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Michel Neray

The Power of Purposeful Storytelling

Michel Neray is a professional speaker and branding consultant, and is the founder of ‘momondays’ – a monthly storytelling variety show that has grown to more than 12 cities. Through his workshops and corporate engagements, Michel has helped thousands of individuals craft and perform more effective, ‘purposeful’ stories to become more effective leaders, salespeople, coaches, teachers, trainers, speakers, and influencers of all types. He also uses Purposeful Storytelling to more effectively differentiate, position and brand organizations in the market.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The Power of Purposeful Storytelling™
It is well-established that stories are more memorable and powerful than facts and statistics. Stories are the basis of leadership, coaching, influence, teaching, sales and team culture. Combining exercises in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), classic story-telling, stand-up comedy, improv, acting and professional speaking, Purposeful Storytelling™ helps participants strategically develop signature and turning-point stories to motivate/inspire/influence team members, customers and audiences in the most engaging and powerful way. Audiences also walk away with a more strategic and engaging approach to writing case studies and testimonials. This presentation can be tailored to cover any or all of the core elements of storytelling, including story structure, performance, humour and titles, descriptions and biographies.

Uke Can Do It!! A musical journey about busting through limiting beliefs
This hugely entertaining presentation is as much about busting through limiting beliefs as it is about demonstrating the Power of Purposeful Storytelling. It mixes story and song as it chronicles Michel’s progress from hopeless non-strummer to guitar-playing gigging performer. It gets the audience laughing and singing along, all the while changing the beliefs and attitudes that might be getting in the way of their results. After this presentation, audience members will be reaching for higher goals with greater confidence than ever. Delivered as a standalone presentation or as an add-on to Purposeful Storytelling, it’s a fun way to kick-off your conference or end it on a high note. It can also be incorporated into a Purposeful Storytelling workshop or keynote, as Michel deconstructs it to show how it embodies the principles and strategies of classic storytelling. Your audience will be singing your praises… literally!

Differentiation as a Platform for Brand (and Personal) Leadership
A differentiated message and brand position is the common denominator that connects leadership in sales and branding to personal leadership. Especially in these uncertain economic times, companies need both personal and business leadership more than ever. This keynote begins by showing audience members why an ability to stand out is the single most important challenge in this – or any economy. It then teaches audience members a simple model for finding the strongest and most differentiating market message for their business, product or service.  

Platform Plus

Workshop or Keynote | Sales Telepathy
This skill-based presentation or workshop is for everyone in an organization who ‘sells’, including salespeople, proposal writers, managers and leaders. Ideal for a concurrent session, it is based on principles of change management, neuro-linguistic programming and tried-and-true direct response copywriting techniques, participants learn how to engage listeners/readers in a conversational approach that often feels (to the reader/listener) that you are reading their minds. A template is provided that allows participants to write extremely rapid first drafts of introduction and sales emails/letters. Delivered in a fun, interactive style, audiences and groups learn how to get into the head and hearts of their clients ‐ without going out of their minds!
Workshop or Keynote | Conversational Networking, Marketing & Selling
This keynote or workshop helps participants develop customer-centric listening skills, and then teaches them how to develop intelligent questions that speak directly to customer interests and needs. This enables participants to ‘ask’ their way through a proposal or sale rather than ‘push’ their way to a decision. This is a highly interactive presentation that also helps participants learn about each other, making this ideal for networking events.

  • You were absolutely and positively fantastic! Your keynote presentation was just the thing to get our people intrigued and interested in the workshop. It was fun, engaging and it certainly whet their appetites to dive into it deeper. As soon as you walked into the workshop room the next day you held their attention, and you kept it until the last second.

    - DHL Express
  • The messaging that Michel developed with our team provided clear differentiation and a distinct value proposition for our company. It also provided a key focus for our sales and marketing efforts, which helped us grow our business by 60% per year and become the #1 vendor in our space.

    - CEO, Guardium, an IBM Company
  • You were easy to work with and, in doing the interviews leading up to the event, you really went above and beyond the actual speaking engagement.

    - Director of Business Operations, Centric Consulting
  • It was the best work on this front that I have experienced – at this company and at any other company I have been in. More than an exercise in branding and positioning, I now see how powerful the Essential Message concept is for our people and how it impacts on our culture – that was unexpected.

    - Owner, LeanWerks
  • A true professional in every sense of the word! Michel provided exactly what we were looking for - a great presentation, a satisfied audience and most importantly a real value for his services. He comes prepared, is easy to work with and really wants his client and their audience to get the most out of his presentations.

    - Manager, Marketing & Communications Real Estate Institute of Canada

Summary Profile

From the beginning of time, stories are how we have passed on our values, made sense of the world and effected change. Today, it’s how we engage and influence our customers, our teams and our audiences. It’s how we brand, differentiate, become memorable, and get better results. Michel Neray is a master storyteller who touches his audience’s head, heart and funny bone. By combining a sense of playfulness with deep expertise in his subject matter, Michel inspires his audiences to look beyond the usual messages about branding and differentiation to find core messaging that truly connects with markets, customers and stakeholders.

Over a professional speaking career than spans 18 years, Michel has spoken at conferences, workshops and retreats in more than eight countries. Through his keynotes, workshops and corporate engagements, he has helped thousands of individuals craft and perform more effective, ‘purposeful’ stories to become more effective leaders, salespeople, coaches, teachers, trainers, speakers, and influencers of all types. He also uses Purposeful Storytelling to more effectively differentiate, position and brand organizations in the market.

Michel combines a science degree from the University of Waterloo, an MBA from McGill University, and a career as a creative marketing copywriter, advertising agency director and marketing executive. A visionary and entrepreneurial game-changer, he created the world’s first online searchable directory of creative professionals, (in 1995, before Google!) He co-authored The Great Crossover, which made it to Jack Canfield’s Achiever’s Recommended Reading List.

In 2005, his chapter, “Everything Starts With A Conversation” was selected as the lead for the book, Sales Gurus Speak Out. He has experience in a wide cross-section of industries and sectors, including healthcare, professional services, consulting, financial services, manufacturing/industrial, hospitality, high technology, small business as well as executive groups.