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Alex Sheen


Rocky River, Ohio, USA

Accountability Expert and Founder of because I said I would

Alex Sheen is the founder of because I said I would, a social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept. He is someone who truly honors commitment. Alex has impacted millions of people with the “because I said I would” message through the viral nature of social media.  His work has been featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, CNN, The Los Angeles Times, The Today Show and many other programs and media outlets.

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because I said I would

We live in a society that often does not respect the importance of a promise. It is too easy to say “I’ll get to it” or “tomorrow.” In many ways we have become numb to disappointment and broken commitments. This expectation starts to fade into our character as individuals.

Alex Sheen believes that every individual has the strength to become a person of their word. As the Founder of an international social movement, Alex shares his insights and actionable ways to become better at fulfilling commitments. 

He inspires others to become more accountable to their promises through compelling and real-life examples from the “because I said I would” movement. Alex convincingly illustrates how integrity, and keeping promises are forever interwoven. He discusses how holding ourselves and each other accountable truly changes humanity for the better.

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Virtual Workshops | Life of a Promise
Alex offers different workshops designed to help attendees build resiliency and leadership skills. These sessions will share practical habits and tactics that help individuals navigate the promises they have with their families, communities and causes they care about. Alex will give out prizes, live chat and interact with the participants through his purpose-built livestream studio.

Audience reviews:

  • On behalf of ASSP, I want to thank [Alex Sheen] for being our closing speaker for our virtual annual conference. [His] interactive session engaged members and provided a call to action. The compelling link to personal commitments and action truly resonated with our members and attendees. - CEO, American Society of Safety Professionals
  • Our members cannot stop raving about the presentaion. - Learning Program Manager, AACN
  • I would strongly recommend Alex Sheen and his program to other organizations that seek to improve communication, collaboration, and trust among their employees through easy and effective means. We have seen vast improvement after implementing "because I said I would." - Chief Executive Officer, New Jersey Devils, Prudential Center and Philadelphia 76ers
  • His presentation is perfect for the insurance industry. As he challenges all of us in his talk, we are financial advisors who make promises to our clients, prospects, and families on a daily basis. We must all keep those promises, but sadly, many promises go without following through. Every client is important, and every promise to them is just as important. By listening to the inspirations of Alex Sheen on stage, and how he continues to keep his promises, it reminds al of us in the audience to do the same. - Financial Services Professional, Mass Mutual Financial Group

Speaker Biography

Sparked by the loss of his father, Alex decided to pursue a life of philanthropy and founded because I said I would. Through his nonprofit, he sends “promise cards” to anyone anywhere in the world at no cost. Committed to his cause of bettering humanity, he once walked over 240 miles across the entire state of Ohio in 10 days to fulfill a promise. He also volunteered at 52 different nonprofit organizations in a single year, and donated $4.8 Million of his own earnings through speaking to charity.

In the seven years since, I said I would has sent over 12.3  million promise cards to over 153 different countries. The promises written on these cards have made headlines around the world. His charitable work has been featured on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, CNN, The Today Show, NPR, The Los Angeles Times and many more.

Before his life as nonprofit leader, Alex was a Corporate Strategy Lead at Hyland Software, an organization featured in Fortune’s 2014 Best Companies to Work in the United States. As the youngest manager in a global company with over 1,500 employees, he established and managed Hyland’s corporate-wide Innovation Program. 

Alex gives speeches focusing on character and leadership development that motivate and inspire audiences to honor commitments that make a positive impact on the world. 100% of Alex’s speaking fee goes directly to because I said I would as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.