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Angus Reid

Renowned Social Researcher

Dr. Angus Reid is Canada’s leading analyst of social research and public opinion. Angus was the CEO of the Angus Reid Group – a company he founded in Winnipeg in 1979. When it was sold to Paris based Ipsos in 2000, it was Canada’s largest research and polling company.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Shakedown: How the New Economy is Changing our Lives
Reid charts the demise of the “Spend-and-Share Era”–The term he uses to describe the period of national prosperity and optimism that characterized Canada from the ’60s to the ’80s–and shows that we have entered a scary new era defined by shrinking incomes, corporate downsizings, and declining government services. He calls the ’90s the “Sink-or-Swim Era,” Today, the economy booms, but jobless rates remain high. The top 20% are getting richer; the bottom 80% are getting poorer. Technology and globalization seem to be killing more jobs than they are creating.

Tomorrow’s Customer… Marketing Strategies for the Future Trends in Canadian Society


Canadian Marketing Hall of Fame

EY | Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Pacific Region (Services Category)

Carlton University | D. Dunton Award

  • The topic of `Trends in Canadian Society' was very interesting, quite timely and... most prescient in the themes that you struck, particularly in light of our own strategic discussions.

    - President & CEO, Investors Group

Summary Profile

Angus was born in Regina, Saskatchewan and received his early education in Vancouver. He earned Bachelor and Master Degrees in Sociology from the University of Manitoba, and in 1974 he received a Ph.D. in Sociology from Carleton University in Ottawa. Founder of the Angus Reid Group, now Ipsos-Reid Inc., Reid grew his company into one of the world’s top research organizations. He was most recently the Executive Chairman of Vision Critical, one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America, and Canada’s most prominent, domestically owned, player in the market research and consumer insights space. Angus is now focusing his attention on the Angus Reid Institute, a non-profit, non-aligned public-policy research centre that has no corporate interests or political affiliation.

Reid is known for his ability to identify the trends that influence society, and determine how they will impact the specific issues of his audiences. He presents his findings in an informative, insightful and user-friendly fashion. Focused on factual data with extensive research and analysis, Reid has earned his reputation as Canada’s leading voice on public opinion. Angus was the founding chair of the Canada Center advisory board of the Washington based Woodrow Wilson Center. In addition, he has served on the board of the Public Policy Forum, the Rick Hansen Institute and the CKNW Children’s Fund. In 2003, Angus created the Angus Reid Foundation which supports higher education and health services in Canada. More recently, Angus started the Canada Monarcha Foundation to bring a Canadian presence to charitable activities in Mexico.