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Kelly VanderBeek


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Olympic Downhiller & Broadcaster

Kelly VanderBeek knows what it takes to compete at the highest level. An Olympic Downhiller, Olympic Broadcaster, World Cup Medallist & Sports Journalist, Kelly does NOT tell the classic ‘athlete’s story’. Instead, she shares lessons learned from interviewing over 30 families of World Class athletes & how harnessing fear enabled a scaredy-cat to become a World Class Downhiller.

Keynote Speeches

Putting the ‘I’ Back in Team

Teams are made up of individuals, and it’s about time everyone stops ignoring that fact. Kelly will explain how focusing on individuals will garner better results. As an athlete in an individual sport, she relied heavily on the ‘team’ of individuals around her. Now, working as a broadcaster, Kelly sees the same set of parameters with an individualized performance element, that still relies heavily on the team supporting it. With everyone having different ideals on inclusion, time together, team building, outside influencers, there’s potential for either conflict or harmony. Kelly talks about what worked, what didn’t and why.


Harnessing Fear - Notice, Name, Harness

After decades of facing the visceral fear of bodily harm, Kelly became a student of fear. This presentation is all about pushing comfort zones. Kelly believes we all need to understand that fear will rear its ugly head. She shares insight on how to recognize it, overcome it & use it as a strength.


Crafting Unique MOMENTS

Kelly doesn’t use the term Goals. She prefers to use the word MOMENTS. It’s a different approach to goal-setting that focuses on the emotional state you wish to achieve, rather than the situational one. Kelly has made of living of working towards her own moments. In this presentation, she shares the pattern of secrets she’s found in her own career and witnessed in so many others. Kelly discusses the 3 pillars (and her not so secret, magic ingredient) required to create a framework for successfully crafting moments of success for you, your coworkers and your clients alike.

CULTURE – Learn From
From the foot soldiers to the leaders, Kelly walks audiences through how Canada went from a ‘Participaction’ focus to ‘Owning the Podium’. She shares first hand experiences to better understand, change, and elevate the culture around you.

CULTURE - Learn From

From the foot soldiers to the leaders, Kelly walks audiences through how Canada went from a ‘Participaction’ focus to ‘Owning the Podium’. She shares first hand experiences to better understand, change, and elevate the culture around you.

Platform Plus Presentations

Unique formats and ways to connect with audiences.
Drawing on experience as a broadcaster/host and sports journalist, Kelly brings her 'Primetime' work ethic to all her emcee roles. Going in-depth on topics so thoroughly, she often fools the experts themselves! Kelly's specialties include moderating panel discussions that engage & excite while utilizing her humour to touch on topics often considered taboo.With Kelly at the helm, you will have a smooth, engaging & fun event. 

Audience reviews:

  • Nothing Short of Inspiring! Engaging a full house of corporate executives & community leaders can be challenging but Kelly captivated them completely with her energy, conviction, and the undeniable truth of her message.

    - Director, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Each employee was captivated by Kelly, who delivered a compelling and relevant safety message in an engaging and inspiring fashion. Simply outstanding...I would have her back in a heart beat!

    - Plant Manager, LAFARGE
  • Kelly’s performance rating was 10 out of 10! Her comments were as relevant as they were inspirational.

    - President & CEO, Oxford Properties
  • Interesting, relevant and practical. I strongly recommend Kelly as a Keynote Speaker - Mark's Work Wearhouse
  • You were the spark necessary to continue the flow of this event.

    - Events & Communications, Work Safe BC

Speaker Biography

With an authentically strong and personable energy, Kelly guides audiences through a gamut of emotions as she discusses fear, culture, and focus. Audiences come away with renewed optimism to face their own humanity. Kelly provides practical tools for harness & shaping fears.

Kelly’s success on the World Cup Downhill circuit and as a broadcaster is as unlikely as it is fascinating. She learned to ski on a hill with nothing but a rope tow, then became one of the top downhiller racers on the international circuit. She then went on to build a career as a broadcaster without any formal training.

None of this success were by accident. As a young woman, Kelly was singled out throughout schooling as a gifted learner who excelled in all realms of academics. She didn’t go the academic route, instead opting to blaze her own trail & become an expert by reading situations, tapping into her creativity and utilizing a work ethic like no other.

Kelly can be seen on CBC’s Olympic Coverage where she brings insights on what’s going through the minds of the athletes as they prepare for the biggest stage of their careers. 

With her ability to connect with people, Kelly takes pleasure in both telling other peoples’ stories as well as her own. She also devotes time to charitable organizations like Right to Play and supports her home region’s KVR (Kelly VanderBeek Racing) Kids Fit and ski racing team.

Kelly was welcomed as a Keynote Speaker to organizations and events like: 50 Global Leaders of OMERS, MARKS, LAFARGE, Mountain Travel Symposium (MTS), Radiology Research Day, Work Safe BC, TECK, DARE Foods, etc.  Kelly has also been an emcee at multi day industry wide events like Work Safe BC and Mountain Travel Symposium, with roles that included moderating panel discussions on a wide variety of topics.