also attend the trade show.
    22. Canadian Knowledge:  We were able to connect with many great Canadian suppliers and planners and learned a thing or two about our beautiful country. Fun fact about Winnipeg: Portage & Main is the windiest intersection in North America. 
    23. Transportation: We found commuting to events super easy, we made an effort to take taxis which ended up being less expensive than uber and all of my drivers were super helpful, friendly and accommodating.
    24. Hotels: We loved how people got to experience many of the wonderful hotels Toronto has to offer, a few of our staff experienced exceptional service near the Waterfront.
    25. Me: We learned a lot about myself and how important face to face connection still and always will be!

    NSB-Divider We’ll have more from the IncentiveWorks show and our Nova Browning Rutherford Workplace Wellness Workshop on our blog, for more information contact us.