Future of Work Speakers

Experts on the new workplace of 2022-23 and beyond.

Future of Work Speakers

Our speakers share insights into the new workplace and cover a range of topics for any audience, including:

  • Remote-First & Hybrid Workplaces
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • AI & Accelerated Technologies
  • Upskilling
  • Future Proofing
    …and more.

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Future of Work Speakers

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Eric Termuende | Future of Work Expert

Eric Termuende is the co-founder of NoW of Work, helping leaders build incredible teams and tomorrow’s greatest places to work. His one-degree shift methodology enables leaders to build trust, remove friction, and create a culture of experimentation. Now, with The Great Resignation in full force and organizations and associations struggling to attract and retain top talent, Eric’s keynote presentations inspire business leaders to prepare for the future of work and make the one-degree shifts that build trust, belonging, and engagement at work. Eric inspires, challenges, and shares the tools needed to succeed in a wildly unpredictable future.  | [view profile]

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Nova Nicole | Shopify Leadership Development Facilitator & Wellness Expert

Nova Nicole is a leader in tech with international experience as a learning coach and facilitator. She focuses on leadership development and bringing humanity to work via self-awareness & self-management. Her efforts are to improve mental health and self leadership skills, with an emphasis on social and emotional intelligence in organizations. Nova shares actionable takeaways that help audiences get more out of their personal and professional relationships, while organizations learn ways to encourage wellness at work. Nova guides audiences through the process of developing social awareness and leadership skills to be more thoughtful, engaged and effective in the workplace. | [view profile]

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David Allison | Human Behavior Expert & Leader of the Disrupt Demographics Movement

David is a human behavior expert, an advisor to global brands, and a leading advocate for discarding demographic stereotypes. He is the behavioral science pioneer behind Valuegraphics: the world’s first database that can predict and influence behavior for anything on earth. The database makes it possible to identify the shared values of any group of people, helping organizations create exponentially better customer engagement and point the way to a less divided world. His keynotes reveal the specific human values that will magnetically attract customers, prospects, investors, members, and more. He explains how to use the transformational power of human values to tap into human hearts and minds, and engage people at the level of pure instinct. | [view profile]

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Dan Pontefract | Future-of-Work Expert & Former Chief Envisioner of TELUS Transformation Office

Dan Pontefract is the former Chief Envisioner at TELUS, a Canadian telecommunications company, where he headed the Transformation Office, a future-of-work consulting group that helps organizations enhance their corporate cultures and collaboration practices. Not a typical motivational speaker, Dan is a thinker, connecting dots & providing insights that help attendees understand the critical importance of leadership, culture, purpose, and thinking. Dan helps audiences develop strategies to circumnavigate organizational barriers such as org charts, HR policies, strategy statements, decision trees, and more.| [view profile]

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Dr. Chitra Anand | Advisor to High-Growth Companies, former Head of Communications for Microsoft Canada

Dr. Chitra Anand is at the forefront of a new movement in the workplace: intrapreneurship. Intrapreneurs are the people within your organization who possess an entrepreneurial spirit — driving innovation, creative thinking, and new ideas. Chitra has led disruptive projects and initiatives which have created new ways for organizations to operate and think about the way in which they do business. Her book The Greenhouse Approach (a mandatory read for Forbes School of Business MBA) shows organizations how to reimagine current norms and structures and develop a culture of innovation. In 2022, she was named one of The Globe and Mail’s Top 50 ‘Changemakers’ – an annual list of emerging leaders changing business today.| [view profile]

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Nikolas Badminton| Futurist Speaker & Consultant

Nikolas Badminton is an award-winning, dynamic and innovative virtual keynote speaker and futurist consultant who shares an awe-inspiring vision of trends that shape the future to world-leading organizations and governments. He provides expertise in new technologies and promotes exponential thinking with a critical, honest, and optimistic view that empowers you to plan for today, tomorrow, and for the future. Badminton illustrates pathways ahead on the mega trends that will shape our world, and shape your business over the next 20+ years. He leads audiences to an incredible shift in thinking towards the positive future. | [view profile]

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Future of Work Speakers