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Greg Weatherdon

Entrepreneur, Business Advisor & Mentor

Greg was destined to be an entrepreneur from an early age. From paper routes to lawn cutting to snow shovelling, Greg’s industriousness served him well throughout his life long entrepreneurial journey. Greg’s eclectic background from long haul Rock ‘n Roll trucker to Regional Sales Manager for one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies laid the groundwork for Greg’s numerous business initiatives.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Get More LIFE Out Of Your Business
Running your own business is hard work, very hard work and not for the faint of heart. Yet it’s the promise of a better life that keeps the entrepreneur forging ahead. But even after years of sacrifices most businesses fail to deliver on the promise. The reality is, that once we step onto the entrepreneurial treadmill, that dream of a better lifestyle quickly becomes a distant memory. Much like a circus plate spinner, most owners feel like they can never truly take a break from their company lest all the plates come crashing down. At the end of the day, the owner/entrepreneur ends up being the hardest working person in their company. This presentation provides the audience with a reality check and is designed to get them to take an introspective look at their organization. Greg’s audience will leave with practical and actionable ideas to get their organizations on the path to supporting their needs and fulfilling the original dream of a better lifestyle.  

Would You Buy Your Company?
The end game for most entrepreneurs is to eventually sell their business and either retire or move on to something else. Yet when asked, if they were looking to buy a company, would they consider buying their own, few answer in the affirmative. So why then would a complete stranger buy it? With the surge of Baby Boomers owners’ fast approaching retirement, there will be an inevitable glut of businesses looking to be sold in what already is a buyers’ market. Selling a company is unlike any other challenge a business owner has faced. When you consider that a significant amount of their family’s wealth is tied up in the enterprise, the stakes are high. Ensuring you have a saleable business will go a long way to improving the odds. The audience will understand why businesses fail to sell and what the owner must do to improve the odds. Even though a sale may not be imminent, they will understand why it is important to start the process now, how it will make the business more attractive and impact the final selling price.  

No Sales, No Business
Sales are the lifeblood of every company, regardless of size. Truly successful organizations know that it’s more than just getting an order. Irrespective if you’re selling a product or service, selling is about creating long term relationships and repeat orders. There are plenty of sales presentations that discuss features and benefits, cold calling and incorporate role playing, this is not one of those! So whether you are new to sales or experienced, enjoy the process or dread it, Greg explores a number of areas that rarely, if ever, are discussed in a presentation on sales. The understanding of simple concepts go a long way to helping your customers “buy” from you. This is an insightful look at identifying your ideal customer and your most profitable products. It’s about getting the basic rights, the power of “Word of Mouth” and how to qualify a prospect. The audience will leave with a better understanding of what it takes to be a more effective selling organization.  

The Mentoring Connection
In todays’ fast paced environment there is an expectation that people perform at a higher level than ever before but with less human resources. Mentoring has since taken on a unique role within many companies as a way transferring knowledge and best practices. Employees, managers and entrepreneurs are actively seeking out mentors to help navigate their way to success. Often, the lines between coaching and mentoring are blurred when in fact they are two distinctively different activities. This presentation serves to establish the boundaries and identify the difference between these two disciplines and provides both the mentee and mentor rules of engagement and expectations. The audience will leave with a clear understanding of the 3R’s of Mentoring, Respect – Responsibility – Results that provide the foundation of an effective and rewarding mentoring relationship.  

  • I have known Greg for several years and have been a fan of both his blogs and his business presentations. A good mix of common sense, thought-provoking ideas and humour make Greg’s presentation fun and worthwhile. Incredibly business-savvy, wise beyond his looks and a great sense of humour make it easy to recommend Greg for either business presentations or business consulting.

    - President/CEO, oogled
  • Greg’s presentation demonstrated that having a life and being an entrepreneur are not mutually exclusive. His down to earth approach kept the audience captivated, leaving the group motivated to implement his proven suggestions.

    - Events & Membership Services Coordinator, Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Most salespeople already know how to present and they’re a hard group to impress, yet Greg managed to share new and novel skills that they could put into practice.

    - Board Member, Sales Professionals of Ottawa
  • Greg speaks from the “been there, done that” perspective of having run a successful multi-million dollar company where lessons learned have been distilled into useful knowledge.

    - Marketing Strategics
  • We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to Greg’s presentation, and expect to ask him back again in the near future. I would highly recommend Greg for inspiration, motivation and education for anyone seeking more fulfillment and “life” out of their business.

    - Membership Director, Durham Home and Small Business Association
  • There is an old adage that if you can garner just one good idea from a seminar, a presentation, or a lecture, then it makes the time and cost to be there worth it. Well, a lucky bunch of us owe Greg a lot more time and money!

    - Store Owner, PostNet
  • Our association was enthralled with his ideas and concepts, plus he communicates in a way that grabs the audience and makes them take notice. Keep it up Greg!

    - Director Durham Home and Small Business Association
  • You did a fantastic job of juggling many hats and keeping the audience engaged and entertained. Thanks for playing a leading role in the success of the Trillium Chapter awards event.

    - President, CSAE Trillium Chapter

Summary Profile

Greg Weatherdon is President of MRG Media Inc. and former President of The Marketing Resource Group which he sold in 2007 after 17 years with the organization. During that time, Greg designed The Marketing Resource Group to be a lifestyle company…his lifestyle! Retired at 50, Greg has combined his passion for business and his 25 years of self-employment experience into providing a unique insight into what entrepreneurs must do not only to survive, but thrive and enjoy the experience as well. Having founded or co-founded seven enterprises over 25 years, Greg has encountered many of the trials and tribulations facing business owners and offers his audiences and clients practical and actionable ideas to improve their organizations and ultimately get more “life” out of their business. At the urging of many business associates, Greg put pen to paper and authored “Get More LIFE Out Of Your Business” a straightforward look at what owners and managers must do to stop being the hardest working person in their company. This book received strong reviews from business owners as proof that you don’t need to be a slave to your work. Greg’s expertise and insights continue to be published in major industry trade magazines, and association newsletters.  He is also a valued advisor and mentor to various organizations focused on business growth and education. Of the many successes Greg has enjoyed, one of the highlights was being nominated for the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. Greg blogs regularly on a variety of topics relevant to the day-to-day operations.