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Find inspiration through your spring reading! Here’s a look at some of our favourite new reads from expert speakers. From best-sellers to highly anticipated new releases, these books cover a range of hot topics that are already receiving plenty of buzz and would be a great fit for your next event. Take a look at the list below to discover your next must-read, and contact us to bring these stories to your audience!


The Power of Teamwork | Dr. Brian Goldman 

In the high-pressure and complex setting of healthcare, a new approach to teamwork is leading to healthier patients, happier staff and more efficient operations. Healthcare’s embrace of a new teamwork model has been noticed by people outside the medical world, so doctors are going outside the walls of the hospital to teach manufacturers, business owners, franchisees, customer service representatives and even those in sports and entertainment to do better by shifting the culture from “me” to “we.”

Drawing on groundbreaking research and examples from around the world, The Power of Teamwork shows how a team approach to medicine can improve customer service and help women break the glass ceiling. It can solidify the provision of social services to troubled youth, and boost the efficiency and safety of the military and critical industrial complexes like nuclear power plants. It can even make professional sports teams perform better. Learn more here.




Still Hopeful: Lessons from a Lifetime of Activism | Maude Barlow

In this timely book, Barlow counters the prevailing atmosphere of pessimism that surrounds us and offers lessons of hope that she has learned from a lifetime of activism. She has been a linchpin in three major movements in her life: second-wave feminism, the battle against free trade and globalization, and the global fight for water justice. From each of these she draws her lessons of hope, emphasizing that effective activism is not really about the goal, rather it is about building a movement and finding like-minded people to carry the load with you.

Barlow knows firsthand how hard fighting for change can be. But she also knows that change does happen and that hope is the essential ingredient. Learn more here.





The Blue Collar CEO | Mandy Rennehan 

Mandy Rennehan began her business career at age ten, catching bait and selling it to local fishermen. She was so good at her job, she was soon out-earning her father, a local lobster fisherman. At the age of seventeen, Rennehan decided to strike out on her own, so she packed a hockey bag and fled to Halifax, where she began cold-calling construction companies, volunteering to work for free so she could learn more about contracting and the trades.  

Three years later, Rennehan had garnered all the experience she needed to start her own company, Freshco, a boutique retail-maintenance and construction company. While Rennehan was still in her early twenties, her reputation as a knowledgeable and trustworthy contractor led to her first corporate contract with The Gap. Freshco has since become a multi-million-dollar company whose clients include Apple, Lululemon, Tiffany & Co., Sephora, Anthropologie, Nike and Home Depot, to name but a few.

Known as “the blue-collar CEO” for her ability to seamlessly navigate between the white- and blue-collar worlds, Rennehan is a tireless advocate for the trades. Her savvy business skills and innovative thinking took her to the top of a male-dominated industry before she reached the age of thirty. This book is the “respectfully uncensored” story of how Rennehan succeeded in business through honesty, integrity and most of all, authenticity: by always remaining true to herself and her vision for success. Learn more here.




Team Chemistry | Jean François Ménard 

We’ve all seen it happen: the team that looks great on paper, or has a league-leading regular season, but can’t pull out the wins or give their top performance when everything is on the line. As coaches and business leaders what can we do to ensure that we maximize the potential of our athletes and teams so they are successful and continue to enjoy the process? How do we ensure that we coach in a way that benefits the team and remains respectful of the individual?

In their first book together, André Lachance and Jean François Ménard offer tangible and practical strategies to help sport leaders create efficient group dynamics, build team culture, and help a group to gel. Using the periodic table of elements to organize concepts into a modular framework, the authors have created a powerful new resource for coaches in every sport, that can also be translated to business needs.

Building successful teams is not as simple as picking the best players: there are specific methods that coaches and leaders use to make their messages stick and to bring out the best in everyone within a group. Consistently, the healthiest team cultures have a huge impact on performance. That is the power of Team Chemistry. Learn more here.




Extraordinary Canadians: Stories from the Heart of our Nation | Peter Mansbridge 

In this heartwarming volume of first-person stories, Peter Mansbridge and Mark Bulgutch bring together inspiring Canadians from all walks of life—advocates, politicians, doctors, veterans, immigrants, business leaders, and more—who in their own way are making Canada a better place for all.

From the young woman living with Crohn’s disease and proudly modeling her ostomy bag to the rabbi whose family fled Nazi Germany and who now gives the benediction on Parliament Hill each Remembrance Day, Extraordinary Canadians celebrates the people who have overcome adversity and broken down barriers to champion the rights and freedoms of everyone who calls Canada home.

This collection gets to the heart of what it means to be Canadian. These stories will change the way you see your country and make you fall in love with Canada all over again. Learn more here.



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