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Noah Fleming

Strategic Marketing & Customer Loyalty Expert

Noah is a strategic marketing consultant specializing in entrepreneurial growth, community building, client loyalty, and customer retention. He helps create companies people love. Since 2005 he has worked with over 500 entrepreneurs and business owners to help them optimize their profits and achieve dramatic growth.

Kingsville, Ontario, Canada


Evergreen: How Cultivate Enduring Customer Loyalty
Evergreen is a funny, useful and detailed session on customer retention, customer experience, and customer strategy. During this talk I explain to audiences that most organizations are “addicted to sex” – the thrill of the chase of gaining new customers – as opposed to “looking for love” – finding worthwhile customer relationships that will last for years and years. In addition, many companies fail to analyze the profitability of their existing customers or the potential profitability of different types of new ones. As a result, they lurch from one customer base to the next, losing some of their most valuable customers just as trees lose their leaves each fall, and gaining others, many of whom turn out to be duds. Is your organization seeing the forest for the trees?

Mining Gold: The Five Keys To Harvesting Massive Business Through Your Existing Customers
How would you like to maximize the lifetime value of every customer? Noah will reveal the three most important ways to build unbreakable brand loyalty, how to turn your current customers into referral generating machines, how to reduce marketing costs by up to 95% while increasing effectiveness, and why 99% of businesses are using the web wrong — and how you can be a part of the top 1% experiencing incredible results from the web.

The Buying Loop – Why Some Customers Buy Again, and Again, and Again…And Why Others Leave
There’s no such thing as customer loyalty anymore! Loyalty is dead!” This is the rallying cry of failing businesses everywhere, but it’s not quite true. Whether you’re considering billion dollar multinationals, Internet start-ups, family owned local businesses, or anything in between, you can find examples of organizations that have learned how to engage their customers and keep them coming back again and again. The purpose of this talk is to give business professionals a more coherent understanding of the why customers leave, and what you can do to make them stay.

  • Noah was responsive and excellent to work with. It was obvious during his Keynote address that he had taken the time to learn what BC Notaries do and to look at many of our members’ websites and their material. Noah delivered!

    - CEO, BC Noteries
  • Noah is an engaging speaker, full of inspiring nuggets of marketing brilliance and insight. It was a pleasure attending his session at the Subscription Site Insider Summit and I look forward to implementing the tactical advice he gave and improving our members’ experiences while boosting renewals!

    - Marketing Manager, PRO, MarketingProfs.com
  • Noah Fleming’s closing keynote, which emphasized the critical importance of retention, gave us all a number of strategies that we could begin using right away. All of our members found the talk entertaining and useful. I recommend him highly.

    - President, and Founder, Business & Legal Resources
  • We couldn’t have been happier! Feedback from attendees was incredibly positive. The content was engaging and insightful; with many takeaways and immediate action items that everyone in the room could benefit from.

    - Niagara Falls Small Business Enterprise Centre 
  • I walked away many valuable insights. Noah led a spirited and robust discussion. I enjoyed the opportunity to network and learn from my peers, and gain wisdom from Noah. I learned many things we can implement within our organization - CEO, AME Learning Inc.

Summary Profile

Noah Fleming is the person you talk to when you want to discover the goldmine of profits hiding inside of your bus1iness, and then add them straight to your bottom line.

Noah is the author of the books Evergreen: Cultivate The Enduring Customer Loyalty That Keeps Your Business Thriving and The Customer Loyalty Loop: The Science Behind Creating Great Experiences and Lasting Impression

He’s an expert blogger for Fast Company Magazine, and a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business Section. Noah has been routinely quoted and mentioned in publications like Forbes, The New York Times, Reuters, and more.

He’s an expert blogger for Fast Company Magazine, and a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business Section. Noah has been routinely quoted and mentioned in publications like Forbes, The New York Times, Reuters, and more.

He has taught master classes on retention for the popular website, Mixergy.com, a site dedicated to interviewing company founders and industry experts, such as Gary Vanyerchuk (author of “Crush It” & “The Thank You Economy”), Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, and Groupon founder Andrew Mason, among hundreds of others.

Noah is also member of Alan Weiss’s Mentorship Program & Growth Cycle®, two highly respected and world-renowned programs dedicated to the refinement of advanced consulting skills, and one of only 36 people who are globally recognized & accredited by Dr. Weiss as a Master Mentor.

On top of that, Noah also publishes a widely-read email newsletter to over 22,000 readers, and a business strategy podcast called Noah’s Sticking Points.