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Dr. Sam Collins

Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Corporate Difference Maker & Bestselling Author

Dr. Sam Collins has been named one of the ‘Top 200 Women to Impact Business & Industry’ by Her Majesty, The Queen of England. She founded Aspire, the first coaching company for women executives, in 2001 on a shoestring budget. Today, Aspire is a globally sought-after coaching organization that enables women executives and leaders to thrive through leadership development and social impact.

Los Angeles, California, USA


Fail is Not a Four-Letter Word Tuning into your own intuition and the ability to fail is the secret ingredient left out of much change management and leadership success. But there is tremendous power in designing your own destiny, rather than waiting for your parents, bosses, partners, or society to determine it for you. At twenty-one, Dr. Collins’ world was turned upside down when her mother died. Her life spiraled out of control until one day she was mistaken for a homeless person on a train station platform. With no experience, money or network, and driven by pure will, Dr. Collins would build an award-winning business from scratch. In this presentation you’ll learn how to embrace failure and become an authentic and successful leader. Get M.A.D. and Make a Difference A disturbing CNN news report prompted Dr. Collins, (8-months pregnant at the time, and very cranky!) to found the not-for-profit, Aspire Foundation, with an unbelievable goal: to positively affect the lives of 1 billion women and girls by 2020 through mentoring and technology. Making a difference outside one’s regular work is a fundamental element of personal fulfillment and part of our responsibility for future generations and the planet as a whole. This presentation will demonstrate how to advance your career and change the world at the same time. Journey to Grace In the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, where rape is used as a weapon of war, a 4-year-old orphan named Grace lived. This presentation details Dr. Collins’ discovery of a little girl living a world apart, a little girl who would change all of their lives forever. Spanning a three-year-journey that tested them both to the limit through war, riots, abuse, rivers and bureaucracy, this presentation shows the audience how one person can make a difference through resilience, love and the magic of family. The Queen and I A hilarious chain of events – starting with the breakdown of a London train, and ending with a pair of running shoes – threatens to derail one of the biggest days of Dr. Collins’ life: the day Queen Elizabeth would honor her as one of the UK’s top 100 businesswomen. This presentation offers insights into how being less-than-perfect can be a key to true success; it also highlights the importance of defining your personal mission, and shows you how to develop an authentic reputation and profile. Technology is a Human Rights Issue There is a tsunami heading to the shores of the corporate world, and business can no longer afford to ignore human rights issues if it wishes to innovate (and profit) from the billion women coming into the workforce, who are using technology to transcend the cultural and educational limitations of earlier days. Dr. Collins shares the latest thinking about the business need for closing the global gender gap, retaining and developing female leadership talent, and why businesses that operate as vehicles for social change will be the sole-survivors and innovators of this disruptive tsunami.


Oguntê Women’s Social Leadership Awards | Leader in the Workplace

Named one of the 'Top 200 Women to Impact Business & Industry' by Her Majesty, The Queen

  • I have heard Sam speak at numerous events ranging from small interactive group discussions and meetings, to large receptions with many hundreds of attendees. She is an inspirational speaker who can hold and entertain a diverse and intelligent audience and who is always well prepared and entertaining.

    - Global Head of People, BDO International
  • am Collins is an inspiring speaker. She speaks with expert knowledge, a keen interest in her subject areas and a passion to reach and educate her audiences. This combined makes her an authentic speaker who never fails to connect with her audience and to hold their attention.

    - Head of HR, PZ Cussons Beauty
  • Sam has a gift for capturing the essence of a topic and explaining it in a lively and engaging way, without ever appearing to lecture.

    - Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Ashurst LLP
  • Sam Collins is a confident, inspirational, articulate and well informed speaker. The content of her presentations is informative, practical and engaging. She has the ability to really understand her audience’s interests, "grab" and "hold" their attention and leave them feeling inspired, well informed, energized and ready for action at the end of her presentations.

    - Chief Operating Officer, Christie's International plc
  • Sam Collins is a very well prepared speaker, clear about key messages, her impact, delivery style etc., but also able to throw away the (mental or physical) script and improvise as necessary. She has a strong sense of fun and an infectious optimism and strength, but is equally very clear, focused, business-like and incredibly professional.

    - Head of Diversity and Employee Engagement, KPMG LLP
  • Dr Sam Collins is a forceful, visionary woman who brings a refreshing energy and edge to every aspect of her work. Sam keeps me honest, focused and energized to realize the huge potential I have to make a difference.

    - President, Weight Watchers International
  • The value you provided as a speaker was enormous. Your personal style, firsthand accounts and real life examples were very powerful in bringing it to life in an engaging way.

    - Brand Development Manager, Unilever

Summary Profile

The Aspire Foundation, a non-profit launched in 2010, is integral to Sam’s way of doing business. This pro-bono mentoring program works in 80 countries and has made a positive difference to the lives of over 9 million women and girls across the world—with a current goal of reaching 1 Billion women and girls by 2020. As an active campaigner on the role of corporations in solving world issues, Sam was named as a global Ambassador for Women for Women International, empowering women survivors of war in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda, and South Sudan. Her professional mantra is be M.A.D. – make a difference and always give something back. Sam is passionate about family and life balance, women’s workplace issues, and human rights. As a speaker she tackles these serious global issues with an infectious and charming wit. She has been named one of the ‘Top 10 Coaches’ and ‘Leader in the Workplace’ in the Ogûnte Women’s Social Leadership Awards—so you can expect not only an engaging moment, filled with great stories and fun, but an illuminating and transformative experience for all. Sam can get you blazing your trail faster, more efficiently and more enjoyably; providing actionable tools, and the right level of inspiration to become—or become more of—a trailblazing leader. And getting yourself or your group into a place where achieving your biggest life, work and world aspirations is not a goal, but a matter of fact. Sam’s autobiography Radio Heaven is an Amazon International Bestseller, and she is a regular op-ed contributor to The Financial Times, The Guardian, CNN, The Huffington Post, The Sunday Times and the BBC.