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Bernard Voyer

First North American Explorer to Reach the Seven Summits

A renowned explorer, Bernard Voyer has more than 30 years of expeditions and adventures to his credit. He has realized his dream of completing a mountaineer’s world tour – climbing the highest peaks of every continent, and reaching the North and South Poles.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


A World Tour: From dream to reality
A passionate speaker, Bernard uses his motivational talks to communicate his drive to excel, the strength of teamwork, co-operation and initiative and the importance of digging deep within ourselves to find the inner resources to reach our goals. Bernard Voyer gives a human face to an extraordinary triumph of determination. In his presentations he appeals to the audience’s imagination, but above all he succeeds in summoning forth listeners’ desire to excel, to prove their own courage and motivation.

Losing the North: An Environmental Perspective, a Human Story
With our eyes turned toward the Far North and the Arctic, we can only wonder about the future of our planet as we hear leading scientists announce major climate change. Just thirty years ago, no one dreamed that the Arctic Ocean would ever be ice free during the summer… Bernard Voyer is a privileged witness to the beauty, and especially the fragility, of our planet.

Strategies & Summits: You Have to Climb One Summit to be able to see Others
Aiming for a summit and reaching it: what does it take to be a leader for this kind of challenge? You have to choose your team, design and adapt a strategy, motivate yourself and others and find the energy to keep going, develop your ability to analyze a critical situation and carefully weigh your decisions … Bernard Voyer highlights the many parallels between the corporate world and his experiences on his numerous expeditions. A lecture and a fascinating discussion with participants that focuses on the inner workings of leadership and the values underpinning action and the importance of commitment.

Students: Being Young is a Real Challenge!
“Being young is a real challenge. Who’s ready to believe in my dreams? There’s such a long road ahead that I sometimes just feel like giving up and dropping out…” Bernard’s talks appeal to young peoples’ imaginations, but above all inspire them to excel: to be determined, know how to motivate themselves, show initiative, and show the strength of friendship and trust. It’s important for young people to find the inner resources to reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

  • At last, a brilliant presentation for students. The speaker delivers his message with palpable passion, emotion and spirituality. Mr. Voyer is an explorer, an adventurer, a storyteller and a poet, but above all this is about a man and his inner discoveries.

    - Directrice adjointe Séminaire Saint-François de Cap-Rouge
  • Your insurmountable drive to overcome obstacles and excel, and your extraordinary energy remain a source of inspiration for us.

    - Senior VP, Bank of Montreal
  • Voyer had already established himself as Canada's most accomplished extreme explorer [...] Voyer's many expeditions have made his name synonymous with outdoor exploration and a sought-after inspirational speaker.

    - Journalist Time magazine
  • I have attended hundreds of presentations, but none of them has impressed the way yours did. […] You motivated everyone who attended this wonderful presentation, and will continue to inspire them. There will always be a bit of Bernard Voyer at Léger Marketing

    - President, Leger - The Research Intelligence Group

Summary Profile

Voyer puts a human face on the struggle to triumph over adversity. He is walking proof of what can be accomplished with teamwork, co-operation and initiative. Through Voyer’s story, audiences learn to search within themselves to find the resources needed to reach their goals. This extraordinary individual has given more than 400 inspirational presentations in English and French in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Voyer appeals to his audiences’ imagination, but above all he succeeds in summoning forth his listeners’ desire to excel and to show their own courage and motivation. Companies and individuals come away with Voyer’s secrets for success in uncertain times. Companies are making huge changes in their cultures and their ways of doing things these days. In an uncertain economic climate, faced with increasingly fierce competition, they have to cope with a whole new host of challenges. Organizations and individuals must adapt quickly to change and work harder than ever before. Teamwork is essential. It is just these strengths that have been key factors in all Bernard Voyer’s expeditions.

Bernard Voyer gives a human face to his extraordinary triumphs of determination. He appeals to the audience’s imagination, but above all he succeeds in summoning forth his listeners’ desire to excel, to demonstrate their own courage and motivation. He is walking proof of what can be accomplished with teamwork, co-operation and initiative, living testimony to the importance of finding within ourselves the resources we need to reach our goals Earth: the Antarctic, the Himalayas, the Arctic, Greenland, the Sahara … What motivates him to strive for such difficult goals? Why reach so high and so far? Where does he find the commitment to his goals, and the ability to use teamwork to achieve them? Where does he find the strength and energy he needs?

Bernard Voyer reveals the answers, sharing his passion.