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Sara Fung, MN, BScN, RN

Speaker Exclusive

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Healthcare Leader, Gritty Nurse Podcaster & Author, The Wisdom of Nurses

Sara Fung is a registered nurse turned advocate, consultant, speaker, podcaster and author. She got her start doing live media interviews on a number of national Canadian outlets during COVID.

She is the co-host of the Gritty Nurse Podcast, one of the top 3 Apple Podcasts in the medical category, where she discusses hot topics in healthcare and is the co-author of 2024’s The Wisdom of Nurses: Stories of Grit from the Frontlines. Sara has worked as a nurse for close to 20 years and has held a variety of roles on the frontline, in leadership and entrepreneurship.

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Mental Health & Avoiding Burnout

Mental health awareness and support is more important than ever in today’s workplace. Building and nurturing working environments that foster positive mental health results in improved teamwork, more dedicated and engaged individuals, and reduced turnover and absenteeism. This talk focuses on the mental health experience from a frontline and leadership perspective, using a personal storytelling approach.

Takeaways from this talk:

  • How to identify signs of burnout and mental distress
  • Actions to take to either prevent or mitigate mental health distress/burnout
  • Support available/where to seek help
  • How to support a colleague/employee in need
Building Better Workplaces

We spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else. Creating workplaces that feel psychologically safe is of utmost importance in today’s modern workplace. We know the importance, but as employees and leaders, how do we actually build better workplaces?

Takeaways from this talk:

  • How to create a psychologically safe environment
  • Building positive employee experiences
  • Fostering a culture of asking questions and admitting mistakes
  • Addressing bullying and other toxic behaviours

Most of us are good at advocating for our clients, patients, or customers. Caring for and advocating for others is natural. But how do we take these skills and apply them to ourselves or our own teams?

Takeaways from this talk:

  • Understand what advocacy is and how it applies to the workplace and beyond
  • Learn about the different types of advocacy
  • How to advocate in a professional manner
  • Learn about the power of advocacy and how it makes a difference
  • Steps anyone can take to be an advocate
Tough Conversations

Having difficult conversations is a part of our lives that cannot be avoided. As a healthcare professional, thought leader, and advocate, Sara shares insights and lessons on how to have productive conversations around challenging topics, while maintaining important relationships.

Takeaways from this talk:

  • How to have productive conversations
  • Learn effective examples and strategies
  • Feel empowered to navigate difficult conversations
Healing from Trauma

The past few years have been traumatic for people in many different industries and circumstances. Sara focuses on the steps you can take to heal from trauma in a variety of situations and the key to getting back on your feet.

Takeaways from this talk:

  • The importance of addressing trauma and seeking recovery
  • Processing emotions and rebuilding
  • Strategies for coping with challenges
  • Personal growth and finding meaning in adversity
Co-Keynote with Amie Archibald-Varley

Speaker Biography

In her first book and speaking topic, The Wisdom of Nurses: Stories of Grit from the Frontlines Sara Fung examines one of the enduring lessons of the pandemic – the pivotal role that nursing plays in health care—vital work that isn’t widely understood or, sadly, appreciated. She takes you to the front line of nursing to show the compassion, selflessness and dedication of professionals who not only give it all for their patients, but get up and do it over and over again.

Organizations in a wide variety of industries are starting to understand the important of addressing and preventing mental health issues and burnout, which is vitally important in today’s workplace. Sara shares the personal struggles and lessons she’s learned on supporting individuals and teams, and meeting the challenge in rapidly changing industries.

Focusing on how to create more positive and functional workplaces, Sara discusses how organizations can focus on being more proactive with their approaches to boost morale, increase employee satisfaction and decrease turnover, through engagement and recognition.

Through personal and professional experiences, Sara shares her lessons on advocacy, including how to advocate for clients, yourself, your team, and even your industry. Advocacy is a skill we all have within us and it’s time we used our voices to make positive change!

Sara’s style on stage is genuine, authentic and focuses on storytelling and conversation. Sara has a unique ability to make information relatable to a broad audience and candidly discuss the elephant in the room. 

Sara received her bachelor’s degree from Western University, and her master’s degree from the University of Toronto.

Part of a dynamic duo, Sara Fung often speaks together with her co-author and co-podcaster Amie Archibald Varley.