NSB Engage Calgary Speaker Profile | Gregg Brown

We’re back with more inspiring speakers for our 9th Annual Engage Speaker Talks Showcase Series! National Speakers Bureau is bringing some of our most requested speakers to 3 different cities across Canada to give event professionals a chance to connect, learn & be inspired by rising stars, icons & influencers.

Calgary || September 7, 2018 

Ottawa || October 12, 2018

Toronto || November 1, 2018


Our Engage Calgary event features two keynote speakers set to deliver their hit presentations on the topics that matter most to Alberta-based organizations. In this blog, we look at Gregg Brown.

Engage Calgary Profile 

Gregg Brown

Gregg Brown //
Change Management Specialist & Resiliency Expert

Passionate about helping people improve their work lives, Gregg believes we all have the ability to shift people’s mindset during times of change – for better or worse. Gregg shares people-centric approaches to change management that actually work

Using neuroscience, psychology, humor, and flair, Gregg Brown has lead organizational change initiatives in small and large, multi-generational organizations in urban and rural communities, also consulting with leaders and executives on behavior change. 



Learn more about Gregg at Engage Calgary

Engage Calgary Presentation || Developing Leadership Resilience
In this high-energy, interactive, thought-provoking session, participants will explore the elements that make change difficult, while gaining insights on how to acquire the critical mindset and skills needed to deal with multiple organizational changes with resilience.

Participants will learn:

  • How to use brain science to help you and your colleagues adapt to change
  • Practical skills to become more strategic in leading and responding to change
  • 5 actionable strategies to help you and your colleagues be resilient during change

What Audiences Say About Gregg Brown

“Gregg’s keynote at our recent company event was great. The one-hour session was informative, eye-opening and utterly entertaining. Our team were very engaged and all spoke so highly of the presentation. Gregg really put effort into ensuring he knew about our company’s operations and took the time to learn about why we decided to hold the event in the first place. We definitely recommend Gregg’s presentation.”
— Managing Director, Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust


Learn how to not only survive but thrive
in times of change at Engage Calgary with Gregg Brown.