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Alex Tagliani

Indy Car & Nascar Driver

Trilingual and well spoken, Tagliani offers his audience a unique look at his impressive career and the professional racing industry.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Business Lessons from the Racing World In this presentation, Alex applies lessons learned on the track to business off the track.

The Technology of Racing: How it Relates to Business Today Auto racing is at the forefront of technological innovation. Cars are designed to push engineers to experiment with new technologies well before they reach mass consumers. Alex offers a look at technology through the lens of automotive. He looks at how you can push innovation with a lean budget on an uneven playing field. Alex also takes a look at the importance of Data Analysis. How you can use data to optimize when testing and practice isn’t always available to you.

Mental and Physical Fitness: Techniques of Successful Drivers Physically one of the hardest sports on your body, Alex takes a look at what’s required to achieve peak performance and how you can apply it to your daily life. From getting pounded from G forces to dehydration to an increased heart rate due to carbon monoxide in your helmet, Alex offers up a fascinating look at what it takes to get your mind and body right to achieve success.

Motorsport: The Marketing Platform The business of racing is unique. Unlike most sport franchises, a racing team must primarily generate income with sponsorship. In this presentation Alex applies lessons in racing to marketing your product.

Teamwork for Success: There is no I in Team In this presentation Alex applies lessons learned on the track to teams off the track. In a race team everyone is accountable. Results from individual actions have an immediate impact. The chemistry between all team members is crucial to have a team that performs to the best of their abilities.

  • Alex was great as a personality and ‘over the top' in accommodating people for the autograph session - very welcoming and energetic. He and his wife also joined us for a dinner with a small group of people on Friday night - and they were extremely open and comfortable with the group - and made everyone feel extremely welcome.

    - Uniselect

Summary Profile

From Rookie of the Year, to making history as the first Canadian to win the Indy500 pole, and induction in the Motor Sport Hall of Fame, Alex Tagliani is known as one of Canada’s most successful ambassadors and diversified racers. He’s shown his strengths as race car driver, foundation co-founder, and business leader.  Fans know he can drive anything – from NASCAR to Indy to prototypes. 

A bilingual Canadian icon Tagliani offers his audience a unique look at his impressive career and the professional racing industry of today and over the past decade.  He also understands his sport is a business.  While he’s still actively racing, he’s already thinking of his own succession plan:  “My aim is to establish a marketing philosophy that will ensure that Tagliani Autosport will continue as a business enterprise, a business that will use racing to promote products and corporations.”

The experienced and talented ‘Tag’ is known for his consistency as a driver, his speed in qualifying, and his technical ability on car setup.