New Speakers | Spring 2017

National Speakers Bureau is proud to announce several exciting new speakers recently added to the roster. These engaging experts, within a range of sought-after topic areas, are now available to inspire and inform your next meeting or conference. Great new speakers allow us to bring new perspective to some of the most in-demand presentation topics:

He’s been called a “force of nature” by CEO’s, and a “born storyteller” by best-selling authors. Famous architects have called him a “@#)%)@ genius”, and senior executives across North America say he’s “the best at what he does, period.”Author, advisor, and researcher David Allison probably knows more about motivating contemporary markets than anyone; he’s been studying how & why people behave the way they do for more than 30 years. He helps organizations and individuals understand their market, survive & thrive through massive change, and motivate more people to act more often. His presentations include:

How to Motivate More People More Often 
Next-Generation Real Estate Development and City-Building
Survive and Thrive as Technology Shakes-Up Your Market

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Ann (Andini) Makosinski is an acclaimed student inventor interested in alternative energy harvesting techniques and their applications in improving the life of people all over the world. She is best known for her invention; the Hollow Flashlight, a flashlight that runs solely off the heat of the human hand. The flashlight was recognized with the a Gold Medal and the Energy Award at the Canada-Wide Science Fair, the Google Science Fair Award, and received four awards at the Intel Science and Engineering Fair. Her presentations include:

How to Be a Differentist
Inventing the Future
Why I Don’t Use a Smart Phone

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As a professional golfer, Andrew Jensen spent years travelling the world and playing the sport he loved. While he enjoyed public success, Jensen struggled in private. Tragically golf had opened the door for depression to reassert itself firmly in his life. After his third suicide attempt, Jensen has decided to use his platform to speak out about his experience living with depression while chasing his dream. Utilizing the value of his lived experience, Jensen’s aim is to demystify the stigma surrounding mental illness among youth, using golf as the catalyst. His presentations include:

Courage Over Comfort
Links Golf Program

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Alayna Fender is a cat-loving LGBT+ content creator who makes educational comedy videos on a wide range of topics, with mental health and sexuality being her specialties. Whether it’s discussing sexuality or mental health issues, or simply vlogging and doing challenges, Alayna brings her frank and funny perspectives to any topic. Her presentations include:

Mental Health, Mindfulness, and You
Words Can Help, and Words Can Hurt (My Story)
Workshop/Training | Mindful Self-Compassion
Panelist/In Conversation

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NSB-Divider This is just a taste of the new speakers we are proud to represent. Additional speakers we’ve recently added include:

Farrah Khan | Consent Culture Educator and Activist

Michael Prosserman | Bboy, Founder & Executive Director of Unity Charity

Darren Dutchyshen | Sportscaster, Co-Host of SPORTSCENTRE

Mohamed Fahmy | Award-Winning Author, Journalist & Advocate for Freedom of the Press

 Emma Sulkowicz | Artist & Consent Culture Activist

 Brett Bruen | Former U.S. Diplomat & Director of Global Engagement at the White House

 Nikolas Badminton | World-Renowned Futurist

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