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Tim Magwood

Master Storyteller & Catalyst

Tim is a creative, collaborative and passionate leader. A colleague describes him as a “lightening rod in driving positive change.” Tim has the head of an entrepreneur, the heart of a coach, and the soul of a singer/songwriter. As a seasoned facilitator and presenter, he has brought value to over 10,000 participants.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Five Powerful Story Programs
The Mark of a Leader has become the “go to” program for organizations that want to create a memorable and lasting conference or program. Our library of inspiring leadership stories, interactive exercises, and customized workshops is unique and unforgettable. There are five core programs, each crafted and customized to every client and audience. All of these subjects include materials for a keynote, MC engagement, and workshop.

Five-Level Leadership
Fully engaged leaders with fully engaged teams get better results. This presentation shows how engaging people on all five of their levels (Spirit, Imagination, Intellect, Heart and Hands) is the premise of great performance, and gives powerful insights into how to make it happen.

Delivering a Great Customer Experience
If you are not constantly measuring and improving your customer experience, you’re giving your competition a gift. But Customer Experience must be cultural in order to be great. This presentation shows not only how some of the world’s best “experience” organizations do it well, but also some concepts and best practices to make your Customer Experience a cultural asset.

Moving from ‘Me’ to ‘We’
A leader’s most important job is to help others to be their best. But in many organizations, internal competition, silos, and ego make this impossible: there is no “we”. This program examines new ways to create better team cultures, and shows how collaboration has been the foundation of all great world-changing activities.

Platform Plus

As a Host/MC, Tim challenges, teaches, and inspires your audience to do whatever it is you want them to do.

Summary Profile

Before entering the business world, Tim delighted audiences in stage productions such as Les Miserables (Royal Alexandra Theater, National Arts Centre), Napoleon (Elgin Theatre), and Fiddler on the Roof (Huron Country Playhouse).

In the mid 1990s he joined Canada’s largest private communications firm at the time, ICE, as a Senior Account Director, and worked with many of Canada’s biggest and best corporations. He left to pursue his passion for training, becoming a senior consultant and trainer with Horn and Associates where he designed and delivered sales and sales management training programs. In 1999, his vision was to create the “defacto sales learning leader in Canada.”

He started Fusion Learning, which became the fastest growing sales effectiveness firm in the country, providing programs for hundreds of corporate clients including Dynamic Funds, Rogers, BDC, Molson Coors, and TD Bank. Tim sold his shares in Fusion in 2010, but continues to work with them.

Tim reunited with ICE’s CEO Doug Keeley as a Consultant Storyteller at the Mark of a Leader in late 2012. He now combines his unique skills and passion for leadership to teach, challenge, and inspire businesses and educators through The Mark of a Leader program. Outside of work, he enjoys time with his wife and 3 kids, and fuelling his passion for music, recently releasing his second successful CD of original songs.