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Brennan Loh

Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

Brennan Loh is the Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Shopify and has been with the company since early 2011. He currently leads the teams responsible for building and managing Shopify’s key strategic partnerships.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Shopify: The Next Big Thing When Brennan started at Shopify in early 2011, 40 employees were working out of a cramped Ottawa office on a product that had yet to be in high demand. In 2015, Shopify led Canada’s most successful IPO in recent history and today represents over 200,000 businesses in 150 countries. In this presentation Brennan shares the inside story about Shopify’s growth and success. The Future of Commerce Five years ago, having an ecommerce enabled website was a competitive advantage for a small business. Today, consumers expect far more from their online shopping experience: Amazon has made 2-day delivery the norm, mobile represents over 50% of website visitors, even paying for a purchase with Bitcoin. In this presentation Brennan explores how businesses need to adapt in order to meet the shopping demands of tomorrow. Lessons from Beyond the Textbook Post-secondary learning presents a great growth opportunity for students; however most limit their experience to textbooks and the classroom. In this presentation Brennan shares his personal journey to becoming his school’s most accomplished C-average student.

Summary Profile

Brennan graduated from the Telfer School of Management in 2011. While attending the University of Ottawa, Brennan co-founded Avitu, an online advertising platform with two classmates. The company would come to share office space with fellow University of Ottawa alumni’s at Shopify. Here a collaborative partnership was formed where best practices and business strategies were shared. Eventually, Brennan and his partners would leave Avitu behind to join Shopify. Today, he serves as a mentor and advisor to a number of entrepreneurial and student associations across Canada, including the Entrepreneurs Club at the University of Ottawa. Brennan has keynoted industry conferences with talks on retail, commerce, and entrepreneurship in countries including India, Singapore, and South Africa.