Topical Event Speakers for 2019

In partnership with National Speakers Bureau, leading industry associations chose topical speakers to help their audiences prepare for 2019. Some of the key messages for this new year are around leadership, employee retention, innovation, and inclusion. 

Weren’t able to attend? We’ve got the highlights for you from these industry events below:


Why Our Fear of Failure Fails Us
Adam Kreek – Gold Medal Olympian & Executive Coach

Professional Convention Management Association – Canadian Innovation Conference

“Fear and doubt are the taxes we pay to experience the incredible”
• Successful teams and organizations require a healthy relationship with failure.
• Remove emotional baggage around failure and set bigger, more innovative goals.
• Differentiate between blameworthy failure and praiseworthy failure.

Allyship Across the Margins

Kim & Tiq Milan – Human Rights & Social Change Activists

Professional Convention Management Association – Canadian Innovation Conference

• Be accountable for your own biases and create space for people with different lives and identities.
• Provide inclusivity through small, meaningful actions and choices to make large-scale change accessible.
• Allyship isn’t just about different gender expressions but about finding common ground amongst the intersecting human experience.
• Open storytelling is one of the most powerful vehicles of change.

“They were inspiring at the plenary and made me cry three times in the morning breakout session. So thankful they were able and willing to share their stories so openly’.”  
-Senior Conference Manager at Podium Conferences

Ethical Leadership: Turning a Curse into a Blessing

Denise Donlon – Media Trailblazer

Canadian Society of Association Executives – National Conference

Do not let a good crisis go to wasteIn the face of massive downsizing at CBC English Radio, Denise found a way forward with courageous innovation.
Lead ethicallySmart, principled leadership is the only course for true success. Denise fought for her beliefs as she navigated a way to modernize and expand Sony Music’s offerings while simultaneously contracting their workforce.

Creating Buzz for Your Brand on a Budget

Dani Gagnon – Digital Marketing Expert

Canadian Society of Association Executives – National Conference

Algorithms = RulesKnow the back-end rules all social platforms use to help you understand why people see certain things on their feeds and how current events impact the content getting through to people.
Social Media is SocialHow do you generate social media content your fans will see and love? Simple – stay genuine to your brand and stay relevant with current events.

The Art & Science of Human Connection

Michel Falcon – Employee & Customer Experience Leader

Society of Incentive Travel Excellence

People First CultureService Focused: Shift your primary goal from profits to people – success will follow.
The Three-P ProcessPurpose, Process, Profit: A well-defined, customized system that serves your business will lead your organization to word-of-mouth recommendations and high employee retention.


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We had a blast bringing these experts to you in 2018 and look forward to bringing you new and exciting insights this year. 

If you didn’t get to connect with us on the tradeshow floor – send us a quick line, we’d love to get your suggestions for speakers you want to see in 2019.