Plan Your 2024 Year-End Event

What are you doing to celebrate your team and community this year? With Winter and 2025 quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning how to close out the year in the best way possible! This means putting together memorable Holiday & Year-End Celebrations. Whether you’re hosting your clients or employees, unique programming can be a big draw at your year-end event. 

We’ve put together a list of unique ways to help make your year-end event one to remember. 


Get your Audience Laughing with a Comedian

Steve Patterson | Award-Winning Comedian & Humour Writer

Steve Patterson is the host of CBC Radio One’s wildly successful The Debaters, a show where comics go toe to toe in a battle of laughs and logic. The Debaters is a combustible mix of sharply crafted comedic rants and hilarious ad-libs. The engaging format is part stand-up, part quiz show and part comedy competition with the live audience picking the winners. A Debaters Live program is an engaging way to liven up your holiday or year-end celebrations. Steve will entertain your group with a relevant exchange of facts and funny tailored to suit your needs, industry or event. | [view profile]

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Susan Stewart | Comedic Motivation – Bringing out the Lighter Side of Life

Susan Stewart has been hosting events for over 15 years and will keep your crowd laughing and make your event memorable.  If you’re looking for a comedian to entertain your group, Susan’s hilarious stand-up comedy show, “You Gotta Laugh”, will send everyone home seeing the lighter side of life!  | [view profile]

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Cook a meal with a Celebrity Chef

Bal Arneson| The Spice Goddess

Chef Bal Arneson is an international TV host, award-winning author, and a celebrity chef for a 30-Billion-dollar food service company, Compass Group. She brings her warmth and accessibility from her kitchen to yours, featuring one of her popular recipes like her No-Butter Chicken or Golden Chai. A charismatic and humorous speaker, she provides audiences with tangible life lessons and skills to be able to incorporate into their personal and professional lives, all while cooking up a delicious dish with your audience. If hosted virtually, recipes and ingredient lists can be sent to your audience ahead of time so they can follow along with Chef Bal at home. | [view profile]

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Recognize your Team

Dr. Rumeet Billan | Leadership, Emotional Resilience and Mental Health Expert

Research has consistently shown that when employees feel that they belong, they will perform better and experience higher levels of commitment, engagement, and well-being. Dr. Rumeet Billan helps people to optimize their potential by building resilience and emotional intelligence. She provides strategies that support building, fostering, and nurturing a culture of belonging and recognition at work. Audiences leave her presentations with practical and evidence-based tools that support building, fostering, and nurturing a culture of recognition at work. | [view profile]

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Sarah McVanel | Recognition and Culture Expert

Sarah McVanel shares the very first, easiest and least resource-intensive step to retention: recognize the people you already have. Recognition is one of the most effective, accessible and cost-effective ways to fuel healthy working relationships, trust and collaboration. Learn from Sarah about the multitude of manageable and effective ways to launch a successful recognition program and remain more resilient in the process.| [view profile]

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Book an Entertaining Emcee or Celebrity Speaker

Erica Ehm | Community Builder & Iconic MuchMusic TV personality

With decades of experience as an iconic television personality and successful entrepreneur, Erica Ehm has earned a reputation as a powerful event host & speaker. Whether you know her from her days as a legendary MuchMusic VJ or as founder of YMC (Yummy Mummy Club), you’ll be inspired and energized by her silver linings messages of innovation and reinvention. | [view profile]

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Ron MacLean| Acclaimed Canadian Sportscaster

Ron MacLean is one of Canada’s most beloved sportscasters and an icon of our national past time. He is best known for his extensive experience, knowledge, and passion for the game of hockey. MacLean’s extensive knowledge and passion for the game of hockey, combined with decades of hosting Hockey Night in Canada, including the 2022 NHL Playoffs, has made him one of the country’s most famous and beloved broadcasters. Ron will wow your audience with entertaining stories from the road and answer questions.| [view profile]

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